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Client Presentation


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Client Presentation

  1. 1. + PBO FocusA Jargon-free Presentation
  2. 2. Issues atIndividual Level 1My Issues in My Function
  3. 3. One-way Working Two-way Working Boss Directs My boss also listens I listen I listen to my subordinates too I tell my subordinate Together, we evolve solutions Expect completion from subordinate We also check progress together Sometimes, decisions are taken together Boss BossIssues at Individual Level One-way traffic Two-way traffic Aligned to Experiences, please the Learning and boss and Feedback are follow orders shared, ,Bottom Up also Subordinate Subordinate
  4. 4. Two-way Working- what is lacking? Muti- Way Working Service provider & Customer centric What about stakeholders from other But Boss managed functions and Suppliers, Deliver & Feedback-case by case Customers, Experts? There are still huge disconnects Aligned to serve and frustrations for all stakeholders Boss customers and touchpointsIssues at Individual Level through one and they crib, complaint and off/personal Experts Give poor feedbacks in VOI,VOC interventions and VOE exercises My Suppliers My Customers Subordinate
  5. 5. Multi way working is boss Process based working driven and is too slow Service provider approach Customer centric approach • There are still disconnects Self managed and frustrations for all Deliver & Feedback stakeholders and touchpoints • Since there are so many of them and in each case Coach personalised intervention at Aligned to serveIssues at Individual Level the behest of boss will not customers Experts through do Processes My Suppliers Picture B My Customers Team members
  6. 6. CollectiveIssues 2My Issues with My Colleague
  7. 7. My Colleague is My Problem I told him Was on leave I gave him in writing Nobody told me I was busy I have no information I forgot I don’t know Tell the boss, who cares How long will it take ?IssuesCollective Lack of Information Expectations Not Set Tension in the Air, Mistrust
  8. 8. Cross FunctionalIssues 3My Issues with Them
  9. 9. They (other function) Never Understand My (function’s) Problem They can never understand my issues, concerns and anxieties. When ever I have to deal with other functions it becomes a hassle. Gap between two functions and in the understanding of people involved Function A Function B WarehousCross Function Issues e is full but what customer wants is not present 1. Quality 2. Delivery 3. Volume Are these defined ? 4. Documents 5. Time 6. Expectations
  10. 10. Function &Customer 4IssuesMy Issues with Their Customer
  11. 11. Function & Customer Issues Their Customer is Not My Problem Department A Department B Customer (Support functions) (Front end) Mostly bound by internal Processes must meet the Meet customer expectations targets and guidelines requirements of internal without compromise on stakeholders . internal expectations and Fails to see the actual Laws, legal, standards, standards customer needs policy, practises etc. must be kept in time. 1. Quality 2. Delivery 1. Breakdown 3. Volume 2. ReliabilityAre these defined ? 3. Flexibility Customer Knows ? 4. Documents 5. Time 4. Service 6. Expectations
  12. 12. Function,Supplier &Customer 5IssuesMy Issues with Everyone
  13. 13. Function, Supplier & Customer IssuesEveryone Has a ProblemSupplier Department A Department B Customer Are these defined any where for any one? 1. Quality 1. Breakdown 2. Delivery 2. Reliability 3. Volume 3. Flexibility 4. Documents 4. Service
  14. 14. Can You FixInternally ? 6A Case for Process Designers
  15. 15. Why You Can’t Fix These Issues Internally ?Designing processes to keep everyone happy without compromisingon Customer, Quality Standards, Policy, Expectations is a complex taskEvery process involves all the functions and people from a function cannever understand the issues of other function Can You Fix InternallyObjections from functions must be overcome. Finance and HR and Quality.Technical restrictions.Re-alignment of all the functions to deliver the value.
  16. 16. Process orPerish ? 7Differentiate from Competitors
  17. 17. Q : What can I do differentfrom my Competitors ?A : Influence Your Customers Process or Perish ?How ? Design Processesthat are not broken to ServeYour Customers Better