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myLoyalti is developing Vidgeo, a free, membership driven, geo-social mobile networking and video-chat application that allows group video and Twitter like chats based on members finding others with similar events, tastes, preferences, likes and interests in a specific geo-location.

Vidgeo is scheduled for a December 2011 release

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Vid geo mobile_app

  1. 1. There are a few  GEO-social apps out in the market already...         But none of them can do this..
  2. 2. Introducing.. The world's 1st Mobile GEO-social Video Chat            Application
  3. 3. Here's how it works...
  4. 4. Download & launch the  Vidgeo App from the iTunes, Android Market or Blackberry stores. .
  5. 5. John Start your free account & create  your member profile.. Smith [email_address]
  6. 6. CATEGORIES RESET DONE SOCIAL SHOPPING SPORTS FOOD/DRINK ENTERTAINMENT Select your Top 5 Interests from these  categories: Social, Shopping, Sports, Food/Drink & Entertainment..
  7. 7. When Vidgeo prompts you, select your GEO-location by entering your local zip code.. then tap the  Vidgeo icon... 90277
  8. 8. An aerial map of your GEO-location displays & your  Top 5 Interest icons appear at the top of the screen..
  9. 9. Choose one of your Top 5 to feed the center button or "Hot Button" ?
  10. 10. The Buffalo Wild Wings icon is chosen  and becomes your "Hot Button" at the center of your new circle.. It is now the sponsor of your circle.
  11. 11. The first 5 members in your GEO will pop up as pin icons that have the same interest revealing their geo-location  as well...
  12. 12. Create a name for your circle. For ex: "BDubs Wing Lovers"
  13. 13. Press & hold down any of the pin icons to invite users to join your circle.. a quick prompt will alert you when your invite has been sent to a user & you can release the pin...
  14. 14. Or just simply tap a user's pin once...
  15. 15.   To just view their member profile  page..
  16. 16. You can also invite & add friends & family directly from your Facebook & Twitter accounts to join the Vidgeo network & your cirlcle...
  17. 17. You can also post the circle you created on your Facebook wall and Twitter feed.
  18. 18. Once members accept your invitation to join your cirlce the  Vidgeo Chat circle is launched.. is loading..
  19. 19. The member's avatar will now display in a circle around your Hot Button..
  20. 20. Once your circle is created you are able to video chat one-on-one with other users in your circle..
  21. 21. Or video chat with your entire circle at the same time by pressing & holding down your  Hot Button  until..
  22. 22. The multi-chat window launches..     You are now able to chat with your entire circle face to face...         On Vidgeo's advanced group chat for mobile devices...
  23. 23. But that's not all Vidgeo  has to offer..
  24. 24. Any member in the circle can tap  once on the  Hot Button..
  25. 25. And receive offers from the sponsor of the Hot Button selected..
  26. 26. The sponsor here is  Buffalo Wild Wings. By tapping the Hot Button  you can now access exclusive deals, offers & specials from that sponsor..
  27. 27. So not only can you video chat with your friends & family and find  new ones over 4G Lte & 3G networks...
  28. 28. You can also get instant deals from retailers & other places in your zip code & share them with friends & family in your GEO..
  29. 29. Or businesses can create a button for a specific deal at a specific location at a specific time.. $.20/ea Hot Wings for the next 3hrs
  30. 30. You can even create your own sponsor button & promote your own business or even just promote yourself.. ME
  31. 31. You can create as many circles as you want because once you have created them they are all saved and interlinked to each other... ME
  32. 32. But there's more.. Tap on a member's avatar or pin again to view their profile.
  33. 33.   On a member's profile, click on their Videos tab & view any media they have uploaded to their media library on the  Vidgeo Network..
  34. 34. Watch video content, live feeds & even breaking news clips your friends & family have uploaded in your GEO..
  35. 35. INTRODUCING.. The world's first Mobile GEO-social Video Chat           Application Who's in your GEO?