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Manual jtag helpdesk free


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Manual jtag helpdesk free

  1. 1. MANUAL FOR JTAG HELP DESKAdmin Panel1. INSTALLATION OF JTAG HELP DESK2. CONFIGURATION 2.1. General 2.2. Users 2.3. Agreement 2.4. Notification3. USER MANAGER 3.1. New User 3.2. Edit and Delete4. PERMISSION MANAGER: 4.1. New Permission 4.1.1. User Setup 4.1.2. Permission Matrix 4.2. Edit and Delete 5.1. New Category 5.2. Edit and Delete7. DATABASE MAINTAINCE8. ABOUT
  3. 3. 1. INSTALLATION OF JTAG HELP DESK For installing the ‘JTAG HELP DESK’ application, follow the extension link in the menu bar and rollover your mouse the scroll bar will slide down click on install/uninstall option. After clicking on install/uninstall,
  4. 4. Click on Browse button and give the path of the file in your computer for installationof ‘JTAG HELP DESK’ source file.After providing the path, click on Update Files & Install Button to complete theinstallation of ‘JTAG HELP DESK’ source file.If the installation goes successful, you will find the following message of ‘InstallationComponent Success’.
  5. 5. Installation is completed.2. CONFIGURATION After completing Installation of ‘JTAG HELP DESK’ now move to the setting interface, click on the components link in the menu bar, and click on ‘Jtag Helpdesk’.
  6. 6. On the main interface of window, click on configuration’s option to start managingthe software.2.1. General: The first option is general where you enter change Language, Date Format, Short Date Format, Message Box Editor, Message box Tips, Message box Height, Message box Width, Icon Set, FrontPage ticket, Sub page Tickets, Enable Highlighting, Highlight Text, Default Message, Default User (company name/individual), Name and Copyright is non-editable and predefined by author.
  7. 7. 2.2. Users: The second option is ‘Users’ in which you can select and Allow All User Access, Import User and Default Group.2.3. Agreement: In that option you can select the option if the, Agreement is required or not, Agreement item id text field, Warning is pre defined and you can change as well, Agreement Name, Agreement Button Text.
  8. 8. 2.4. Notification: In that option you can select options about how to notify the user, Notify relevant User, Notify Email, Source Email, Email Subject, Email Line 1, 2 & 3. And also you can allow Admin of the site to receive the tickets via email.3. USER MANAGER After configuring now move to User Manager, in that option you can create, manage and delete the users.
  9. 9. 3.1. New User: To create a new user there is option in upper right corner with the new name click on that, it will open a create a new user option. In New User panel you have option of Select user, Select group and Enter Organization.
  10. 10. After choosing your options in creating new user, click on save button in upper right corner. New user is created now.3.2. Edit and Delete: You can edit you created user very easily by simply clicking on username.
  11. 11. In that option you can change the user rights and company name, but user name,name is non editable.Delete option is situated in right column of edit window, here you have threedifferent options 1) Do Not Delete, 2) Remove Users Tickets (recommendedwhen deleting), 3) Remove users tickets and replies to other tickets.
  12. 12. Note: Deleting a user here will remove their tickets system account, not their Joomla/Mambo account. If you have all user access turned on they will still be able to access the tickets as the default group.4. PERMISSION MANAGER: In Permission manager you can see what kind of rights allotted to a group. 4.1. New Permission: In Permission option you are able to create new user, by simply right clicking on upper right corner of permission window.
  13. 13. On Clicking New button the new window will open, where you have futureoptions to create new group, you can enter the Name of New Group and AddImage for specific group.after completing the process of creating new group, the option of permissionmanager open in which you can user the kind of right, User Setup and PermissionMatrix.4.1.1. User Setup: In that phase you allow user group what kind of permission they have, the option you can multiple check from checkbox function is, View, Make, Edit, Delete.
  14. 14. 4.1.2. Permission Matrix: In Permission matrix you can allow users a Multiple Permissions for Quick Update and two options in Category, 1) Default Category, 2) Test, from where you can select different permission as per requirement.4.2. Edit and Delete: You can edit you delete groups very easily by simply pressing a right click on created group, the new page will open with following options for Remove or Edit choose whatever is preferably required by the situation, there is
  15. 15. four available options are, 1) Delete Group (default for editing), 2) Remove User from group, 3) Remove user from group and delete users tickets (recommended when deleting), 4) Remove users from group and delete users tickets and replies to other tickets. Note: Deleting a user here will remove their tickets system account, not their Joomla/Mambo account. If you have all user access turned on they will still be able to access the tickets as the default group.5. CATEGORY MANAGER: In Category Manager you can create multiple categories which is suited with tickets, there is by default category which can be use for those tickets which not have sufficient or required category. 5.1. New Category: In New Category you can create a new category group in which you can choose according to tickets which can be generate by the groups/users. In new category you can enter a desired name, and description which is relevant to the category name, and image for the category.
  16. 16. 5.2. Edit and Delete: You can edit or delete a category very easily by just right click of your mouse on the created category, it will open the page of edit and delete function, in edit function you can rename category, change description and replace image, for delete the image show in below image that you can Delete All tickets from category by using that you are able to delete all ticket and the relevant category.6. TICKET VIEWER
  17. 17. In Ticket Viewer function you can check the status of Open, Closed and Dead Tickets which generated by user or user group, that function is only viewable you can not delete or modify tickets from that function.7. DATABASE MAINTAINCE By using Database Maintaince function you can view Orphan User, Orphan permission sets, Orphan tickets, Orphan Messages, Missing permission sets, Permission set format, User permission format and Total Action performed..8. ABOUT
  18. 18. That shows what the version of Joomlatag Help Desk System is and about the main web site and the Liabraries. CLIENT PANEL1. SIGN UP: At client site, after entering you must registered first, otherwise the application did not allow you to use it, it is easy to create an account by just simply clicking on the option, there you need to gave some information like your name, your desire user name, your email address and desired password, once you click on register button, system generated activation email sent in your given email account, open your email account and activate your account by click on provided link in activation email. Once you confirm your activation you are able to login and use the permissions which given to you by your administrator. Exp: if your administrator provide you guest permission which write and reply to your own tickets then you are only able to write a ticket or reply your own ticket, neither you can delete it or close it.
  19. 19. 2. LOGIN: Once you completed your account activation, after that you can enter in the application and post the tickets as per your permissions allowed.3. MAIN MENU: Once you login the click on ‘HELP DESK’ or ‘SUPPORT CENTER’, In Help Desk you can create and reply tickets and in support you can ask about your problems and other issues (Entire Support).4. HELP DESK:
  20. 20. In Help Desk Menu you can submit new tickets, reply tickets, assign tickets (foradministrator) & add users (for administrator)4.1. SUBMIT NEW TICKET’S: After entering in Help Desk the first menu is “Submit new Ticket’s” there you can mention your Ticket name and the category and Description about your ticket what you are creating for, and once you fill the required field “submit a new ticket” button once you press it your ticket will be forward to your administrator.4.2. TICKET’S
  21. 21. After Submitting your ticket you can communicate about your ticket in “Ticket’s” Menu and discuss from that option. Administrator can assign the ticket to regarding group or user from here as well. 4.3. ASSIGNED TICKETS Once the Administrator assigned the ticket from “ticket’s” menu after submitted from user, user can view his/her ticket is assigned by whom from “Assigned Ticket” Menu. 4.4. ADD USERS: In “Add Users” Menu Administrator add users to desired group and add there details in description.5. SUPPORT CENTER:
  22. 22. In “Support Center” you find all kind of Customer Support, like news, downloads,regarding troubleshoots, knowledgebase, password lost and getting registered.