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My question is


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Published in: Technology, Education
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My question is

  1. 1. Languages ImportanceMy question is:Why learning a SecondLanguage?
  2. 2. Life improvements Access to info Communicate Impress people other people with people in can´t. other countries. around you. Learning a second language is useful at every moment. It can help you to push your career forward.
  3. 3. ACCESS TO INFO OTHER PEOPLE CAN´T.Almost all the new information about interesting topics is on its original language.
  4. 4. COMMUNICATE WITHPEOPLE IN OTHERCOUNTRIES. If you can communicate in other language you can:• Contact people around the world ( either family or friends) • Travel easily
  5. 5. IMPRESS PEOPLE AROUND YOU.Write «exellent knowledge of ________(language)» in your Professional Profile. Making progress feels great.
  6. 6. Learning languages like a child:Languages are easy to learn!!!!!! All you need is motivation.
  7. 7. ¿The outcomes? Be successful!!! Get satisfation!!!Enjoy traveling! Enjoy life!!