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India Horizontal Plant


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India Horizontal Plant

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Transforming into “Process“Forecasting to Improving effectiveness of Based Organization” Delivery” Process A leading manufacturer of Polyfilms For a leading edible oil company in North India Overview Overviewthe world’s 4th largest manufacturer of Polyplex is thin polyester Film. With it’s headquarter located Amrit Banaspati Company Ltd. is an enterprise that in Nodia, in as a State of Uttar Pardesh, company. started out the modest single product India. TheKey Benefits Company planning, and sound business ethics are Foresight, has three manufacturing facility – one  Customer located ourKhatima, Distt. Udham Singh Nagar in behind at company’s phenomenal growth path. satisfaction the state of Uttarakhand, India, another at Rayong Today, they are a multi-product organization with improved 25% province in Thailand diverse and operated by business interests in (owned geographies and an to 75%. Polyplex market penetration. With wide range enviable (Thailand) Public CompanyaLtd. (PTL), itsof  Cycle time subsidiary) and Fats,latest facilitythrough more Edible Oils and the distributed at Çorlu, Tekirdag reduction 25 to in Turkey (owned and operated by Polyplex than 1200 dealers across 800 cities, and a turnover 90% Europa Polyester Film San. approximating 900 Crores. ve Tic. A.S. (PE), which  Value added is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTL). Polyplex has ratio improved 2 The Challenge as one of the most profitable established itself to 5 times producers of PET Film pain points in efficient PBOPlus identified theby way of cost its initial  Manpower operations resulting from high productivity data diagnostic study which was validated by theand reduction by 30 low the key stakeholders. wide and confirmed Its products have gained to 50% acceptance in the global markets, such as USA,  The pain point was around the lower Europe, South-East Asia, South America, and service levels (depots and dealers) Australia,  Slower TAT  Initial studies indicated that that the AS-IS service levels were up to 30-40% PBOPLUS.COM
  2. 2. CASE STUDY The Challenge The client was setting up a Greenfield project in Uttarakhand. The following pain points were hindering the growth potential of the client 1. Poor delivery performance 2. Poor service level 3. Less sensitivity to customer expectation 4. High cost structure 5. High Inventory 6. High quality problems 7. Low asset productivity (uptime and yield) PBO plus Solution The intervention included converting Polyplex into Customer centric Organization using Process Based Structuring. Following were key highlights: 1. CC-Process Based Organization 2. CC-Supply Chain Management 3. Process Centric-People Organization and People Competence 4. CC-Process Based Research and Development Organization PBOPLUS.COM
  3. 3. CASE STUDY MethodologyPBOPlus works withclients to revolutionizestructure and businesspractices fromfunction-based toprocess-based. Weleverage:  People power  Process power and  Technology power For Key Changes  Efficiency with prime impact on cost  Effectiveness with prime impact on revenue  Edge to drive profit PBOPLUS.COM
  4. 4. CASE STUDY BenefitsContactAjai DayalChief Executive OfficerPBO PLUS CONSULTING SERVICES PVT. LTD.Email: adayal@pboplus.comMobile: +91 9910049899Skype: adayal123Website: