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Fantástico mundo mobile-first, cloud first Oportunidade para TODOS


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Estamos vivendo em um mundo onde a quantidade de devices já é maior do que os seres humanos e com IoT e outros devices como relógios essa quantidade vai aumentar ainda mais.
Conheça o que a Microsoft oferece para que TODOS possamos disfrutar desse mar de oportunidades

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Fantástico mundo mobile-first, cloud first Oportunidade para TODOS

  2. 2. User Interface Tools Store
  3. 3. App Model APIs
  4. 4. Universal Windows apps and Xamarin iOS
  5. 5. Azure footprint 16 regions worldwide in 2014
  6. 6. Memory Optimized Disk Optimized Portal Puppet Chef Docker Traffic Mgr .NET Support2014 Powershell Automation Remote Apps Mobile Services Offline Sync Virtual Machines SQL Database .NET 4.5 Active GEO replication Networking Visual Studio & .NET Resource Manager Point-to-site VPN Xamarin Dynamic Routing VSO GA Web Sites SMB File System IBIZA Remote Debug VM Management Powershell and DSC Capture / Deploy Autoscale Subnet Routing Static IP Storage Autoscale Web Jobs Backup Java Support ASP.NET MVC 5.1 ASP.NET Web API 2.1 AD support Node.JS project support Kindle Support Remote Debugging BD’s up to 500GB 99.95% SLA Self Service Site Recovery HDInsight Hadoop 2.2 YARN support .NET Foundation Azure Redis Cache API Management Site Recovery Cordova VSO Open Api’s Event Hub
  7. 7. Support for Open Source Languages CMS Devices Databases / Apps Operating systems Management
  8. 8. Windows Server Linux $0.09/hour Small A1 (1 core, 1.75 GB) $0.06/hour Medium A2 (2 cores, 3.5 GB) $0.18/hour $0.12/hour Large A3 (4 cores, 7 GB) $0.36/hour $0.24/hour Extra Large A4 (8 cores, 14 GB) $0.72/hour $0.48/hour Memory Intensive A5 (2 cores, 14 GB) $0.33/hour $0.25/hour Memory Intensive A6 (4 cores, 28 GB) $0.66/hour $0.50/hour Memory Intensive A7 (8 cores, 56 GB) $1.32/hour $1.00/hour Linux is as much as 1/3 cheaper than Windows Server
  9. 9. Service Manager
  10. 10. Configuration Alerting Monitor
  11. 11. >57% >300k Fortune 500 using Azure Active websites More than 1,000,000 SQL Databases in Azure >30TRILLION >300MILLION storage objects AAD users >3 MILLION BILLION requests/sec >13 authentication/wk >1.65 MILLION Developers registered with Visual Studio Online
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Great experiences … … cloud-first! Mobile-first…