Emerging 21st Century Organization Models and Methods

organizational strategist
Jul. 30, 2008

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Emerging 21st Century Organization Models and Methods

  1. Emerging 21 st Century Organizational Models and Methods Victoria G. Axelrod Milano – New School 21 September 2006
  2. Cover Stories Science, Technology and Human Behavior Both/And Outside – in - World
  3. Start with the Big Picture STRATEG Y Shared Values Structure Systems CULTURE Organization is a Series of Conversations in Context Context = Environment (Scan)
  4. “ Stakeholder- centric” organizations Socio-techno
  6. Us on the Net – We are the Web Complexity
  7. Social Networks – Organizational Networks If the topography of our organizations now looks like this map, we need to understand our “intangible”capital. From Human Capital to Peer Production and Social Capital Relationship Capital “ Intangibles”
  8. Complexity as Metaphor
  9. Natural and Human Simple Rules Self-Organizing Emergent Behavior
  10. More than the sum of the parts:
  11. Leadership Models Reflect the stage of Science and Technology or Not 50’s-60s Behavior Theories 60’s-70’s Contingency Theories Followership or Power-Influence 80’s Charismatic and Transformational Theories 90’s Collaborative Integrative Theories Heroic 00’s
  13. Points of Connection Act Think Speak
  14. Future Forward – What’s Next?

Editor's Notes

  1. Thank you Bill for your introduction and lead in and thank you all for coming. Joining me are Suzanne Roff and Jenny Ambozek. You all have formal bios in the handouts and I will be giving you more on our connections as we move along.