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Creating a Gmail Account Tutorial

This is a step by step guide on creating your first Gmail Account.

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Creating a Gmail Account Tutorial

  1. 1. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT TOOLSPresented by: Lovella Garvida
  2. 2. Creating Your Gmail Account
  3. 3. How to create a Gmail account?This presentation is intended for the use ofaspiring VAs and internet newbies. It is a step bystep, easy to follow visual guide that containsinstructions in order to create a Gmail account aseasy as 1, 2, 3!Just follow the steps and you’re done beforeyou know it.Have fun creating your first Gmail account!
  4. 4. Are you ready?Let’s get started!
  5. 5. Open a browser.
  6. 6. Point your mouse in theweb address bar and click.
  7. 7. Type in press Enter.
  8. 8. You are redirected tothe official Gmail page.
  9. 9. Click the red box tocreate your account.
  10. 10. Create a new Gmail Accountpage comes up.
  11. 11. It is necessary to give yourpersonal information.
  12. 12. A blinking vertical line appearswhen the box is clicked .
  13. 13. It means that you can starttyping the personal details.
  14. 14. Type in your first name.
  15. 15. Then your last name.
  16. 16. For first time email users, youmust remember two things.
  17. 17. Username and Password
  18. 18. You need both to login intothe new Gmail account.
  19. 19. Remember to keep a record ofyour Username and Password.
  20. 20. Create your unique username.
  21. 21. Change the username if yousee this red error message.
  22. 22. Create unique password of letters,numbers and special characters.
  23. 23. Passwords are case sensitiveso retype the it accurately.
  24. 24. Clicking the two trianglesgives you a list of values.
  25. 25. Choose and click your birth month.
  26. 26. Type in the date.
  27. 27. And the year.
  28. 28. Choose and click your gender.
  29. 29. Gmail has 2 options for accountsecurity and recovery.
  30. 30. Option 1: Mobile phone number
  31. 31. Option 2: Alternate email address
  32. 32. Gmail notifies you when changesare happening in your account.
  33. 33. Or the account is accessedfrom a different computer.
  34. 34. Gmail sends sms verificationcode to your mobile phone.
  35. 35. Choose the country of yourmobile phone carrier.
  36. 36. Enter your mobile phone number.
  37. 37. If your uncomfortable giving themobile number, use option 2.
  38. 38. If you have an alternateemail address.
  39. 39. An email confirmation will besent to this email address.
  40. 40. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  41. 41. Click the box to skip verificationif mobile phone is entered.
  42. 42. Otherwise, take note of theobscured text.
  43. 43. Gmail is making sure that“You are a human being!”
  44. 44. To avoid spammers that usesrobot in creating an account.
  45. 45. Try your best to read the words.
  46. 46. Type the two words inside the box.
  47. 47. If impossible to read, clickthe speaker image to listen.
  48. 48. Just make sure that yourcomputer volume is up.
  49. 49. Or click refresh if the wordsare unreadable or inaudible.
  50. 50. It generates two new words.
  51. 51. Type these words inside the box.
  52. 52. Choose the country of your location.
  53. 53. Tick box if you agree withGoogle’s terms & conditions.
  54. 54. If you disagree, Gmail won’tallow you to create the account.
  55. 55. The account details can be usedfor Google’s other services.
  56. 56. Other services are Blogger,YouTube, G+ and a lot more.
  57. 57. It would be helpful tokeep the check mark.
  58. 58. You can save up time in creatingaccounts for these services.
  59. 59. You are almost done,click the next step.
  60. 60. This is Gmail welcome page,your account is now created.
  61. 61. Click on Continue to Gmailto start using your account.
  62. 62. Hurray! You can start composingand sending emails now!
  63. 63. To log out, just click onyour email address.
  64. 64. And click on Sign out.
  65. 65. You are back to official Gmail page.
  66. 66. Job well done!You have just created a new Gmail account!Thanks for visiting and see you next in the next tutorial!

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  • mmhefner

    Feb. 5, 2014

This is a step by step guide on creating your first Gmail Account.


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