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Small businesses are accessing the Internet to expose their local business to the global masses.

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E book 6197_53326060

  1. 1. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationship
  2. 2. Preface / IntroductionSmall business continues to be the biggest employer in the United States of America; however, italso suffers the worst in relation to all businesses when it comes to government intervention resultingin imposed costs that can hurt the bottoline. Now, more and more businesses are seeking othersources of revenue so as to minimise or eliminate costs have sought relief via the Internet. Indeed,supplemental income for many businesses is being achieved online; however, intergrating twodifferent business mediums requires a mastery of both. Therefore, allow me to offer you thisresource to make your transaction as a bricks & mortar business owner to online business ownermore successful. It is without say, "online business is different from offline; therefore, learning thetools of the trade are critical". Let me introduce you to the many Tools and resources you will needto generate Consistent, Predictable and long-term residual Income. Oh yes, review this informationcarefully; otherwise, the author wasted his bloody time.
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. Seven things you must NEVER say to yourself if you want MAXIMUM business and personalsuccess2. Five Things You Dont Know About Closing Sales Which Are Eviscerating Your Profits3. 100% sales. The must read for business people who want more money and want it NOW!4. What is Marketing5. A recognized Internet marketing master delivers the sober word you dont want to hear: The wayyoure marketing online your failure is assured. Take the challenge and see for yourself.6. Amazing Technology And Your Online Marketing7. Does Your Website Work The Best It Can For You8. Evaluate Your Business Home Marketing Business9. Help With Your Failing Internet Market Business10. Internet Advertising Cost-You Get What You Pay For11. Internet Advertising Help-Use Your Popular Search Engines12. Keep Your Internet Marketing Business Fresh13. Motivate New Business For Your Web Site14. Need Web Traffic The Internet Is A Realm Of Endless Possibility15. Old News In Internet Marketing Business16. Planning A Strategic Marketing Campaign17. Seminars On Internet Marketing-How About A Webinar18. Submit Your Site-Starting Your Online Business19. Submit Your Website Free-Perfect Way If Your Budget Is Tight20. Success With Internet Marketing Promotions21. What Is Hot For Internet Marketing Business Today22. Small Business Internet Marketing Advice23. Small Business Internet Marketing Techniques24. The Internet Marketing Center -Great Place To Start25. Tips To Meet Your Business Goals26. Will They Come Without Effective Internet Marketing
  4. 4. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipSeven things you must NEVER say to yourself if you wantMAXIMUM business and personal successby Dr. Jeffrey LantYouve heard it and said it since you were a kid: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but wordswill never hurt me." Thats definitely true if you are the recipient of the words... but absolutelywrong if you are the sender. You see, language completely defines who you are, what you will do,and the level of success you can achieve. If "you are what you eat," it is also absolutely true "Youare what you say."Thats why Ive identified 7 key phrases that are holding you back, 7 phrases which you mustIMMEDIATELY eradicate from your speech as they threaten your success!1) "Ill do it tomorrow."Want success? Then understand that "tomorrow" is the enemy of "today." How many people do youknow who have a "manana" mentality, always willing to put off until tomorrow that which could soeasily be done today.People who succeed in life are people who do today what can be done today, never allowingthemselves the luxury of postponement. These words, then, must be the first to expunge ... and neverallow your brain to think. "Carpe diem" must forever be your guide.2) "Ill make do."Now hear this: successful people never "make do." Making do is for people who have convincedthemselves that they will be happy with less. This, of course, is the direct opposite of what trulysuccessful people think, say, and do.To the successful, "making do" means imposing restrictions on who you are and what you couldachieve if you made achievement, rather than its opposite, your objective. No great thing, no worthything, no meaningful or awesome thing has ever emerged when the person in charge said thesewords. So banish them at once from your vocabulary; if you keep them you will surely get the lessyou say satisfies and nothing more. Is that what you want?3) "Im a survivor."Initially this may seem positive, but upon further thought you will come to see how invidious thisphrase really is. No successful person is merely a survivor; such people do not merely continue toexist (which is what survival means). Instead, they ascend beyond mere existence to the superiorstate of flourishing.Thus, instead of touting the mere ability to get by, give yourself a better objective by saying: "I amnot merely a survivor. Instead I flourish." (Note: Floreat Etona is the motto of Englands mostprestigious and influential school, the school that has provided generations of leaders. Let the sloganwork its magic for you, too.)4) "Im fixing to do it."Take a close look at these words.They do not say "I am doing it."They say "Im thinking about getting around to doing it." Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 4 of 40
  5. 5. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipNow, it should be obvious that truly successful people dont brag about how they are "about" to dosomething. No, indeed. These people, the people we want to be like and emulate, are people who aremasters of "do". And you must be, too. Drop "fixin" from your vocabulary forthwith.5) "Working on it."Heres another deceptive phrase which makes non English speakers scratch their heads inbafflement. The phrase, you see, seems to mean one thing, but actually means quite another."Working on it" means the complete reverse. It does not mean that a thing is being attended to,completion in sight. It means, instead, that the thing in question is not being attended to, has notbeen started, and that no completion date can be seen because none has been set. Oh, my!"Working on it" is a phrase beloved of procrastinators, the slothful and slow-walkers worldwidebecause it gives them cover for the work they are assuredly are not doing and the success they willnot achieve because of it.6) "Its good enough for me."This potent phrase has destroyed success for millions worldwide, generation after generation.Success means constant application, work, a vivid striving after success and the thrill that comesfrom having achieved it.By contrast, the minute you utter the word "enough" you have signalled an end to absolutelyeverything necessary to achieve success, including success itself."Its good enough" could hardly be worse for your aspirations, strangling success in its cradle andleaving you with crumbs. "There is nothing quite so bad," wrote the insightful Oscar Wilde, "as thatwhich is good enough." This is why you must banish this corrosive phrase at once. Only the goodcan be good enough for you!*7) "I could never do that."Are you one of the legions of people who use these killer words? Be advised: success cannotflourish in this inhospitable terrain.People who demand success empower themselves by creating an environment where the goal ofsuccess is never undercut by the words they use and the thoughts they think. For such people, thekeynote is positive potential, not instantaneous death by your own hand.You see, if you say you cannot do the thing in question, then most assuredly you will not achievethat thing. As Henry Ford, master of the practical, the richest man of his time, rightly said: "Youthink you can. You think you cant. Either way youre right."Last WordsSuccess at the best of times is generally difficult to achieve. Why, then, make it even more difficultby sabotaging yourself, diminishing success by empowering failure? Your thoughts, your words areyour realities. Negative words, restricting words, words that sabotage rather than improve andinspire must be rooted out and destroyed.YOU must create for yourself an environment where the total focus, including every word you utter,facilitates achievement and does not handicap it. Start by eradicating these 7 invidious phrases,replacing them with those that enrich, improve... and never impede. At once, your trek to successbecomes decidedly easier. Yes, you are on your way!This astonishing phrase is dynamite, a sure-fire indicator that the person who thinks and utters it will Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 5 of 40
  6. 6. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationshiphave the most meager portion of success. In short, it undermines, sabotages and otherwise stranglesthe very possibility of success.What stimulates success is the keen desire to be better, to have better, to live better. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 6 of 40
  7. 7. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipFive Things You Dont Know About Closing Sales Which AreEviscerating Your Profitsby Dr. Jeffrey LantIt isnt just that most people are lousy at sales... far more shocking is the fact that most SALESPEOPLE are lousy at sales.If youre one of them, this article is for YOU!The plain fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of sales people rely on their charm,gift of gab, and ability to "wing it" to make sales... instead of being prepared to make sale after sale.STOP IT! Following these sensible steps means more money:1) Closing sales is not a matter of motivation or pressure. Instead, its a question of having the rightinformation readily at hand, so you can answer customer questions quickly, easily, thoroughly.Thus, consider what you have readily available when you are talking to a customer.2) Do you have (readily available, mind) a sheet of "you gets", that is a list of PRECISELY whatyour customer gets when using your product/service?Dollars to doughnuts, neither you nor any member of your business has sat down and written out thefeatures of what youre selling; then converted each and every feature into a benefit that thecustomer gets. Treat each and every benefit like scoops on an ice-cream cone; the higher you stackem, the more enticing to the customer!3) Do you have a sheet of offers?Products do not sell themselves; a sales person bragging "Our product sells itself" is wrong, naive orboth. What sells products is offers; the better the offer the faster the sale.Thus, have you got a sheet of offers; "add-ons" you can use to motivate immediate customer action?This list should make it very clear just what the customer gets for fast action. AND when thecustomer must act, for ALL offers must be limited by time, quantity, etc.4) Do you have a sheet of results testimonials?People what to be assured and re-assured about what they will get when using your product. Hereswhere "results" testimonials come in. These not only provide a happy customers experience in usingyour product ("I loved it"), but the specific results that customer achieved. The greater the specificityand the benefits, the better and more effective the testimonial.Note: whenever possible ALL testimonials must include full customer and such relevant details astitle, location, etc. In short, testimonials must be detailed and complete to be completely credible.5) A page of objection responses and rebuttalsFace it, not every customer will leap for joy upon hearing of what you are selling. Thats why youmust be prepared for the nay-sayers, the procrastinators, the cautious, and the merely foolish. Forthese folks, a list of every possible objection and your strongest response is required.Commmon objections include:"I must ask my spouse.""Im on vacation for the next 2 weeks." Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 7 of 40
  8. 8. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationship"Im on vacation for the next 2 weeks.""I have to check you out.""I dont have the money."Now hear this: there isnt an objection under the sun which cannot be effectively answered, only notby "winging it." EVERY successful sales person knows that preparation here is mandatory; therebuttals may seem spontaneous... but they must ALWAYS be rehearsed. Brainstorm all objections;then work on the responses. As new objections surface, add them to your list... and, again, perfectthe perfect, objection- demolishing response.Last WordsThe key to sales success is NEVER a "wing and a prayer." It is ALWAYS a matter of total,complete, deliberate effort. Such effort can turn a mediocre sales person into a stellar performer.That, of course, is precisely what your goal must be, and now you know how to achieve it! Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 8 of 40
  9. 9. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationship100% sales. The must read for business people who wantmore money and want it NOW!by Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. I have the inestimable privilege of training some of the brightest businesspeople on earth... people of wit, intelligence, good humor... and a fierce determination to besuccessful, climbing the greasy pole, making more money, and living just the way they want. I findthis work enthralling, exhilarating... and (Ill admit it) frequently frustrating... as I watch even thebest and the brightest muff it.And so, today, I am writing about the one essential thing these fine folks -- and that now includesYOU -- must do every single minute of every single day that you want more money. For, lets notkid ourselves... if you understand this crucial article and follow its directives... you are going tomake more money, lots more, and leave your lackadaisical and languid colleagues in the dust. Andwont that be sweet?To put you in the mood for my insistent message, I have selected a dance number that once madeyou gyrate and awe... "I Want Your Love" by a group named Chic. It hit the charts in 1978, and itmade its point early and often:"I want your love. I want your love. I want your love. I want your love."In other words, they kept on message, driving home the point of their endeavors until even the mostmentally challenged "got it". As a teacher with a sledgehammer, repetitive delivery, I like that... Ilike it a lot.And so to set the stage for what follows, look this tune up in any search engine now and move thatoverweight, arthritic body; because youre about to recapture your alluring youth... and be the personwho got what you wanted, oh yeah!Painful, so painful.It happened again yesterday... and it gets me, right in the solar plexus, each and every time I see thisfundamental error. The sales person I was training was operating solo. In other words, they hadprogressed sufficiently far in their instruction to where they get to fly all alone. I am there, of course;I am always there... but I try to remain as silent as the grave and unobtrusive so that I am seeing thestudent and just the student. And make no mistake about it... this situation (as every parent knows)can make you as nervous and frustrated as all get out.Lights, camera... think!Picture the scene. All parties are on the net. I am present in my video box, the student is in his... andthe "real life" prospect enters... like a bull at a corrida. Everything happens in real time.... and hasreal world implications, for good... or for ill.Ok... the student (and, remember, my students are established business people, notwet-behind-the-ears kids) goes into closing mode. This starts by greeting each and every prospect byname; then asking each prospect to watch a 20-minute video packed with the vital data that bothexcites the prospect and instructs her.These steps are crucial... and the students know I am a stickler for ensuring that they occur. In otherwords, make SURE the prospect has the critical facts before any further action can occur.The prospect is prepped... are you? Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 9 of 40
  10. 10. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationship"As soon as youve finished the video, return to me for a spectacular one-time-only offer."These words usher in the next phase of the operation. We make it clear what must be done (watchvideo) and what is coming thereafter (spectacular offer). So far... so good.Close but no cigar.The first mistake the students make is to present the offer before the prospect has been adequatelyprepped. This is a critical error. Prospects must have the necessary facts... or they end up asking aton of unnecessary questions; questions which have already been answered -- and in precise, cleardetail, too -- in the video.The video, the whole video, nothing but the video.As soon as you have confirmed that the prospect has watched the ENTIRE video, proceed to the"Big rock candy mountain," your scintillating offer. It IS scintillating, isnt it? For if it doesnt snap,crackle, and pop youve just thrown away a sale. Sales occur because the offer sizzles, excites, is justtoo thrilling to decline. You ARE making such an offer, I trust. And if youre not, youd better makeits improvement "Action this day," which is what Winston Churchill did when as Prime Minister ofEngland he demanded instant attention and RESULTS.And now... the critical moment that turns you into a master... and puts another sale in your pocket:100% sales.To remain an average closer, keep doing what youre doing.But to fly high as one of the worldssales masters you must set the desired goal... then do everything possible, everything necessary toachieve it.That is... 100% sales.Is this what you do?Make your objective immediately clear to the prospect: "I want you to get the benefits of thiswidget... and Im going to do everything I can to make it happen." Dont just say these words... meanthem. Because once the prospect knows youre serious, they can be serious too, working with you forfastest, most complete mutual advantage.At this moment, the prospect may well start back peddling saying things like this:"I dont have any money.""I cant do it today.""I need to tell the little woman. Were a team."And so forth. Your job is to thrust these obstacles out of the way and CLOSE THAT DEAL.To do this, you must remind yourself AT ALL TIMES that you have a 100% closing goal... and thatyou are going to make this close. If the prospect stalls or blocks you, keep things going by asking forthe prospects undivided attention and for an all- important OPEN mind. Make sure the prospectunderstands what the offer is.... and if necessary improve it; always making it clear that this offerexpires the second the prospect leaves. In other words, there is a premium for staying, workingthings out, but irrevocable loss if they wont.Now, gun it.Keep in mind at all times, with the terrific offer you are making, the prospect will be better off... if... Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 10 of 40
  11. 11. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationshipand only if... they take immediate action. It is your job to drive this home NOW... making itabundantly clear that action now is the only sensible course.Do this, and do it with enthusiasm, gusto, and good humor, and you will not only want that will get it! For as Chic sang, "a better love you wont find today..." or a better offer either.*** What do you think? We invite you to post your comments below. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 11 of 40
  12. 12. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipWhat is MarketingMarketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion anddistribution of ideas or goods and services, that will ultimately satisfy a customer demand.Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or another, maybe an ideaeven. So why there such a high percentage of products on the market that just dont survive? Well inmost cases, the problem lies not in the idea or service itself, but in the cultivation thereof.Lets try and analyse where most businesses go wrong:Most small businesses dont have a Marketing planSuccessful businesses thrive because every single person in the organisation is aware of where thebusiness is going. In other words, the business is as a result of one mans vision, and with the helpevery employee, the company as a whole is dedicated to see that vision through. A Marketing planhelps to achieve this kind of focus and when used effectively, it will ensure that the business is ableto adapt to todays dynamic business environment and changing customer needs.They tend to confuse Sales with MarketingOne important fact to remember is that Sales is a direct byproduct of effective Marketing. Theobjective of sales is to increase revenue that the company generates by distributing products andservices, none of which would be possible if the consumer of that product had no information onwhich to base their purchase. Although it is important not to confuse the two, Sales and Marketingtogether with PR tend to work hand-in-hand and removing any one of these from the chain couldresult in failure.?We dont need marketing, were a small company?That should be that exact reason as to why a business does need to have a marketing process. Letsbe honest, no business owner wants to remain the same size forever and to just keep breaking even.But the only way of changing that is to be proactive, know what the market is, where its going andwhere you fit in.Marketing gurus say that Marketing is an art, not a science. We could argue this point forever butthe bottom line is that I dont believe it is. You can learn how to Market. Marketing is not some Godgiven talent that only those born with can exploit, it is a process, a method, a way of succeeding thatyou can start learning right now. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 12 of 40
  13. 13. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipA recognized Internet marketing master delivers the soberword you dont want to hear: The way youre marketingonline your failure is assured. Take the challenge and see foryourself.Authors program note. One of the great films is "Cool Hand Luke" (1967) that features this lineetched in acid, "What we have here is failure to communicate". This line is delivered just after theprison authority has slashed "Luke" with a whip, causing him to roll over and over down a long,dusty hill, each rotation more painful than the last. The warden then says what seems anextraordinary statement: that Luke had been beaten because he wanted it that way... Huh?But pretty soon you understand the authority figure is right. Luke is determined to do things his way,when that way is a certain disaster... he wont learn, wont examine his position, and will never admitto error. The only thing that will enlighten him and change certain failure to incipient progress isgetting beaten and beaten again; then he might see the benefit, the essential value of instruction,training and constant adjustment and beneficial change.Lukes pointless "system" delivers nothing but misery. Communication delivers the desired resultsthat youre too stubborn to master. So what if what youre doing doesnt work. "Its a poor thing butmine own" and therefore good enough.Thus, for the music to accompany this article, I give you the theme song to "Cool Hand Luke"because you bear more than a passing resemblance to a character and a situation that will keepfailing you and which you do not wish to change -- whatever you say. Find the music by LaloSchifrin in any search engine, and remember: its YOUR theme, obstinacy and willful adherence topresent, total, predictable failure being celebrated.Why you must master marketing to succeed online.Right now chances are whatever online enterprise you are pursuing is not only failing to make you aliving wage... it is failing to make you anything at all. Dont be coy about this; YOU are a complete,total, abject, and ridiculous marketing catastrophe. So, what have you been doing to solve thisproblem and generate increasing bucks? What have you been doing? Ill tell you what youve beendoing; the same things that delivered failure while expecting success, if you do them long enoughThis is the textbook definition of madness... and that makes YOU certifiably crazy."Your Money Is In Their Pocket!"Right now people around the world are walking around with your money in their pockets. Moreover,due to the pathetic way you "market", one thing is clear: you will never get that money. It will stay inyour customers pocket... he will in due course spend it elsewhere, thereby depriving himself ofwhatever benefit you could deliver and 100% of the profits you would have derived. Whats worse,you seem neither to know nor to care that this travesty of marketing that keeps you broke andunsuccessful is going on. Youre the poor little lamb who has gone astray... and you must beperfectly happy with that result... since you learn nothing new; try nothing new; and master nothingnew. Amazing!Magic words that deliver one hot prospect after another; the rocket ship that delivers them.To succeed online you need, first of all, prospect lists because in my well-known phrase "The list isthe business... and the business is the list." To make money you must have lists; to make lots ofmoney, you must have bigger lists. Developing this list is a project for each and every day you wantto move money from "their" pockets... to yours. The first critical question: what did you do each day Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 13 of 40
  14. 14. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationshipto move money from "their" pockets... to yours. The first critical question: what did you do each daythis week to grow your pivotal lists? Dont be vague; be rigorously detailed and specific. The sadfact is, youve probably done nothing on this matter whatsoever. And so you will continue to fail.Thats 100 percent certain.You must give your prospects a reason to pick up the phone and call you. Do you? Consider this.Over the years I have turned myself from an impecunious graduate student (albeit at Harvard) intoan online multi-millionaire. How did it happen? By creating powerful, punchy, profit-making adslike this one, my current favorite and likely to remain so since it is a certifiable money maker:Call me now for your FREE Internet marketing consultation. $100 value. Let an expert show youRIGHT NOW how to profit online every single day without leaving home. Call me -- Dr. JeffreyLant -- now, (617) 547-6372. LIVE 24/7/365. Your success guaranteed. Im waiting for your callRIGHT NOW!This verbiage MUST be on EVERYTHING that will be seen, received, read and presented to everysingle person you wish to respond. Each time you send out ANYTHING, be that business card,email message, brochure, space ad, landing page, etc. without these precise words is a marketingopportunity and ALL its potential profits lost and gone forever "dreadful sorrow, Clementine."Ebooks as rocket ships.Now you know the magic words to use that ensure 100 percent guaranteed results. How do you getthem into the hands of prospects who, being motivated by them, will pick up the telephone to makeinstant contact with --you? There are many ways, but heres one that takes just about 5-7 minutes perday. Its ebook marketing... and its so clever because you dont write your ebooks (though you mayif you like). I DO!Just over two years ago...In the fall of 2010, I had an epochal "AHA!" moment. Keep in mind that at that time, the GreatRecession was dragging down the Great Republic, the European Union, and the world. I wanted toseize this crucial moment when all the best things on Earth were for sale at deeply discounted prices;I wanted to seize this moment, I say, to fatten my stock portfolio and fast-growing collection ofeye-popping Old Master pictures and the best 18th century furniture. In short, I needed lots of cash...and a mechanism to deliver it to me and the eager-beavers who saw this turbulent, even frighteningtime as the right time for massive asset acquisition. Enter the ebook... the ebook you dont write butcan profit from every single day!Well over 1,000,000 formatted words, with images and musical cues, marching smartly to 1000articles.Heres the good word, bird. Since September, 2010 I have written approaching one thousand articles;each about 1500 words. You can see them at These articles, carefullyresearched, carefully written cover over 35 different subject areas. At least 20 new articles are addedevery single month. Using them is a breeze...Go to the article repository. Select any 2 or 3. Add the magic marketing words above. Click, send...and await certain response... by people picking up the phone to call you... whenever theyre ready tocall you.Is this difficult in any way? No, its childs play.Is it time-consuming? Certainly not. 7 minutes for newbies. Under 5 for experienced marketers.Does it produce prospect leads? Yes, EVERY time you use it, which should be 7 days a week. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 14 of 40
  15. 15. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipAnd now The Million-Dollar Question. WILL YOU DO IT?Return to "Cool Hand Luke," obstinate, stubborn, beaten, unsuccessful... just plain stupid.Now lets be brutally frank with each other. I remind you that this is proven, that its simple, that ittakes but a few paltry minutes a day, that it will cause your phone to ring off the hook (especially ifyou put it on the top of each document for maximum impact), that it will ensure profits, profitswhich will grow as you grow your lists.But you, admit it, are "cool hand Luke", lazy, excuse making, smart aleck, a permanent sneer onyour lips, the know-it-all who knows nothing. Youll follow this advice for a day; maybe, two. Youllstart seeing results. Then your residual bad habits will kick in, including your acute disinclination totake phone calls from real people. After all, when push comes to shove you are most surely of the "Ilove humanity; its people I cant stand" School of Marketing. And youre a slothful bugger, too.Youll deny all this of course, just as Paul denied Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed. But the truthwill be most apparent in your derisory bank account, assets, and future. Partner, I hope that sneer onyour face and your reeking arrogance are enough for you, cause, baby, thats what youre gonna get.Capisce? Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 15 of 40
  16. 16. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipAmazing Technology And Your Online MarketingBlending the amazing technology and your online marketing strategy takes a little thought. With allthe automated systems available today you can do so much quicker and easier than ever before.Even though the amazing technology and your online marketing strategy do work together, that doesnot mean that you wont have to work. Ultimately you need to plan the best course of action for yourbusiness.It is about more than just getting some software, pushing some buttons and sitting back waiting forthe money to roll in. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most common mistakes that many peoplemake. They have bought into the hype of online marketing. They have come to believe that with alittle time and virtually no effort, they can can make a ton of money.The problem is that the software wont do it all and if you dont understand at least the basics of howit all goes together, you will miss out on a great opportunity.So, no matter what technology and automation you depend on you need to be willing to learn thebasics of how it all goes together or you wont have much, or any success.Another thing that many would be internet marketers overlook is the fact that they need to be able totrack all of their results. There are things that may need to be tweaked but unless you are trackingyour results you wont be able to identify which things work well for you and which ones dontwork.For that reason you should add, and learn to use, some type of code to track elements of your onlinebusiness. Two things that are very important to track are the number of visitors you get to your siteand the percentage of conversions (people who actually take some action like buy your product orsign up to your list) that you are getting.Most of the tweaks you do to your site will be geared to increasing one of these things - traffic orconversions. You need to be able to figure out which tweaks have worked and which ones haventworked.To that end, make sure you only make one change at a time. If you try to change too many things atonce how will you know which one of those changes made a difference and which one didnt?And worse, you may have actually had one thing that made a positive change and one that made anegative change and they have balanced each other out. If that happens you have no way of knowingthat one of the changes actually worked.Make one small change at a time, wait a few weeks or months to see if the change helped or hurt (ordidnt do anything). If the change worked try something else to get even better results, if it didntwork go back to what you had before and then make another change. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 16 of 40
  17. 17. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipDoes Your Website Work The Best It Can For YouSetting up a website is a pretty simple affair. Most anyone can set up their own website, either forfree or for a small amount of money. But while setting up a website is simple and easy, setting up asuccessful website is a whole different ordeal. There are a lot of aspects involved in determiningwhether or not your website is working as it should, and most people have no idea what theseaspects are.For the most part this is not that big of a deal for those who are just testing the waters or hostingpersonal stuff. But for those who are trying to set up a website for their business, this can be life ordeath for your business. So you should ask yourself, Does Your Website "Work?To answer that question you need to start from the beginning. Go through your website as if youwere a visitor, check all your links and make sure everything looks nice and works as intended. Wehave all gone to websites where they had buttons that led to incomplete or "under construction"parts of the site. That sort of thing is absolutely unacceptable for a business website.By simply going through and clicking on everything and verifying it all works as intended, you cansave yourself a lot of grief down the road. It sounds like a common sense thing to do, but you wouldbe surprised at how many people forget this simple, yet crucial step.After that you should again ask yourself, Does Your Website "Work? You might think you are safeonce you checked over everything, but that is just the technical aspect of it. Yeah, sure, all yourbuttons work as intended and you have everything you want, but are people seeing it?Part of making a working website is ensuring it is getting the traffic it needs. There are a lot of webdesigners out there who can design a very pretty and nice looking website, but that website is notbuilt to utilize SEO and is difficult to make successful.There are really two main types of websites in this regard. Formatted ones, such as some webdesigners use, and more modular ones, which is what you should use. You want to be able to freelyand easily modify your website to account for changes Google and other search engines make.You will also want to include all the things these search engines look for when determining whatpage your website lands on. You want to build your website so that it utilizes all aspects of SEO andgets on the first page.So when asking Does Your Website "Work, it is not just about the obvious stuff such as checking allthe buttons, but also the more subtle things. Even if your website is functional and everything works,it is still not "working" if it does not perform its role in attracting visitors.Only once you get people visiting your website and are making money can you say your website istruly working. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 17 of 40
  18. 18. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipEvaluate Your Business Home Marketing BusinessNo one wants to waste time and money on something that doesnt work for them. As a homebusiness owner this applies to you as well. As a small business owner you have even less wiggleroom than a bigger company so you need to be able to spot both good and bad changes as soon aspossible. You need to be able to carefully evaluate your business home internet marketingpromotion.Once you know how to evaluate your business home internet marketing promotion you can decidewhich promotion(s) is working, which one isnt and how best to proceed.One easy way to do this online is to add code to your site, or use your c-panel information, to trackthe amount of traffic you are getting. This is one of the most important elements of any business...the amount of traffic they are getting. Of course, this is only one thing that needs to be tracked.Another very important metric you need to keep track of is conversions.Getting a ton of traffic is great, but its only part of the overall picture. A ton of traffic wont do you abit of good if you cant convert that traffic in some way. A conversion could mean a sale or justgetting someone to sign up to your email list so you can continue to contact them over time and buildtrust and rapport with them.Then, after youve built that trust, you will be able to turn many of those people into paying, lifelong,customers. But how can you gauge what is working to increase traffic or conversions?Like I mentioned above, you need a way to track that information by adding code to your site. But,that is only the "how" you also need to know the "what".One big mistake some website owners make is that they get too anxious to increase their traffic andconversions. They are of the "if one is good two must be better" school of thought.So instead of just making one change at a time and then waiting for a few weeks or months to seewhat, if any, effect that change had on traffic or conversions they make a bunch of changes all atonce and / or they make one change and then get inpatient and dont wait long enough to see whataffect that change had on traffic and conversions so they make another change.If you take such a haphazard approach to making changes, it will be virtually impossible for you toidentify which changes have helped, which ones hurt and which ones didnt do anything.You need to make just one change at a time. And then you need to wait long enough to be able todetermine if that change had any effect on the performance of your site. How long you will have towait will be determined in large part by the changes you want to see. For example, if you have madea change that should give you more traffic that may show up almost immediately.You still have to wait for a week or two to make sure that something else hasnt had an affect onyour traffic rates such as a holiday, bad weather in a certain part of the world, or some other issuethat may have resulted in a change to your traffic levels.Once youve waited long enough to determine that the change you made is the most likely reason forany changes that you saw either in traffic or conversions, you should than try to make anotherchange. By continuing to do this, you can optimize your website and get the most out of all thevisitors you get as well as getting more visitors in the first place!Evaluate your business home internet marketing promotion in this way to get the biggest bang fromall you do online. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 18 of 40
  19. 19. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationship Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 19 of 40
  20. 20. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipHelp With Your Failing Internet Market BusinessThere are many people who jumped online with high hopes of starting a successful internetmarketing business. Unfortunately, many of these people have not even come close to realizing thissuccess and many more are wondering where they went wrong. If you need help with your failinginternet marketing business this article may be able to provide you with a little insight of where youmay have gone wrong.There are many places where you can get help with your failing internet marketing business, andsome sources are better than others. There are many so called experts online who will be only toohappy to sell you some product or service that will supposedly help you turn things around andactually start making money online.Whether its a course, some piece of software or just some coaching, it can be mighty tempting toshell out big bucks to finally have the success you so desperately want. But you have to be cautioustoo.There are many really knowledgeable, honest people online but even among this group, you maynot really find the answer you are looking for.Instead, start right here with this article. I will give you an idea of where you might want to spendyour money and where you are likely to get the biggest bang for your buck I will also tell you whatproducts you may want to stay clear of:1. For the most part, you should not bother to spend your money on some "do it all for you"software. I have spent more money on this type of software than I care to admit and I have to saythat its never really worked the way it was supposed to.Some might have worked, others didnt work at all, but no matter what none of it has ever lived up toits own hype. I would save my money if I were you (I wish someone had told me that when I wasfirst starting out).2. You will usually get the most out of your expenditure if you buy a course that will teach yousomething about internet marketing. Internet marketing is not necessarily something I would callhard, but it does have a lot of pieces that have to fit together in a precise way in order to get theresults you want.That is what can take so long; just learning how to put it all together. The majority of your "puzzle"will involve finding the best ways to drive traffic to your website. There are many ways to do thisand many elements that will go into creating an effective stream of traffic.Once youve learned this skill and you are getting traffic, and plenty of it, you can start making somereal money.3. Another investment that you may want to consider if you have the money is getting a coach.Having someone who can show you the ropes and can even hold you accountable to gettingsomething done can really help.Obviously, there are many other things you will need such as buying your own domain name,getting a website, etc. but these can all be learned by taking comprehensive internet marketingcourse.Doing these steps can really help with your failing internet marketing business. It is within yourreach but you have to be willing to grab it. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 20 of 40
  21. 21. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationship Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 21 of 40
  22. 22. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipInternet Advertising Cost-You Get What You Pay ForMany new internet marketers find themselves asking the question "How much does internetadvertising cost?". And the answer ranges from. . ."Its free" to "Its very expensive" depending onwhat type of advertising you are using. Its important to remember that free advertising doesntnecessarily mean low-quality, especially when it comes to internet advertising, but it does mean thatyou will pay in the amount of time that it takes rather than with a sum of money.Free or low internet advertising cost methods include article marketing, blogging (on a free bloggingplatform), participating in any of the social networking sites or forums, placing free online classifiedadvertising, using safelists or traffic exchanges and more. Article marketing means creatinginformational articles that your target audience would be interested in reading and acting upon andsubmitting them to various content sites like EzineArticles, HubPages, Squidoo, etc. This type ofadvertising builds up your credibility, expert status and can get you ranked higher in the searchengines. You can set up a blog at and promote your business there. Setting up a profileat Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or any of the other hundreds of social networks is a way to be seenand establish relationships with potential customers. Getting traffic to your blog, profile or answerson forums requires that you participate with other members of the network in a social way. Beingtoo promotional will not win you any points with your audience and it may even get you penalizedby the network itself. Doing advertisements on free online classifieds allows you to do morehard-core promotional (less social) advertising. When it comes to Safelists and Traffic Exchanges,the key is to come up with a short headline that compels whoever sees your ad to read further.When it comes to paid internet advertising, pay per click (PPC), ezines (online magazines) andbanner advertising are three popular choices. Pay per click can be very cheap, or it could beexpensive. It all depends on how much you bid. If you have a low budget, you will want to bid lowand on uncompetitive keywords (terms that people arent searching for very much). Luckily, its easyto find out what the uncompetitive keywords are in any of the search engines that you advertise on.They will provide you with the tools that help you identify keywords. Once you start getting sometraffic and making money, you can gradually start to bid more on the keywords.Ezine advertising prices vary greatly as well. The price you pay for advertising on an ezine dependson the size and quality of the subscriber list so you will need to research the best ezines and possiblygo through some trial and error before you find some that consistently perform. Banner advertisingis a way to promote your products on other sites that are ranked well in the search engines and notdirect competitors. The internet advertising cost for this depends on the site that you choose as well. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 22 of 40
  23. 23. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipInternet Advertising Help-Use Your Popular Search EnginesHave you been trying to break into the online world of business and need internet advertising help?Youre not alone. Although many small businesses realize the importance of the internet, they oftendo not take advantage of what Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have to offer. Andmany people dont even know what Google Maps is all about - but this is essential if you own abrick and mortar business. Similar services exist in Bing and Yahoo too.These are just some of the many internet advertising places. There are many other venues that youcan use to promote your business, products and services:1. Article Directories and Content Sites. Registering with Ezine Articles (and the hundreds of otherarticle directories), Hub Pages and Squidoo is completely free. Your goal with these sites is to createinformative articles about your products/services and publish them here. Doing this will earn youcredibility, expert status and possibly higer ranking in the search engines once you start bringing intraffic to your site.2. Search Engine Pay Per Click Platforms: All of the major search engines and many other searchengines offer the possibility for you to advertise on their sites and some of the most sophisticatedinternet advertising help. It works like this. . .you place an ad based on some keywords that arerelevent to your business, products or services. All of the search engines give you free tools that youcan use to find the keywords that you want to target. You will bid on each keyword that youadvertise and the search engines will also help you to identify what your bid should be. Once youhave placed your ad, whenever anyone types in the keyword that you targeted into that searchengine, your ad will come up. Where it appears depends on how high you placed your bid and howrelevent your ad is to the keywords that you specified.3. Ezine Advertising. Advertising in online magazines, called ezines, is another very effective wayto get started with internet advertising. As with all of your advertising efforts, this requires someresearch on your part. Your goal is to find an ezine which fits your target market and advertsingbudget. Dont discount ezines with small subscriber count. They may allow you to advertise for verylittle and often have very responsive lists.4. Banner advertising. Placing banner advertisement on high traffic sites within your indusry is alsoan effective ways to bring in traffic to your own site.5. Online Classified Ads. Many online classified sites allow you to place free advertisements withinrestrictions. Upgrading to become a paid member usually allows you to place more sophisticated adsmore frequently than if you are a paid member.Each of these methods offers internet advertising help in the form of written instructions, tutorialsand support communities within their sites. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 23 of 40
  24. 24. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipKeep Your Internet Marketing Business FreshHaving an internet marketing business is a great way to be independent and have a secure source ofincome. It can be started up with very little money and really the only resource required to keep itrunning and be successful is your own time and dedication. Despite the advantages of having such abusiness, countless people find themselves getting frustrated and throwing in the towel, so they donot find the success they were hoping for.If you want to be successful on the internet, one of the important things you will need to do is KeepYour Inter Marketing Business Fresh. Most people will throw up their website and then let it sit,maybe poking it once a week or so. This is why they fail. The internet is an ever shifting market andif you are not constantly working your business, it will fall behind and fail.Now, just to be clear, I am not saying you need to spend all day every day working on your website.That is a selling point about working online, you do not have to work all that much to keep it rolling.Just work an hour or two every day to keep it going, that is all it needs.By working your website every day, you provide new and fresh content and this in turn makes thesearch engines happy. By Keep Your Inter Marketing Business Fresh you keep it high in therankings. Google and other search engines look for certain criteria to determine what page yourwebsite should land on when someone searches for related terms.That is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. SEO, again, looks for a variety of things but mostimportantly is just keeping your website active and loaded with new, unique, and fresh content. Ifyou just let it sit, the search engines would bump your website down and down until it ends up onpage 100, and who is going to find it then?Google is constantly updating its software to help the user find what they are looking for, but thisalso means it requires you, the website owner, to be on your toes and always adapting. Even if youwere going good before, an update can absolutely wreck you. So if you want to Keep Your InterMarketing Business Fresh, the absolute most important thing to keep in mind is to always be awareof what Google is doing.You need to keep tabs on what the current software requires of your website and you need to keepon the look out for updates. Many businesses have gone under because an update decided theirwebsite was not doing what needed to be done, and ended up bumping them down to lower pages.By keeping your eyes on Google and always working to abide by their rules you can ensure that nomatter what happens, you can keep your website on the top pages and get a consistent flow of traffic,which in turn means a consistent flow of money. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 24 of 40
  25. 25. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipMotivate New Business For Your Web SiteOnce you get your online business up and running and get traffic going to it, it can be pretty easy tomanage. This ease of management is one of the big selling points for owning an online business.Simple oversight and a little work every day can keep it running smoothly, earning you a consistentincome.While this is how it is most of the time, this is not necessarily true for every internet based business.Sometimes you will need to Motivate new business for your web site in order to keep it going. Thiscan be a bit of a challenge since you still need to stay true to your original business model, but youalso need to keep things fresh and entice people to visit your website and buy your product.There are three things you can do to help you out with this.1: Play into desire. People want what they want. People will also be willing to part with a fair bit ofcash if it can get them what they want. So as a business owner, you need to try and give them whatthey want. If you can feed into this desire, you can keep them coming back for more. If your currentbusiness model is not cutting it, try to branch out to similar products that people may desire to keepyour business going.2: Enjoyment. Another way to Motivate new business for your web site is to show potentialcustomers that they can enjoy the product they buy from you. It does not necessarily have to beenjoyment in the sense of a child playing with a toy, but if you are selling say... self help books.Then make them think they will get a lot out of your product and thus enjoy purchasing it since itgives them what they want. As stated above, desire is a powerful motivator, does not hurt to try andmake them desire your product.3: Fear. A common and effective method is to invoke a little fear. If you read through websitestrying to sell you a product, you might pick up on a little scare tactic going on. It plays into thehuman psyche in making them feel as if they need something. By making them think they will losesomething by not buying your product, you make them more willing to buy your product. Obviouslythis does not mean to intimidate them, it is all about wording, as you probably noticed from otherwebsites.Trying to Motivate new business for your web site can be a bit tricky since it means you have toexpand, or at the very least find new ways to promote your product. These three tips may or may notwork given what exactly you are selling, or maybe you already follow them.But for those of you who can utilize these tips, they can provide you with a means of increasingsales. There are still many more methods out there for you to use as well, so whether these work ornot you should still seek out more ways to build up your business. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 25 of 40
  26. 26. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipNeed Web Traffic The Internet Is A Realm Of EndlessPossibilityThe internet is a realm of endless possibility, anyone can go out and start up their own web basedbusiness and be successful. Thousands upon thousands of people have already done this, and there isnothing stopping you from getting that same success. The only thing that can stop you is, well, you.The single greatest pitfall potential business owners face is they simply give up. They do not see anyreturns and think it does not work, so they lose hope and abandon it. But if you stick it out, you canjoin the statistics of successful internet business owners. But to do that you Need Web Traffic to getto your site.Driving traffic is the most important aspect of owning an online business. The more traffic you get,the better odds you have of selling your product and making money. Its like they always say, evenif you make the best business in the world, if nobody knows it exists then you still will not make anymoney.There are some methods you can use to get people to visit your website that I will share with you.1: Pay for ads. This method requires money, and so if you are working under a tight budget this maynot be an option. But if you can afford it, then purchasing ads with search engines like Google orYahoo! are a great way to increase awareness of your sites existence. Sometimes you have to spendmoney to make money, after all.2: Disperse links. If you Need Web Traffic, then back linking is something you are going to have todo, and likely will have to do a lot. Back linking is where you have another website carry a link toyour site. More often than not this is done by submitting articles to article directories, or searchdirectories that will carry your link.3: Viral marketing. I am sure you have heard of this before, viral marketing is where you get otherpeople to market for you naturally. For example, if you have a youtube video that involves yourbusiness and it gets a ton of hits because it is popular, that is all marketing for your website. It can bedifficult to pull off, but when it works you will have very noticeable results.4: Keywords. Like back linking, keywords are a stable of internet marketing. Keywords are thewords or phrases people type into google to find what they are looking for. You want to make sureyour website is using keywords properly so that the search engines can find your website and put itinto the results when people search for that specific keyword.If you Need Web Traffic then following these tips can help you get it. These are not all there iswhen it comes to internet marketing and there are a lot of finer points you can learn to maximizeyour gains. But once you get the hang of it and get your business going, it is an easy and securesource of income. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 26 of 40
  27. 27. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipOld News In Internet Marketing BusinessThere are many people that think that since the new updates at the search engines that articlemarketing is old news in Internet marketing business. Personally, I could not disagree more. Thereis still a place for getting a lot of very targeted traffic by using article marketing, you just have tochange how you go about doing it.Back in the first part of 2011 Google introduced a fairly major change to their algorithm calledPanda. Since then many people have lost traffic and have been scrambling to find a way to appeasethe "Big G".Since the Panda update hit a lot of the top article directories really hard many people erroneouslyjumped to the conclusion that article marketing was old news in Internet marketing business, butthey are wrong.Writing quality content either for submission to a directory or to add directly to your own websitestill is, and probably always will be, a good way to curry favor in the search engines. Youve nodoubt heard the expression "Content is King" well that is still true.The only difference is that with the various updates the algorithms are actually sophisticated enoughto weed out a lot of the lesser quality content. So the new saying may be more along the lines of"Quality Content Is King".No more submitting mind numbingly boring articles that are only 250 words long. Today it willrequire interesting well written articles that really offer something to the reader.Today it is more about writing as much good information on a certain topic than it is to write arounda particular keyword. Its about writing content that shows the world you really are an expert on acertain subject. Once you get that part done you can still benefit greatly from submitting thesearticles all over the web.Other than creating content that is longer, say a minimum of 700 words for instance, you also wantto get out of the habit of using the assembly line of composing your articles. What I mean by that isdont just compile a long list of keywords and than write articles on those keywords, insteadcompose a list of keywords that will fully explore your niche.So, if your niche is on bird watching, for example, dont do what most of us have done in the past:have only keyword optimized content. You know what I mean, sites that have keywords like: birdwatching in the north, bird watching in the south, bird watching in the east, etc.Instead focus on the overall topic of bird watching. Think more about topics like: the best binocularsfor bird watching, how to get great pictures when bird watching, what is the best time of day for birdwatching?, etc.Building your site, and all your onsite and offsite content, based on this method (topics rather thanjust keywords) will show Google that you are really trying to supply your readers with all theinformation they need to get the most out of your niche topic. It is more geared to providing yourreaders with quality, well rounded, information and not just geared solely to driving traffic.Article marketing is a great method to build trust, set yourself up as an expert in your niche and ofcourse get more traffic... but only if done properly. Do it the right way so you dont become oldnews in Internet marketing business. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 27 of 40
  28. 28. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipPlanning A Strategic Marketing CampaignIf you want to go hunting you have to know what you are going to hunt. Strategic marketingplanning will help you find out what customers you are looking for and how to catch them. Essentialto any marketing campaign is finding and knowing your target audience. Knowing your targetaudience doesnt just mean identifying Planning a Strategic Marketing Campaign Will Improve YourAimwho they are but getting to know how they think and what they want and where to find them. Afteryou know them you can find ways to catch them. The better you know them, the better your chancesare at getting to them before your competition does.Selecting your target market is only the beginning but it is a very important beginning. It is best to goafter customers that you have some knowledge about and have a legitimate chance of getting withwhat you have available. While a BB gun might be enough to take down a small bird, you wouldntwant to try it on a grizzly bear. Use what you have at your disposal and use it on those you have alegitimate opportunity to be successful with. Choose a target audience whose needs you can meet.There is no shame in starting small. Use that audience to learn with and prepare for bigger targets.Many people choose to work exclusively with small markets and do quite well.There are several factors to consider when getting to know your target audience and planning astrategic marketing campaign to go after them. You will want to know as much about theirdemographics as possible. Pay attention to things like their age, sex, race or ethnicity, education,income, family size, or any other factor that can have an impact on their buying behaviors. Dontbelieve that you are being racist or buying into stereotypes when you do this. Every demographicgroup has behaviors that are special to them, even though they may be subtle. Do your best to noticewhat those behaviors are and cater to them.Knowing your target audience is incredibly important for anyone planning for a successful strategicmarketing plan because it is how they use that knowledge to their benefit that will separatethemselves from their competition. All of that knowledge is going to give you insight into how tomeet the needs of those future customers of yours.In planning your strategic marketing campaign you need to know how the other elements of yourmarketing mix will work together to meet the needs of your target market. The other areas to takeinto consideration will be things like the particular product or service you want to offer, your methodof distribution, your promotions, and the price. The better your knowledge is of your market, thebetter your ability will be to find a mix that will have an advantage over your competitors. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 28 of 40
  29. 29. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipSeminars On Internet Marketing-How About A WebinarIf you are tired of customers dribbling in here and there and want to know how to attract more andthen get them to buy your product or service there are seminars on internet marketing and any othertopic that interests you available.You will no doubt be able to find seminars on Internet marketing somewhere in your area or youcould take a working vacation and travel to where the seminar is.Participating in a webinar is another way to get the information you need to increase traffic andgrow your business.You started your own business to make money and learning all you can about different marketingtechniques and staying on top of the latest news will help you in the long run.There is always something new coming down the pike for you to learn. They say that knowledge ispower and in the case of running your own business, whether it is online or off, knowledge is moneyin your pocket.Some things you should keep in mind to get the most out of attending an informational seminar are:1. Take a lot of notes - If the seminar is an all day affair or will be conducted over a couple of daysyou will not be able to remember everything that is said so take a notepad and pen with you or useyour mobile device to take notes. You do not want to miss an important piece of information.2. Ask questions - If there is something you do not understand or just want more information on, jotdown some questions during the presentation to ask at the end. There is usually time at the end ofthe presentation for Q and A.3. Network - Get talking with the other participants of the seminar when there is time. You neverknow what you might learn and you can possibly get your businesses name out there a little quicker,too.If there is to be an informal gathering after the presentation where you can all mingle and discusswhat you learned, you could possibly meet with the speaker and/or the host of the seminar.If so, do not brush this off, this could be as important to growing your business as attending theseminar is. Your could acquaint yourself with the speaker or the host and maybe arrange a time totalk one on one with them to "pick their brain" so to speak.Never give up the chance to learn something new about marketing your business. In fact, try to learnsomething new every day, if not every day then at least every week or month.The more you know the better off your will be and your increased business and bottom line will beyour reward.Seminars on Internet marketing are one of the best ways to go about learning what you need to knowto increase your business and your bottom line. Make sure to register early because most oftenseating is limited. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 29 of 40
  30. 30. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipSubmit Your Site-Starting Your Online BusinessStarting your own online business and setting up your website are fairly easy to accomplish and cancost you almost nothing. The part that is difficult and that causes most people to give up is drivingtraffic to your website. Like with any business, marketing is key and if you can not get people tovisit your website, it will not make you any money.There are a ton of ways to get traffic to your website. From buying ads, hosting articles, using viralmarketing, using social networking sites, or any number of other possibilities. Your choices forpromoting your website are vast, and you are encouraged to try them all. But one method you shouldtry as soon as possible is to Submit Your Site to a website directory.As you can infer from the name, a website directory is a site dedicated to cataloging other websites,providing a one stop shop for those looking for whatever website they need. So as you can imagine,having your website on such a directory can provide a huge traffic boost.There are really two types of website directories. Those who are free and those that cost money. Forfree directories you can simply submit your website and be done with it. The downside is that it cantake months for your site to finally be hosted, so a long wait.Paid directories are often preferred since they will have your site hosted within just a couple of days.So if you Submit Your Site to one of these directories you can see increased traffic almostimmediately. But, as you can imagine, the downside is that it costs money. Money you may nothave.If you can afford it, paying is the way to go. But if you do go that route, you need to look into thedirectory and make sure it is worthy of having your money. While uploading your website to adirectory is great, if the directory itself is ranked low on the search engines, people still will not seeyour site. So only host on directories that are highly ranked, especially if you are paying.Sometimes these directories will require you to have their link, this is called back linking. By havingtheir link you help increase their own page rank, which in turn benefits you since it makes yourwebsite more visible through them. So do not think this is a downside if a particular directoryrequires this.You will want to Submit Your Site to as many directories as possible. However, when doing this, donot just copy and paste to every directory. Make sure every entry is unique. This will help make yourresults that much better.Submitting your website to a directory is an effective and simple way of driving traffic to yourwebsite. While it can not do it all on its own, it is a wonderful boost to get your website going. If youneed traffic fast, being able to effectively buy traffic can make a world of difference. Even if you donot need traffic ASAP, having your website out there as much as possible is still a vital component. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 30 of 40
  31. 31. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipSubmit Your Website Free-Perfect Way If Your Budget IsTightIf you are looking to Submit Your Website Free, then there are a lot of options available to you.There are quite a few website hosting services out there that will allow you to host your website forfree. With money being tight for most people this can seem like the perfect way for you to get yourwebsite out there even if you are on a tight budget.But while it sounds good, is it really the right choice for you? While hosting a free website is prettyeasy, it may be the wrong move depending on what exactly you want your website to do. If it is justsome personal affair, then it will work wonderfully.Not all free web hosting services are the same, and some will offer features that others do not. Soyou should look into finding out what exactly these services have. Do they allow you enoughadministrative freedoms to have the website you want? Do they allow you enough bandwidth tohave the content you want? These are questions you should ask before settling on a specific service.As I mentioned above, utilizing a free hosting service can be great if you just want to put up somepersonal site for whatever reason. However, if you are a business and want a website related to yourbusiness, this is where things can get a little tricky.While being able to Submit Your Website Free would be nice, for businesses this is not always anoption. With free services you, obviously, will have certain restrictions. These restrictions canhamper your efforts in promoting your business. Free websites can also impose restrictions on howyou drive traffic to your website, making it even more difficult to get yourself and your business outfor the public to see.Beyond those problems is a very simple fact that it looks tacky. You want your business to appearprofessional and appealing, after all. If you utilize a free service, it will be obvious that it is a freeservice and this might turn potential visitors away. They may not take you seriously, since you donot even have a proper website.While your budget may be tight, if you are looking to make a website for your business it is best tosimply fork up some cash and buy one. They are not that expensive and you would be surprised atjust how much of a difference it can make. Not only will it make your business appear moreprofessional, but the enhanced features and control you have will make it far easier to tailor yourwebsite to meet your needs.Ultimately, though, it comes down to what you are looking to get out of it all. If you just want somepersonal website, maybe a blog or some kind of file sharing website, then using a free service toSubmit Your Website Free is probably your best bet. But if you are looking to set up a website foryour business, you will need something a little more and for that you will have to part with a littlecash. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 31 of 40
  32. 32. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipSuccess With Internet Marketing PromotionsSuccess With Internet Marketing PromotionsMany business owners tend to overlook one of the best, free methods of internet marketingpromotion available to them—writing articles. If you’re shrugging and thinking that you’re not awriter so you couldn’t possibly promote yourself in that way, take heart. You don’t have to be awriter. As long as you know your subject and can explain it in a reasonable way, you’re capable ofmarketing yourself with articles.Internet marketing promotion is the key to your online business’ success, so you want to use everyresource available to you. And articles are powerful little tools in getting your business in front ofpeople who are interested in what you have to say. It’s very easy to get started.Think about article topics that relate to your business. What services do you offer, or what productsdo you sell? If you sell pet items, any article about any aspect of pet ownership is a possibility. Ifyou sell voice recognition software, then an article about how disability affects computer use or howdictating a novel while doing other things with your hands can allow you to get more done might bea good choice. Anything relating to your main business focus is a good possibility.You’re going to get very specific with your internet marketing promotion very soon, but for rightnow take one or two topics you’ve come up with an actually write about them. You’ll want to aimfor an article of 400 to 450 words, depending on the minimum of the depository that you’re aiming it for. Just convey your knowledge on the subject, and writelike you talk. After you’ve done a couple, it will get easier.You want your internet marketing promotion to look as good as everyone else’s, so spell check yourwork and proofread it for errors. Add a brief author note at the bottom along with your link. Thensubmit the articles. Now that you’ve had a little practice, find an online keyword tool like the oneGoogle offers for free, and think of some keywords that relate to your business. If you own agardening center, then “growing roses” or “when to mulch” might be possibilities. Use the tool tofind popular keywords that don’t have thousands of websites already catering to them.The next step in your article internet marketing promotion is to pick a few keyword phrases andwrite articles based around those. Use the phrase in the title if possible, and 4 or 5 times throughoutthe article. This makes it more likely that when someone searches on that phrase, your article willshow up high in the listings. Then when they read the article, they find your link at the bottom.If you’re truly intimidated by writing articles, you can always hire someone to do it for you at areasonable rate. But it could become something you enjoy doing. Articles filled with good contentcan be a fun way to expand your internet marketing promotion efforts. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 32 of 40
  33. 33. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipWhat Is Hot For Internet Marketing Business TodayIf you arent sure what is hot for internet marketing business today I have one word for you: Panda.You may have heard people doing a lot of talking about Panda lately and if you arent sure what it isI will help you out. In this article I will explain what Panda is, whether it is a good or bad thing andwhat you need to do with your business to make Panda work for you.Panda is an algorithm update by Google. It was actually implemented in early 2011 and it sent manypeople into a tailspin. There has been much written about in regards to Panda and, as you canimagine, not all of it has been accurate.For this article on what is hot for internet marketing business today I want to start with the basics soif youre not sure what an algorithm is it is basically just the computer program that Google uses todefine how websites will be ranked.Im sure you know that there are millions of sites on line and more everyday. All the search engineswant to make sure that when you and I go to the search engine to find information on some productor service that we get just what we are looking for. They want our results to be as spot on aspossible. To that end they are always tweaking their algorithms.For us as internet marketers these tweaks arent really a bad thing it just means that we need to stayup to date and we may need to make some changes to our sites and the way we do things so we dontlose any of our rankings.One of the biggest things that came out of the Panda update was the way that people did articlemarketing. It was common practice that people would find a list of keywords associated with theirniche market, write a bunch of fairly generic low quality articles (or have them written for them) andsubmit them all over to these huge sites called article directories.The problem, at least according to Google, is that the majority of these articles were repetitive withlittle new information being presented and these huge article directories had millions of them.That was a no- no as far as Google was concerned. For that reason many of these article directoriessuddenly found themselves on page 512 instead of page one. As a result their traffic went from araging river to a trickle virtually overnight.Scary, right? But it isnt all bad and it isnt the death of article marketing. You just need to learn howto do it better. Today the articles need to be longer for one thing. They should be at least 700 wordslong.But thats still not enough, they must also be relevant to the topic at hand, they shouldnt be loadedup with mindless keyword phrases and they must be well written.You should also make changes right on your website too. Add new content regularly and follow thesame quality guidelines I just spelled out. In addition dont make your site all about keywordoptimized content but rather just focus on a topic. If your site is about dog training make that yourfocus when creating your content.For example, dont get so caught up on a bunch of mindless keywords: dog training for GermanShepards, Dog Training for Rottweilers, Dog Training for Poodles, etc. Instead go for topics like:the best dog collars for dog training, should you use treats for dog training, how long does it take totrain a dog, etc. See the difference? These are topics not just keywords.So, that is what is hot for internet marketing business today. Follow these simple tips and youshouldnt have to be afraid of the big bad Panda. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 33 of 40
  34. 34. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic Relationship Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 34 of 40
  35. 35. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipSmall Business Internet Marketing AdviceSmall Business Internet Marketing AdviceSmall business internet marketing isn’t just advertising anymore. It used to consist of purchasing adsin various places, and then purchasing specific types of ads, when the internet exploded. Now thedifference between advertising and marketing has become very clear. Advertising is something youdo that’s very passive. Yes, you’ll use specific language in any advertising space you purchase to tryto entice people to click and buy, but once you’ve put the ad in place, it’s there and it’s not going tochange. Even pay-per-click advertising falls into this more passive category.But with many of the techniques of small business internet marketing, the things you do are far frompassive. If you search engine optimize your website, that might seem passive because once you doit, it’s done. But that’s not true. As you add new pages to your website, you do more tweaking andchanging. You’ll use new keywords and different keywords in different areas. Sure, if you usebanner ads you’ll change them from time to time, but it’s still much more static that almost anyother type of marketing you can do.And unless you have a huge advertising budget, those static ads like banners and pay-per-clicksprobably aren’t going to garner you many sales. It’s the dynamic methods of small business internetmarketing that are going to bring people to your website and keep them coming back. And whenthey keep coming back, they’re once again faced with the things you offer. It can take a person 6 or7 times seeing an offer before they’re inclined to buy, so the more you get them at your website,seeing your products and services, the more likely it is you’ll make a paying customer out of them.The most efficient, active method of small business internet marketing that’s guaranteed to let youmake frequent contact with your target market is an opt-in mailing list. You can offer someinformation, a discount, or an ongoing thing like a 5-day course in something relevant to your site toget people to sign up for the mailing list. Once they’ve done that, you have their permission to sendemails that will contain links and sales language designed to get them to go to your website and buy.You won’t want to just start sending ads every day. Come up with something that the people whofound your website were probably looking for. If your small business internet marketing plan makesit likely that people will come across your website when looking for ways to keep aphids off ofhouseplants, for instance, then offer a 3- 5- or 7- day email “course” about how take care of Africanviolets or how to keep houseplants healthy in less than ideal conditions.Give them something of value, and they’ll give you permission to contact them. Once you have thatpermission, good small business internet marketing will include emails that contain not just ads, butcontent to remind them what a valuable resource your website is. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 35 of 40
  36. 36. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipSmall Business Internet Marketing TechniquesSmall Business Internet Marketing TechniquesSmall business internet marketing isn’t just advertising anymore. It used to consist of purchasing adsin various places, and then purchasing specific types of ads, when the internet exploded. Now thedifference between advertising and marketing has become very clear. Advertising is something youdo that’s very passive. Yes, you’ll use specific language in any advertising space you purchase to tryto entice people to click and buy, but once you’ve put the ad in place, it’s there and it’s not going tochange. Even pay-per-click advertising falls into this more passive category.But with many of the techniques of small business internet marketing, the things you do are far frompassive. If you search engine optimize your website, that might seem passive because once you doit, it’s done. But that’s not true. As you add new pages to your website, you do more tweaking andchanging. You’ll use new keywords and different keywords in different areas. Sure, if you usebanner ads you’ll change them from time to time, but it’s still much more static that almost anyother type of marketing you can do.And unless you have a huge advertising budget, those static ads like banners and pay-per-clicksprobably aren’t going to garner you many sales. It’s the dynamic methods of small business internetmarketing that are going to bring people to your website and keep them coming back. And whenthey keep coming back, they’re once again faced with the things you offer. It can take a person 6 or7 times seeing an offer before they’re inclined to buy, so the more you get them at your website,seeing your products and services, the more likely it is you’ll make a paying customer out of them.The most efficient, active method of small business internet marketing that’s guaranteed to let youmake frequent contact with your target market is an opt-in mailing list. You can offer someinformation, a discount, or an ongoing thing like a 5-day course in something relevant to your site toget people to sign up for the mailing list. Once they’ve done that, you have their permission to sendemails that will contain links and sales language designed to get them to go to your website and buy.You won’t want to just start sending ads every day. Come up with something that the people whofound your website were probably looking for. If your small business internet marketing plan makesit likely that people will come across your website when looking for ways to keep aphids off ofhouseplants, for instance, then offer a 3- 5- or 7- day email “course” about how take care of Africanviolets or how to keep houseplants healthy in less than ideal conditions. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 36 of 40
  37. 37. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipThe Internet Marketing Center -Great Place To StartMaking money online is the dream of many people. They look at it, see all the benefits of workingfrom home, being their own boss, and making a lot of money. So they jump right in. They thinkthey can get rich overnight. Sadly, this is not the case. To be successful online you need to learn alot of skills and be dedicated to applying what you learn.That is why places like the internet marketing center are a great benefit to aspiring entrepreneurs.They will have tools and training courses you need to get started on building up a truly successfulbusiness.The main reason so many people fail at being successful online is that they simply do not knowwhat they are doing or go in with the wrong mindset. They go in thinking they can just set up awebsite, sit back, and watch the money roll in. This just is not how it works.When you set up your website you need to make sure you set it up correctly. It is simple to set up awebsite, anybody can do it in five minutes. But will it have all the necessary criteria to get ranked onsearch engines? Will it be on the first page when someone searches for the product your website ispromoting? Probably not.The internet marketing center and other websites like it will contain the necessary tools andinformation you need to build your website right, to make sure it has everything it needs. If you canbuild your website to fit the criteria search engines like Google are looking for, that will go a longway towards building your business into a successful money making machine.But simply setting up your website properly is not the only thing you have to worry about. You alsoneed to make sure you maintain it. This is another reason why so many people fail. They think theinternet is some magical wonderland that will do everything for them.An online business is still a business, it is not some fire and forget sort of deal. You have to actuallyrun it, maintain it, promote it, and grow it. The best analogy would be a potted plant. If you put aseed in a pot of dirt and set it on the windowsill, will it grow? Will it prosper? No. You have to waterit and take care of it.Having an online business is just like that. You do not have to slave away once it gets going likeyou might with a brick and mortar store, but you do still have to keep tabs on it and make sure it isdoing well.Utilizing the tools from internet marketing center can make this process much simpler. There are alot of aspects of running an online business that you can automate. You will still have to providecontent, but you can download software that will automatically upload or send out that content,making your job a lot easier. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 37 of 40
  38. 38. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipTips To Meet Your Business GoalsYour goal as a business is the same as everyone else, whether big or small, to get new customers andkeep the ones you already caught. You need to have a marketing strategy that will use the web tocatch them and keep them. It can seem hard to get it put together but the great thing is once you havethe right marketing design and strategy in place it will keep working for you and be easier to followevery time you implement it.Research is going to be the key to developing a good marketing strategy. Finding out as much asyou can about your clients, their tendencies on the web, where they look for information about yourparticular service is important. It is also important to know as much about their demographics aspossible to custom tailor a marketing strategy to suit their needs and interests and capture theirattention. Once you find out these things as well as every other bit of information that is pertinent toyour industry find what ways are being used to attract them. What are your competitors doing? Is itworking? How can it be improved. Also look at where they are doing their advertising and find waysto do it better in those locations, or if it would even be a good place to advertise in the first place.There is no need to reinvent the wheel. A lot of the work has been done by others in your field todevelop a marketing strategy trying to take advantage of the web. Build on their strengths, strengthentheir weaknesses, and avoid the failures.It is rare to find but there will be those around you who say that you are wasting your time, that youdont have what it takes to market effectively on the web or that your strategy wont be effective.Dont listen to those voices, especially of you are one of those, doubting that you have what it takesto make it. The knowledge is out there for you to take advantage of that will show you how to get itdone right.There are plenty of people to outsource parts of your marketing campaign to, whether it is doinggraphics work for you or doing research on your potential customers. There are those that can makeyour website optimized for search engines so that you are easier to find. There are so many resourcesavailable to you that can help make you a success that are actually affordable. Seek them out andfind out how they can help you. There are those who can make websites for you at a very affordablerate and can help you get your web presence up and running.The web is a great place to business and developing a marketing strategy that will bring youcustomers is easy and affordable. It will take some research and learning and a little bit of time butonce you finally get the right marketing strategy in place the web will have your customers caught inno time. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 38 of 40
  39. 39. Small Business & The Internet: New Symbiotic RelationshipWill They Come Without Effective Internet MarketingIn the field of dreams that everyone has there is an idea that if you build it big and pretty enoughpeople will want to come to it, but that isnt an effective marketing strategy to use. You need to letpeople know what it is that you have and provide a way to get to it. You might even need to givethem a reason to buy what you have. People arent going to instantly see the value in what you areoffering that you do. You will need to convince them that buying this will make their world easierand/or better. THIS is what effective marketing does.Now obviously you want lots of people to come chasing after what you have to offer and the idea ofgoing and chasing all of these people might seem like an impossible task. The truth is, it is nearlyimpossible for you to go and get every possible customer. Doing so would take much more energyand money than your product is worth, not that what you are offering isnt valuable. An easy andcost effective strategy is to go and tell a few people who see value in your offer who will then goand tell a few others about your offer, and let the cycle repeat itself over and over again. To beeffective, your marketing strategy is going to involve giving as much incentive for people to spreadthe word about what you are offering as possible. This can come through offering free things, suchas a newsletter, ezine, an ebook, or, in the world of IM, something that they can sell themselves andmake a little money on. Find ways to add a cherry on the top of your deal. Even if you have a sweetenough offering for them, it wont ever hurt to add another bit of sweetness.Search engines dont care how big or small you are, as long as you have things worded correctly inyour offering. Simple but direct and to the point page titles as well as carefully crafted articles usingfrequent use of keywords pertaining to your subject can take your little site right to the top of all thepopular search engines zooming ahead of the big dogs in the hunt for your customers.Even using carefully chosen words for the title in the HTML coding can generate traffic. Searchengines will use the title tags to rank sites so make sure that it contains two or three keywords thatyour future customers will likely be typing when looking for your product or service.There are more ways that you can use the Internet for effective marketing of your product or service.Many cost quite a bit of money but there are also many ways that cost very little, if anything at all.Just remember that even if you have made it and it is the stuff that dreams are made of, they may notcome unless you find some way to to effectively market it on the Internet. Copyright Vaurn James - 2012 39 of 40