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Native american internet review pp

  1. 1. •Native Americans: In North America, over 600 Native American cultures developed. Native Americans depended on the natural resourcesavailable in their environment to meet their daily needs and wants and to survive.-Iroquois Indians lived in the area of New York State. This is in the Eastern Woodlands cultural area. Due to the abundance ofwood, the Iroquois used wood for many different things. Ex: Longhouses, palisades, canoes, weapons, cooking utensils, baskets.Sheets of bark were wrapped around a pole frameWooden canoe•Iroquois Indians: The 5 original tribes were the:Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca.In the 1700’s, the Tuscarora would join as the 6thnation.Wooden basketWooden face maskWoodenspoonWooden palisade/wall
  2. 2. •Villages were located bya source of water forcooking and irrigationuses. Land around thevillage would be clearedand used for farming.Villages would remain inone place for about 10-15years or as long as the soilremained fertile and thenwould be moved.Water for irrigation, cooking, drinking,cleaning, and transportation.Field for crops: 3 Sisters; Corn, Beans,Squash.Village palisade or wall•Iroquois used many materials found in nature to makethings.1. Wood: bowls, spoons, weapons, tools2. Animal skins: clothing, blankets.3. Clay: pipes, pots.4. Stone: Tools, weapons, grinding stone for grindingcorn.5. Soil/dirt: Agricultural products such as 3 Sisters:Corn, Beans, and Squash.6. Shells: Jewelry, clothing decorations.Longhouses inside palisade Forest area for hunting
  3. 3. •Iroquois men and women usually had different roles or jobs.-Women: Raised and taught the children, planted crops, tended crops, harvested crops, gathered food from the forest, cooked food,prepared skins and made clothing, made tools and cooking utensils, choose and removed chiefs, and controlled the property.-Men: Cleared the land, traded with other villages and tribes, made tools and weapons, hunted, fished, were the warriors, and servedas chiefs.•5 tribes in the New York area joined together to end warfare and promote peace. These 5 tribes became the Iroquois Confederacy or the Leagueof the 5 Nations. Iroquois government was a representative government because the women picked the chiefs. The chiefs could be removed if thewomen did like the job that they were doing.•Representative Government: Government in which the people elect or choose representatives to make the decisions.WOMEN: MEN:
  4. 4. •Before the Europeans arrived,most of the tools and weapons weremade from stone.•The Iroquois Confederacy was startedby Hiawatha and Deganawidah to stoptribal warfare and promote peace amongthe tribes.•The Iroquois Confederacy was originallymade up of 5 nations. The League wasrun by a council with the chiefs selectedby the women.•The False Face Societywas a secret society thathelped get rid of evilspirits and cure the sick.
  5. 5. •Europeans had many effects on the Native Americans: Contact caused Native American cultures to change in many ways.1. Millions of N.A.’s died from European diseases such as smallpox. Native Americans in Central America used as slaves by Spanish.2. Native Americans lost their land to Europeans because they did not understand the European concept of land ownership.3. Native Americans died and lost land to Europeans through warfare. Native Americans might win a battle, but they always lost the war.4. Native Americans lost hunting grounds and animals through over hunting in order to get the furs to trade with the Europeans.5. Native American culture changed as they began to use European items such as blankets, clothing, and weapons (guns).This contact caused the culture of the Native Americans to change more than the culture of the Europeans.DiseasesTradingTook LandWarfareOver huntingCultural differences caused conflict
  6. 6. Metal Goods: Muskets,pots, knives, hatchets.Trade Goods:Wool blankets,Glass beads,Wool/cottonclothingAlcohol
  7. 7. Iroquois Indians:Base your answer to question 1 on the picture below and on your knowledge of social studies.1. The Native American Indianswho are shown in this picture livedin which region of North America?(a) southwestern deserts(b) eastern woodlands(c) Great Plains(d) Gulf Coast2. The longhouse was a type ofdwelling used by the:(a) Seminoles(b) Iroquois (Haudenosaunee)(c) Nez Perce(d) Pueblos3. One reason why groups of Native American Indians often developed different cultures was that each group:(a) came to America from other parts of the world (c) had to follow written traditions(b) adapted to its environment in a different way (d) wanted to be distinct from other groups
  8. 8. Iroquois Indians:4. An important accomplishment of the Iroquois Confederacy was the:(a) establishment of a political union of member nations(b) adoption of a two-house legislature(c) selection of a women to be Chief(d) development of a trading partnership with the Algonquian Indians5. Which statement provides evidence that Native American Indians adapted to their environment?(a) The Pueblos developed an irrigation system for farming(b) The many tribes of the Great Plains spoke different languages(c) The Maya made great advances in mathematics(d) The Delaware used oral tradition to retell their history6. Many different native cultures developed in North America primarily because:(a) Native American Indians worshiped many gods(b) Native American Indian groups did not trade with each other(c) hunting for food was an important activity(d) a variety of environmental conditions existed throughout this region7. Which adaptation to the environment is illustrated by the Iroquois use of the longhouse?(a) buffalo for clothing and shelter (c) trees as building materials(b) horses for transportation (d) iron for tools and weapons
  9. 9. Iroquois Indians:Base your answers to questions 8 and 9 on the passage below and on your knowledge of social studies.“The Confederation was led by the Grand Council. It consisted of 50 sachems,or chiefs, from each nations tribal council. Each of the five nations ran its ownaffairs independently. However, the Grand Council made decisions that affectedthe Confederation as a whole. The Grand Council was responsible for maintainingpeace among the members. It also handled political and military matters suchas forging treaties with other Indian nations and declaring war.”8. Which group of Native American Indians formed the Confederation discussed in this passage?(a) Algonquian (b) Seminole (c) Navajo (d) Iroquois9. Which democratic idea is reflected in the passage?(a) representative government (c) universal suffrage(b) judicial review (d) checks and balances10. The Iroquois League is important because it:(a) set up economic cooperation with the Pueblo people(b) may have provided a model for the US Constitution(c) led a successful invasion of Spanish Florida(d) prevented all European settlements along the Hudson
  10. 10. Iroquois Indians:11. The Iroquois believed that the Earth or land should be:(a) owned as a sign of power and wealth (c) respected and shared by all members of the tribe(b) owned only by the chiefs of the tribe (d) divided up and owned by individuals with deeds showing ownership12. In the Iroquois culture, the growing of the Three Sisters was very important because it provided the Iroquois with:(a) cash crops that could be sold for money (c) a product to trade with the White colonists(b) more time for games and sports (d) a sure and essential source of food13. Which of the following is a statement of FACT about Iroquois life?(a) women worked harder than men (c) a man’s job required more strength and courage(b) men and women each had different jobs to do (d) men did all the high skill jobs14. The Iroquois desire and need for the products of the white man caused them to:(a) continue to use all of the parts of the animals that they killed(b) pay for the products that they wanted using cash money(c) trade stone axes, clay pots, and wooden bowls for guns(d) hunt animals only for their hides and sign away their land
  11. 11. Iroquois Indians:Base your answers to questions 15 and 16 on the map and on your knowledge of social studies.15. The Iroquois once controlled the land and continueto live in which U.S. state?(a) New Jersey(b) New York(c) Massachusetts(d) Canada16. Which of the following tribes was a member ofthe Iroquois Confederacy?(a) Mahican(b) Huron(c) Mohawk(d) Algonquin
  12. 12. Iroquois Indians:Base your answers to questions 17 and 18 on the quotation below and on your knowledge of social studies."My children, listen well. Remember that you are brothers, that the downfall of onemeans the downfall of all. You must have one fire, one pipe, one war club."-from Hiawatha the Unifier17. What is the speaker recommending to his people?(a) increased cooperation (c) conservation of resources(b) economic competition (d) cultural exchange18. Which political structure was formed as a result of the ideas expressed in this speech?(a) American Indian Movement (c) Indian Reservation System(b) Bureau of Indian Affairs (d) League of Five Nations19. Contact between the Native American Indian and European cultures often resulted in:(a) neither culture experiencing any change (c) peace and cooperation between the two cultures(b) the Europeans living like the Indians (d) the Indian cultures being changed in many ways20. Which statement describes the roles of men and women in most Native American cultures such as the Iroquois Indians?(a) women usually worked harder than the men (c) men and women usually had separate jobs(b) men usually did all of the high skilled jobs (d) men’s work required more intelligence and courage