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English syllabus listening smp


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English syllabus listening smp

  1. 1. English SyllabusSchool : Junior High SchoolSubject : EnglishClass/Semester : VIII / 2Language Skill : ListeningFunctional Text : Telephone ConversationTime Allocation : 2 x 45’Standard Competence : 7. Memahami makna dalam percakapan transaksional dan interpersonal pendek sederhana untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan Sekitar. Basic Learning Strategy/ Assesment Learning Indicators Materials Media Competence Experieces Methods Mode Types Format Resources 7.2 Merespon Cognitive - Some - Listening to Strategy : Picture, http://www.5min makna yang - Product expressions the teacher’s contextual Power terdapat dalam 1. Identifying the general and phrases explanation teaching Writing Objec- MC, point istening.html percakapan information of telephone about the related to the and test tive test completi presenta- transaksional conversations by selecting expressions (to get things the options given telephone and phrases learning ng. tion. done) dan correctly. conversation used in interpersonal 2. Identifying the specific s. telephone Method : Non- Obser- Observa- (bersosialisasi) information of telephone conversations. Question- test vation tion http://labspace. pendek conversations by selecting - How to take Answer, checklist sederhana the options given - Listening to a note of a Discussio resource/view.p secara akurat, correctly. the teacher’s telephone explanation n hp?id=369845 lancar, dan 3. Completing the missing berterima words on the script of conversation. about taking a untuk telephone conversations note from berinteraksi listened correctly. telephone dengan - Telephone conversations. lingkungan - Proses conversation terdekat yang 1. Taking a note on some recordings - Listening to melibatkan expressions and phrases from BBC. the recordings. tindak tutur: related to the telephone conversations listened in - Practicing to
  2. 2. meminta, pair correctly.memberi take a notepersetujuan, Affective - Excercises from amerespon 1. Showing enthusiasm telephonepernyataan, while identifying the conversation.memberi general information ofperhatian telephone conversations - Discussing toterhadap by selecting the options identifypembicara, given correctly. general andmengawali, 2. Showing carefulness specificmemperpanjan while identifying the informationg, dan specific information of from an oralmenutup telephone conversations text in thepercakapan, by selecting the options form ofdan given correctly. telephonemengawali, 3. Showing cooperation conversation.memperpanjan while completing theg, dan missing words on themenutup script of telephonepercakapan conversations listenedtelepon correctly. 4. Showing cooperation while taking note on some expressions and phrases related to the telephone conversations listened correctly.