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Iiht Friedman Services Ppt

  1. 1. Argentina • Australia • Brazil   Central  America • Chile • China  Colombia • India • Mexico  New Zealand • South Africa   Delivering sales increases for United States retailers worldwide since 1980
  2. 2. IIHT‐ Friedman Group Harry J. Friedman founder & CEO • Founded in 1980 by retail authority Harry J. Friedman, to provide retailers  with affordable ways to professionally train and manage their people to  produce more sales and deliver better customer service.  • The Friedman Group is now the largest and most sought‐after retail  consulting and training organization in the world, with thousands of retailers  g g g f using its training and management systems everyday. • Every Friedman Group training program contains valuable information and  techniques that are the result of working in the field every day for the past 30  techniques that are the result of working in the field every day for the past 30 years, solving problems and generating sales for our client partners. • IIHT‐Friedman Group is a joint‐venture business, head‐quartered in  Bangalore, servicing Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  We offer on‐site  Bangalore servicing Asia Africa and the Middle East We offer on site consulting and training; customized training programs; public and private  seminars, video and audio programs, webinars, books, manuals, private  speaking engagements etc., that each year deliver millions of dollars in sales  speaking engagements etc that each ear deliver millions of dollars in sales to retailers globally
  3. 3. Our global presence
  4. 4. Is a “retail‐only” consulting and  IIHT‐TFG training company – a thought‐ i i h h leader in retail Has worked with retailers of all  sizes and formats across 12  international markets for nearly  30 years. Understands pain‐points of  retailers worldwide. Global retail wisdom customized  to country‐unique solutions. country unique solutions. 
  5. 5. IIHT‐Friedman Group services in India Consulting  &  Managed Services Retail Open  Retail Knowledge  Partnership (B2S) Training (B2B) An outsourcing model  Academy (B2C) that provides retailers  Consulting and training  A Retail Academy for  A R t il A d f Retail Resource  Retail Resource with Store‐ready  with Store ready solutions in areas of  aspirants to take  Repository (RRR) ‐ a  manpower that are    retail operations; sales  customized programs  knowledge anchoring  First Day, First hour™  and customer service  that will equip them  initiative for retail  productive for large and SME  with skills required for  with skills required for management education g retailers careers in retail.
  6. 6. • The Friedman Group offers  consulting strategic and tactical assessment and tactical assessment  of your retail operations 30 years of consulting &  30 years of consulting & • Helps you align your retail Helps you align your retail  training  operations with your  All sizes & formats of  organization strategy and  organization strategy and retail financial goals Consultants and trainers  who are / have been  who are / have been • Develops a road‐map for your Develops a road map for your  retailers with grass‐root  organization to get to where you  understanding of the  want to be industry • Provides a wide array of  Offices in 12 countries consulting and training solutions  g g Millions of satisfied  to bridge the gap to achieving  retailers your goals.
  7. 7. Business  Multi‐level Staff  Consulting &  Training (B2B) Improvement Audit evaluations Consulting and  l d training solutions in  areas of retail  operations; sales  and customer  g service for large  Job Description &  Organizational  and SME retailers Documentation Design Policy and Procedure  C P li dP d Compensation  i Documentation Planning Accountability  Structures and  Systems
  8. 8. Business  Interviews with staff and  Improvement Audit I t A dit management t Store visits & mystery shopping Two to five day interface  Two to five day interface with the retailer  Review of sales statistics; MIS An assessment of current standards  and systems in practice Concludes with a debriefing of IIHT‐ TFG findings  Recommendations Custom Training content  development
  9. 9. Job Description &  Each one in the system knows Documentation i What to do? and How to do it? Design clear, clean and  Design clear, clean and Helps in setting expectations  easily understandable  and accountability for each  job description for your  individual  d i l store and managerial  Easy to measure performance  staff Helps in setting KRAs and  appraisal mechanisms for  incentivizing your staff.
  10. 10. Policy and Procedure  We will design a comprehensive,  Documentation up‐to‐date policy and procedure  t d t li d d manual that helps: Is a process of  Is a process of Eliminate inconsistencies;   Eli i t i it i scientifically  assumptions and just plain guesses documenting  Who should do What?  Install progressive discipline and Install progressive discipline and  When?  make everyone accountable for  Why?  Why? their own actions. How? &  Can be easily communicated and  Where?  Where? uniformly implemented across  geographies in a retail store. Helps in quick indoctrination of  new hires
  11. 11. Accountability  Our proprietary system creates a  Structures and  Structures and highly accountable sales floor.  highly accountable sales floor Systems The performance indicators for  Your store s  Your store’s each individual is extensively  each individual is extensively performance is only as  tracked in ways that go far  good as the sum of the  f f ll h performances of all the  beyond traditional retail sales beyond traditional retail sales  individuals working on  tracking systems.  the floor.  We help you identify the why:   We help you identify the why: When someone is not  Why your cumulative and  contributing what they  individual sales numbers are  should; do you know  what they are; and more  why? importantly, what you and your  managers can do to improve  them.
  12. 12. Multi‐level Staff  We can assist you in using your  evaluations l i existing evaluation criteria; help  i i l i i i h l you improve it; or create a new  Do you have established  Do you have established criteria based on your unique  criteria based on your unique performance  structure and operational culture. benchmarks for  h h everyone on the shop‐ We will help you set and analyze  We will help you set and analyze floor? management‐level benchmarks for  Does it offer an  Does it offer an categories such as quit‐to‐fire  categories such as quit‐to‐fire objective platform for  employment ratios; percentage of  analysis and evaluation  fully trained staff; as well as fully trained staff; as well as  of each one’s  performance?  universal evaluation criteria, such as  adherence to company and store  p y standards and achieving sales  goals
  13. 13. Organizational  IIHT‐TFG can perform a business  Design D i “Check‐up” to assess your  “Ch k ” current organization structure  Is your organizational  Is your organizational structure supporting or  and map it to your company  d i defeating a high‐ vision and mission. f l performance, sales‐ Provide you a road‐map of how  driven culture? the organization has to scale up  Do people wear many  Do people wear many hats; hold many  to get to where you want to be? responsibilities and  Help you with goal‐setting as  py g g often end up applying  quick fixes to keep the  part of your regular strategic  operation running? operation running? p planning exercise.  g
  14. 14. Compensation  It is not always a matter of  Planning Pl i having to pay more—but  having to pay more but understanding how to most  Does your compensation  Does your compensation strongly correlate rewards with  strongly correlate rewards with planning allow you to  desired behaviors.  attract and retain the  b l ? best people? After all the best compensation After all, the best compensation  Are you able to maintain  plans directly reward the  a strong sales driven  a strong sales‐driven p f performance of each individual  culture? while also being fair and just to  the rest of the team. We use our extensive experience  to ensure changes you make in  this highly sensitive area deliver  the results your desire.
  15. 15. Set learning objectives and  training identify the most appropriate  identify the most appropriate format for training ‐ instructor‐ Designed to build a staff  Designed to build a staff led; class room; on the job;  led; class‐room; on‐the‐job; of motivated, willing mentoring etc. and highly skilled team  b h d li members that deliver  Develop courseware; learning courseware; learning  sales growth. aids; media production; online  development etc., to ensure a  p , robust and complete training  product. Create practice opportunities to  ensure skills are retained long  after the training program is  completed.
  16. 16. Sales Training Product Knowledge  Zonal and Regional  Training T i i Management  Management Training Gold Star Selling™ Gold Star Selling™ Cashiering &  Cashiering & Online Learning  Online Learning Customer Service  Solutions Training Project Gold Star™ Store Operations  Blended learning  Training Solutions Team Selling™ Store  Self Track™  Management  Proprietary  Training Training Satisfying Difficult  Satisfying Difficult Customers™
  17. 17. Sales Training Systematic approach to  completing a sale l i l Semi custom or tailored  Semi‐custom or tailored Ensures salespeople have the  programs for: right tools and know when to use  New Employee  them to turn ‘shoppers’ into  Certification ‘buyers’ Sales Training Reduced training time of new‐ Advanced Sales Training hires Personal Trade Dramatically reduce attrition  Product Knowledge P d tK l d Customer Service Formal and uniform system of  Professional Sales  Professional Sales training across all geographies g g g p Certification Programs More conversions & increased  Team Sellingg average ticket sizes. g
  18. 18. Gold Star Selling™ Customers today are more  informed than they were a few  informed than they were a few years back. They may know as much or even  They may know as much or even more about a product than your  salespeople salespeople. Customers demand information  relevant to their needs, wants  relevant to their needs wants and desires, from professionals  they can trust y This 8‐step proprietary program  imparts highly effective tools to  p g y ff enhance shopping experience  and win customers for life.
  19. 19. Project Gold Star™ Shifts business focus from being operations‐ oriented to being high performance sales oriented to being high‐performance sales‐ oriented. Imparts recruiting, interviewing and hiring  Provides a blueprint for  Provides a blueprint for techniques to help attract and retain the right  techniques to help attract and retain the right developing a high‐ people ‐ increased employee motivation, pride  performance Retail  and professionalism. O i i Organization Provides an organized system for training new  and existing staff. Key metrices simplify analyzing store  y p fy y g performance. Detailed sales statistics makes each staff  member accountable ‐ helps identify coaching  member accountable helps identify coaching needs. Establish non‐negotiable standards of  behavior; increase discipline, improve  customer service. Increase sales dramatically. Increase sales dramatically.
  20. 20. Team Selling™ Salespeople may give up too  quickly to resistance from to resistance from  customers How many customers  How many customers They may not see the actual  They may not see the actual have walked out of your  opportunity for making a sale when  store empty‐handed,  they encounter  h h h even though there was a  / resistance/hesitation way to satisfy them by  Or just don’t make a connect with  selling something to  g g them? the customer not because of the  th t tb f th salesperson but because of the  customer s prejudice customer’s prejudice Should all this cause you to lose  sales? Is there a way to sell to every  customer, as a team?
  21. 21. Satisfying Difficult  It’s better to adopt a positive  Customers™ C ™ attitude towards difficult customers towards difficult customers You can still sell them something Difficult customers are a  Although you wish some of your  Although you wish some of your fact of life for every  retailer… difficult customers had never  stepped into your store…they are  pp y y They may have a  better than having NO customers at  genuine unaddressed  all problem Never mind who’s wrong – A  dissatisfied customer is a potential  They may just be venting  They may just be venting threat to your business. threat to your business their frustration Get your salespeople to handle these extremely delicate situations  these extremely delicate situations They may simply be  and be successful in service‐ unreasonable recovery 
  22. 22. Product Knowledge  Ensures thorough, consistent and  Training professional training on your  professional training on your products. Product knowledge is  Product knowledge is How to translate product features  How to translate product features the key to gaining  into benefits and make emotional  customer’s trust connections that cause customers  to buy. Brings a product to life  Show salespeople “how and why”  and help salespeople to  and help salespeople to they should use product knowledge  th h ld d tk l d develop an emotional  to express instead of to impress connect with the  Avoid the five reasons that keep the five reasons that keep merchandise new hires and veterans from effectively using their product  ff y g p knowledge
  23. 23. Cashiering &  New Employee Orientation &  Customer Service  Customer Service Training T i i Training Helps assess customers Helps assess customers’  How to overcome “No thanks,  expectations of service  I’m just looking” and exceed them. Handling Difficult Customers g ff Helps create pleasurable  Loss Prevention customer experience  customer experience Building Customer Loyalty Building Customer Loyalty and build long‐lasting  relationships.
  24. 24. Store Operations  Standardize your rules to maintain  consistency and order consistency and order Training T i i Develop a system for documenting  Does your store have a  Does your store have a and easily updating your policies  and procedures d d well documented  procedure manual  End random decision making and  d ili ll i i i detailing all activities  spur‐of‐the‐moment policies spur of the moment policies from store opening to  Eliminate the "no one ever told me  store closing? g that" excuse Guarantee that all new hires are  properly trained and held  Does your store policies  accountable and procedures foster  smooth store  Enhanced comprehension and  operations? ability to perform operational tasks,  whether CSA level or store  manager
  25. 25. Store Management  Replace ‘Fire‐fighting’ with  Training active  Management active ‘Management’  Develop managers to motivate, train and coach salespeople on  train and coach salespeople on all aspects of the store. Helps objectively evaluate and Helps objectively evaluate and  hold each individual & store  accountable for its performance for its performance Instill the discipline necessary to  uphold company standards uphold company standards Provide managers at every level  an action plan to deliver sales  an action plan to deliver sales Organizational  increases values
  26. 26. Zonal and Regional  Imparts effective tools and  Management  Management techniques to your Zonal and  h i Z l d Training Regional managers for: Are your Zonal and  Are your Zonal and Regional managers  Multiple Store Supervision playing ‘company  Strategic & Tactical Planning li ffi ’ compliance officers’  instead of motivating  Model Store y your teams to become a  Time Management g high‐performance sales  Resource allocation ‐ manpower  organization?  Planning Leadership Skills
  27. 27. Online Learning  Trainees can learn and review  Solutions S l i lessons at their own pace at store  l h i locations. For training needs that: For training needs that: are real‐time critical Online learning comes with  robust & challenging series of  spread over diverse  retention and skill development  geographies testing situations.  Role plays, simulations, optional  eliminate down‐time of  endings and other exciting  g g store‐staff t t ff interactions  make learning both  exciting & oriented to real‐world  g environment.
  28. 28. Blended learning  Online learning may not be  Solutions S l i appropriate for all situations. i f ll i i Blends online learning  Blends online learning We can deliver a blended training  with conventional  program seamlessly across online  training methodologies and hands‐on modes. Reduces Total Cost of Ownership Shrinks Time Uniform delivery across  g g p geographies
  29. 29. Self Track™  Self Track™ learning uses  Proprietary Training Proprietary Training “Checksheets” ‐ a structured Checksheets ‐ a structured  system that checks comprehension  Different people learn at  Different people learn at y pp y g and ability to apply learnings to  different paces and have  situations “Checkouts”.  different levels of  Each checkout requires successful  h i comprehension completion of exercises, essays, role  plays, demonstrations or other  Students tend to  Students tend to feedback methods, before students  feedback methods before students memorize what they  are allowed to move on to the next  need to know to pass a  step. p test/evaluation. An acceptable level of  comprehension is in‐built into this  Learning is usually not  system to ensure that learning is  retained beyond the test sequential and well founded. 
  30. 30. Managed Services Just share your store expansion  plans with us and let us get you  plans with us and let us get you the right people – fully trained A unique solution for  A unique solution for Working on your specifications,  Working on your specifications retailers of all formats to  we bring our unique Hire, Train  source First‐day, First  h ™ d i ff hour™ productive staff;  and Deploy (HTD) model to and Deploy (HTD) model to  fully trained in the highly  supply you store manpower  rewarding TFG systems. g y across India; fully trained in all  ; y required skills to be First Day,  First hour™ productive. TFG will train them on: Soft skills; etiquette, language etc. Managed Services An outsourcing  Company values; policies & procedures. Company values; policies & procedures model that provides  retailers with Store‐ Product knowledge; selling & customer service ready manpower …Unique to your store brand q y
  31. 31. Thank you Yatish Chandrasekhar Abhijeet Singh Abhijeet Singh Vice‐president Business Manager yatish.chandrasekhar@iihtfriedman.com abhijeet.singh@iihtfriedman.com +91‐9945546746 +91‐9740031858 IIHT‐ Friedman Group # 54 | 4th Floor | Sri Lakshmi Complex,  St. Mark's Road | Bangalore‐560 001 | India +91‐80‐41367755 | f: +91‐80‐41367711