Portable honda generators


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DuroMax generators are quiet portable generators that are well built and perfect for most budgets. Duromax XP4400E Portable Generator Review based on real customer review about this best portable generator... http://bestportablegeneratorss.com/duromax-xp4400e-portable-generator-reviews-get-the-best-deal/

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Portable honda generators

  1. 1. Portable Honda Generators - The EU Series The versatile line of Portable Honda Generators has been around for many years. In this article I will discuss the virtues of the very popular EU Series of Generators. This series consists of the eu1000, the eu2000, the eu3000 and the eu6500. Known as Honda's Super Quiet Series, they are super good at producing sound levels as low as 59 decibels. That means you can carry on a normal conversation while standing right next to one of these engineering marvels. So anywhere sound levels are a concern, the EU series is a perfect match. EU series generators use inverter technology to make clean, stable, sine wave power. Most electronics are very sensitive to the quality of power supplied to them. Whether you get a Honda or another brand, if you are using the generator with electronics, laptop computers and the like, you must use an inverter generator to protect your investment. If you are not aware Honda is producing a Jet called the Honda Jet. What is amazing about this company is their ability to scale the same research, engineering and attention to production detail that they use to create the Honda Jet, down to their generator line. And for that matter every product they produce. The eu1000 is the smallest of the bunch, producing 1000 watts on clean electronic friendly power. As long as your power demands are light this unit will work well and uses very little fuel. It is ideal for laptops, lights, TVs, small power tools, and other low load electrical devices such as battery chargers. Next in line the eu2000 produces the same clean power but bumps the energy delivered to 2000 watts. Now you have enough power to run the microwave, a small electric heater, or larger power tools. This is the generator of choice for many RVers. It is light enough to pack around easily and meets most of their energy needs. At 3000 watts the eu3000 is no light weight. It makes lots of power at the expense portability. While it is portable, it takes some muscle to get it where you want it. That being said it is the first of the Super Quiet Series that can run air conditioners. However it can only run one at a time. It is also a good selection if you need to operate several items at one time. The grand daddy of this line is the eu6500. With this generator you'll have enough power to run multiple AC units with power to spare. It is great at supplying enough power for outdoor events. Performing groups favor it because it will keep the stage lit and power amplifiers, musical instruments and such, without doing damage to these delicate electronics. But at 260 pounds, you really got to need all of this power before you'd be willing to wrestle it into position. As you can see there is a Portable Honda Generator to fit nearly any need. Their quite operation and remarkable fuel economy far out weight the most common complaint
  2. 2. you will hear about them. And that is their price tag. You heard it before, but I feel it covers these generators well, "you get what you pay for."