South Park


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South Park

  1. 1. South Park Presenter: Ke Shi
  2. 2. Preview • The main characters • The controversies • The production • The popularity
  3. 3. The Main Characters Stanley quot;Stanquot; Marsh (Stan Marsh) Honest and realistic Kind-hearted Mature for his age
  4. 4. The Main Characters Kyle Broflovski Stan’s best friend High moral standard and IQ Jewish, outsider
  5. 5. The Main Characters Eric Theodore Cartman (Eric Cartman) The rebellious fat boy Foul-mouthed, mean- spirited, selfish, and ill- tempered  Genius actor
  6. 6. The Main Characters Kenny McCormick Poorest kid in the neighborhood  Shy, quiet, muffling in speeches The secret love of toilet humour and pornography
  7. 7. Other Main Characters Friends, parents, teachers in South Park Elementary, celebrities, aliens… …
  8. 8. The Notorieties and Controversies • The topic include - religion, politics, violence, vulgarity, abuse, sexuality, mental illness, and… … • The swearing record - using the word “shit” a total of 162 times uncensored. • The sensitive comments on - homosexuality, drug and firearm abuse, cloning, presidential election, global warming… …
  9. 9. The List of Celebrities Angelina Jolie, Bill Cosby, Céline Dion, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, George Lucas, Jay Leno, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, The Beatles, Will Smith, Zac Efron, Bono, Britney Spears, Christina Anguilera, Elton John, Eminem, Jimmy Buffet, Elvis Presley, Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Kid Rock, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Robert Smith, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, Bill Slash, Yoko Ono, and Hilary Clinton, George W. Bush, John McCain, Larry King, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Paris Hilton… …
  10. 10. About The List • From the prominent to the dead - altogether 280 • The ‘famous’ rape scene of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas • Mao Zedong appeared in Season 4, episode 10 — Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? — In which he was singing with others at a party with Satan in hell…
  11. 11. Those Who Are Against It • South Park merchandise (especially T-shirts) were banned from a number of public schools, day care centers, and other public places. • The Jewish, Christians and Muslims • Argentina, Russia, Australia and the Philippines
  12. 12. The Production • Trey Parker and Matt Stone
  13. 13. The Production • Debut with FOX, on August 13, 1997 • Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski were initially designed to represent creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone respectively • However, both have admitted to ultimately identifying far more with Cartman
  14. 14. Writing • Each episode takes no longer than a week • Respond amazingly quick to the current events • The Season 12 episode “About Last Night...”
  15. 15. The Animation Style • Inspired by stop-motion paper cut-out cartoons • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator • Autodesk Maya quot;has the best shadow and ray casting, so it looks like construction paper sitting on a camera stand.quot;
  16. 16. About Voice • A Stunning Fact • Celebrities
  17. 17. The Popularity • 3 times Emmy Award winner (05, 06 ,08) for Outstanding Animation Program • “Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut” (Season 2, April 22, 1998) earned an 8.2 rating (6.2 million viewers); The highest-rated non-sports show on cable television ever • “100 Best TV Shows of All Time” (Time, 2007); The 12th “greatest TV show of the past 25 years” (Entertainment Weekly, 2008)
  18. 18. Thank you!