Building a sustainable enterprise collaboratively using a wiki 5 2 11


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Using a wiki to enable learning leaders to use The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook as an interactive text.
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Building a sustainable enterprise collaboratively using a wiki 5 2 11

  1. 1. Building  the  Sustainable  Enterprise   Collabora5vely    Using  a  Wiki  Learning  Space   Annual  Sharing  Day  2011   OD Means BusinessVictoria G. Axelrod, Linda Kelley, Jeana Wirtenberg
  2. 2. Presenters   Victoria G. Axelrod, Linda Kelley, Jeana Wirtenberg The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 3
  3. 3. Agenda   15  Minutes  introduc:on  to  the  Sustainable  Enterprise  Fieldbook  Wiki  -­‐  seBng                                                context  for  sustainable  enterprises,  and    how  the  wiki  works   30  Minutes  table  exercises   30  Minutes  tables  create  wiki  pages  from  their  exercises   15  Minutes  debrief  of  all  tables.  Par:cipants  see  their  wiki  work  real-­‐:me  on  the                                              Sustainable  Enterprise  Fieldbook  Wiki   Table topics: Nature  and  Domains  of  Leadership  for  Sustainable  Enterprise   Cul:va:ng  Mental  Models  for  Building  Sustainability   Employee  Engagement  for  Sustainable  Enterprise     Six  Lenses  for  Sustainable  Globaliza:on   The  Wiki  format  makes  it  easy  to  introduce  concepts  to  learners  who  are  just   beginning  to  understand  and  apply  these  ideas,  and  also  to  extend  the  knowledge   (or  the  capabili:es  of  others)  to  those  steeped  in  the  field.   4 The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook
  4. 4. The  Sustainable  Enterprise  Fieldbook  Wiki  -­‐   seBng  context  for  sustainable  enterprises  •  The  SEF-­‐TM  Learning  Guide  Wiki  follows,  and  complements  The  Sustainable   Enterprise  Fieldbook  •  The  Wiki  expands  meaningful  par:cipa:on  in  the  conversa:ons  about   sustainability  •  The  Wiki  is  a  virtual  space  for  co-­‐crea:on  of  prac:cal  approaches  and   implementa:on  of  sustainability  ini:a:ves   The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 5
  5. 5. The  Sustainable  Enterprise  Fieldbook  –  Learning  Guide   Wiki   The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 6
  6. 6. The  Sustainable  Enterprise  Fieldbook    Part  I  -­‐  Introduc5on  and  Overview      Overview  and  Context   Part  II  -­‐  Preparing  the  founda5on  for  a  sustainable  enterprise      Chapter  1  Leadership  for  a  sustainable  enterprise        Chapter  2  Mental  models  for  sustainability        Chapter  3  Developing  a  sustainability  strategy     Part  III  -­‐  Embracing  and  Managing  Change  Sustainably      Chapter  4  Managing  the  change  to  a  sustainable  enterprise      Chapter  5  Employee  engagement  for  a  sustainable  enterprise      Chapter  6  Sustainable  metrics  and  measurement  systems   Part  IV  -­‐  Connec5ng,  integra5ng  and  aligning  toward  the  future      Chapter  7  Sustainable  globaliza5on  -­‐  the  challenge  and  the  opportunity      Chapter  8  Transorganiza:onal  collabora:on  and  sustainability  networks    Part  V  -­‐  When  it  all  comes  together      Chapter  9  A  new  beginning  -­‐  when  it  all  comes  together   The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 7
  7. 7. Nature and Domains of Leadership forSustainable Enterprise The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 8
  8. 8. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 9
  9. 9. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 10
  10. 10. The  Sustainable  Enterprise  Fieldbook,  p.29,  Copyright  ©  2007    D.  F.  Twomey   The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 11
  11. 11. Significant CEO Mindset Shift 2010 IncreaseCEOs Agree /Strongly Agree that sustainability should be …. Over 2007 … fully embedded into company strategy and operations … discussed and acted on by boards … fully embedded into subsidiaries’ strategies and operations … embedded throughout the global supply chain … the basis for industry collaborations and multi-stakeholder partnerships … incorporated into discussions with financial analysts From a Survey of 766 worldwide CEOs, including 50 in-depth interviews , UN Global Compact and Accenture study, “A New Era of Sustainability,” June 2010. Courtesy of Bob Willard The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 12
  12. 12. Cultivating Mental Models for BuildingSustainability The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 13
  13. 13. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 14
  14. 14. Short-term: Long-term:Focus on deadlines, Vision and strategies, Time OrientationImmediate priorities, Sense of Potentials, OpportunitiesurgencyReactive: External drives, Creative: Taking initiative,Prevailing rules and Focus of Responsiveness New approaches, Internalprocedures drivesLocal: Focus on self or Global: Whole organization,Immediate group, Competition Focus of Attention Inclusive, Ecumenical, Larger communitySeparation: Either / Or, Systems: Both-And,Specialization Prevailing Logic Holistic, InterrelationshipsAccountability/Blame: Learning: Understanding,Self-Protection, It’s not my Problem Consideration Building on all types offault” experienceDoing / Having: Being: Having enough, Self-Materialism, Greed, Cost realization, “Greater good,”effectiveness, Financial Life Orientation Intangibles valued, Qualitativeperformance, Quantitative growthgrowth Source: Copyright © 2006, John D. Adams. Used with permission. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 15
  15. 15. •  Mental models are built and changed through action. Fostering mental models that cultivate respect and trust among people and engage them to work toward a common goal happens in action. •  A mental model includes both Internal Focus (on principles and values) and External Vision (on people and events). Linda Morris Kelley, The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook, 20081. Intention drives Results.2. Responses shape Results3. Intention and Responsiveness influence each other4. Habits bias Everything5.It is the Interactions between these Factors—Intention, Responsiveness, and Habits—that generate Results. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 16
  16. 16. Employee Engagement for SustainableEnterprise17 Best Practices… The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 17
  17. 17. •  Employee Engagement critical to sustainability according to managers•  96% in employee survey prefer working for “successful company that also aspires to do good” (Willard, 2002) The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 18
  18. 18. •  Develop a clear corporate definition of sustainability•  Make sustainability a key component of your employer brand•  Transcend the "greenwash" noise by communicating with transparency and credibility•  Nurture a green culture through customizable events and communications•  Answer the WIIFM - "whats in it for me" question ©2011. Transitioning to Green, LLC. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 19
  19. 19. •  Communicate green programs with employees first•  Inspire employee conversations•  Take a stand for high standards and humane practices•  Use web 2.0 technology to provide employees with resources•  Have the courage, caring, and commitment to stay in the process and help make it happen ©2011. Transitioning to Green, LLC. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 20
  20. 20. •  Make environmental education and sustainability part of a shared vision•  Leverage sustainability efforts to help attract and retain talented employees•  Measures are critical, and the best teacher•  Make it relevant to job performance•  Focus employees on community outreach•  Make Sustainability outreach personal and voluntary•  Make learning easy and fun ©2011. Transitioning to Green, LLC. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 21
  21. 21. Six Lenses for Sustainable Globalization The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 22
  22. 22. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 23
  23. 23. Economic /financial •  ESG Framework Geopolitical Technology •  Governance •  Redefining •  Service •  Terrorism GDP sector and security •  Nationalism •  Leveling the vs. tribalism Six Lenses for playing field • Democratic capitalism Sustainable globalization Poverty and Movement Holistic integration Inequity of talent •  Bottom of the pyramid •  Migration •  New market Limits to creation •  Urbanization •  North-South growth • CSR •  Manufacturing sector •  Ecosystems services • AgribusinessesCopyright 2007 V. G. Axelrod, J. Harmon, W. C. Russell, and J. Wirtenberg The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 24
  24. 24. One Laptop for Every ChildGoogle’sRechargeITThe Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 25
  25. 25. Sustainability  =  Innova:on  (Nidumolu  &  Prahalad  2010)   Biomimicry Nespresso Crea:ng  Shared  Value     (Porter,  Kramer  2011)   The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 26
  26. 26. These Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook collaboration tools and social networksare key nodes in the architecting of our community of participation. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 27
  27. 27. 30  Minutes  table  exercises:  select  your  topic  table,  discuss  as  a  group  and  co-­‐ create  a  new  resource  to  share  on  the  wiki  Topics  for  today:   –  Leadership  for  sustainable  enterprise   –  Mental  models  for  sustainability   –  Employee  engagement  for  sustainable  enterprise   –  Sustainable  globaliza:on  30  Minutes  tables  create  wiki  pages  from  their  exercises  15  Minutes  debrief  of  all  tables.  Par:cipants  see  their  wiki  work  real-­‐:me  on   the  Sustainable  Enterprise  Fieldbook  Wiki   The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 28
  28. 28. Victoria  Axelrod,     Linda  Morris  Kelley,    Jeana  Wirtenberg,