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Facebook ASP.NET Controls


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ASP.NET controls and starter kits for rapid Facebook development in C# and VB.NET. Supports Facebook Connect, Facebook Canvas and Facebook Page applications.

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Facebook ASP.NET Controls

  1. 1. * ASP.NET Control library for fast development of Facebook Applications with C# and VB.NET.
  2. 2. * Connect your website with Facebook and get user data with several lines of .NET code.
  3. 3. * Share effective stories on user and user friends wall.
  4. 4. * Allow user to invite his/her friends in burst 50 by 50 without requiring to select them one by one.
  5. 5. * Facebook Like Button* Facebook Like Box* Facebook Like Gate* Facebook Send Button* Facebook Comments* Facebook Permissions* Facebook Request Dialog* ... *
  6. 6. * 12 months of free support* 12 months of free updates* 3 Starter Kits *
  7. 7. *