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Benefits of voting


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Published in: Education
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Benefits of voting

  2. 2. What Is Voting? • A vote is a formal expression of an individual's choice in voting, for or against some motion , for or against some ballot question, for a certain candidate, a selection of candidates, or a political party. • In a democracy, a government is chosen by voting in an election: a way for an electorate to elect, i.e. choose, among several candidates for rule.
  3. 3. Why Voting... • Registering and helping people vote is one way to further empower the people we serve. • The nonprofit sector depends on good government and fair and open elections. Nonprofits are more likely to thrive in an environment where government is held in high esteem and people are more likely to participate in the process.
  4. 4. Why Voting.. • A vote gives you a voice in government • Voting is our Check and Balance. • Voting has a direct impact on how the government makes appointments, laws, budgets, public policies, and regulations for that matter.
  5. 5. Why Voting.. • Communities that know the importance of voting reap many benefits from the government such as less crime, and better health care just to mention but a few. Furthermore, voting can help improve your societal well-being. • Registered voters are more active and engaged citizens. Strong democracy depends on engaged and active citizens.
  6. 6. • Voting is not only a right; it is a responsibility. Voting is a spiritual action because by exercising the option to express your opinion on who should assume powers of governance, you are, in good faith, vesting that someone with the power to transform your life and that of others. In that sense, your decision to vote and the actual act of voting are spiritually motivated because what you intend to achieve by voting is to help infuse higher values in matters of governance. Those matters touch everyone's lives in different ways — social, economic or environmental. We
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