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Info booklet


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Informational Booklet of 3rd International Forum of EYP Georgia

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Info booklet

  1. 1. The European Youth Parliament (EYP) The European Youth Parliament Georgia Batumi 3rd International ForumSophienstr. 28-2910178 Berlin 2 Melikishvili AvenueGermany 0179
  2. 2. Batumi and its vicinity is one of the important tourism and resort zones on the Georgian BlackSea littoral. The climate is humid subtropical. The low annual change of temperature, with awarm winter and hot summer is a characteristic of the city. The average annual temperature is14,5C. The average temperature in January, the coldest month, is 7,1C and in August, the warmestmonth, 23,2 C. The annual precipitation is 2560 mm. Showers are frequent. It rarely snows butwhen it does, the snow melts easily. The average annual temperature of the sea is 16,7 C at theshore. More info is available at:
  3. 3. Accomodation:Batumi, a beautiful town, located at the BlackSea coast; easily charms the visitors. The town,surrounded by the splendid aroma of the sea,magnolia and acacia is attractive and fascinatingall around the year. In the case of your businesstrip or leisure is planned, the Hotel “Era Palace”is the best choice. Eight storied hotel with 6sorts of comfortably designed 39 rooms (withWIFI access) is located in the center of Batumi,in one of the main streets, giving possibility tomove and reach any place of the town easy andfreely.There are many trade and entertainment centersaround the hotel. Batumi International Airport,Business centers or any other recreation placesare in several minutes’ way. You need no more 5 minutes walk to reach the Black Sea coast via BatumiBoulevard.We provide high class service at “Era Palace” to remain the best memories about your visit to Batumi.Feel comfortably at “Era Palace” (see more:
  4. 4. HOW TO PARTICIPATE?Given that the organizing team has diligently worked on the forum for several months, it is ourutmost honor to announce call for participants open.Travel costs to and from the session are at participants own expense. Officials are asked to arrive oneday prior to the session to take part in officials’ teambuilding.Participation fee for foreign officials is 50 euros, for delegates it amounts only 70 euros.Selected officials from Georgia should pay 40 euros, for delegates it costs 50 euros.Deadline for board members is 30th of May, but for officials 5th of June.Delegates should apply before 12th of June.Applications are to be sent to: apps.batumi@gmail.comOnline applications are also available:  Application Form for Delegates: 1NDZ0NzJwMGVGZnc6MQ  Application Form for Jounos and Editors: GsyY0dxVmVGNUNpMWc6MQ  Application From for Chais, Vice President and President: dHUlMtZE9uZ2phWmc6MQIn case of having questions do not hesitate to contact us: infobatumiforum@gmail.comHead organizers’ private contacts are also available in case of emergency: Mariam Chikhladze Vakhtang Tsanava
  5. 5. TRAVEL INFORMATION:How to Reach Georgia:Georgia is not that far and East as it may seem while having a glance at the map of Europe.There are 2 ways you can use to reach Georgia. In case you prefer arriving in Tbilisi, transfer to Batumi iscovered for the forum participants. • AIR WAYS TO GEORGIA • SEA WAYS TO GEORGIA Flights from the centre of Europe take around 3-4 Another option for getting to Georgia is by hours, daily flights to Tbilisi sea. ( ) are from Kiev, Georgia’s main port Poti receives ferries from Munich, Istanbul, Riga and Baku. Aktau; Alma- Ukrainian ports of Ilichevsk and Odessa Ata, Amsterdam, Athens, Dnepropetrovsk, ( ). Donetsk, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kharkov, Departures are twice a week and is financially London, Nicosia, Minsk, Munich, Paris, Prague, and logistically convenient for Eastern Tel-Aviv, Vienna, Yerevan are also linked to European participants. Tbilisi via non-stop flights. Batumi International Airport  Booking your flight to Georgia: ( ) operates daily flights with Kiev and Istanbul. Airplane ticket prices to Georgia are relatively high in comparison with Western Europe. • ROAD WAYS TO GEORGIA However, early booking, or special offers e.g. by AirBaltic may reduce your travel costs. Daily buses to Tbilisi depart from Salonika, Most of the delegation could take a cheap Baku, Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon and Yerevan. Ryanair flight to Riga and travel Via Riga. From Athens buses depart several times a week. Another option is Wizzair cheap flight to International railway connections are available Ukraine and getting via Kiyv to Georgia.The from Azerbaijan and Armenia following air companies fly to Tbilisi ( ). In International airport on a regular basis: the nearest future railway main line will enable Turkish Airlines Georgia to be connected with Turkey. ( ), Georgia is directly connected to turkey via Lufthansa highway which will enable participants from the ( Balkans to travel by car to Georgia. com/de/homepage), Austrian Airlines ( )
  6. 6. Sky Georgia Entry visa to Georgia is not required for( ), staying up to 360 days for nationals of: theAirzena Georgian Airways European Union Member States, Andorra,( ), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, IcelandCzech Airlines Moldova, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland,( Turkey, and Ukraine. Citizens of states notortal_intropage.html/), mentioned above will be required to obtainAerosvit ( ), visa either in the Georgian consulates in theirBelavia ( ), home countries (Citizens of the RussianAir Baltic ( ), federation via the Swiss embassy in Moscow)Ukraine International Airlines or once they arrive at Tbilisi or Batumi( ). International Airports. Checkpoints are also available in Batumi and Poti ports and on theNewly launched railway station “Airport” is border with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.the cheapest and the easiest mean of The visa fee is 100 GEL/40 EUR. Thetransportation as it connects Tbilisi central procedures for issuing the visa take no longerrailway station with the airport. It is located 70 than 1o minutes.meters away from the airport building. Thetrain departs every two hours and costs 50 Money: Georgia’s currency is Lari, sub-Tetris or 20 Euro cents. divided into 100 Tetri. One Lari is roughly 2.3Shuttle from the airport - Euros and 1.7 USD (8/09/ 2010). Currency can be changed easily across the city and there isNG&sec_id=2720 no quantity limit. Credit & debit cards areBuses in Tbilisi - accepted in hotels. Telephone: Country code: 995. Area code for Borgomi: 267. Coverage is good andSubway - extends the whole region.