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  • Welcome to this presentation.A basic introduction to the law of attraction, and how to correctly apply it.
  • Before I get started I’ll give you a quick overview of the topics covered in this session are as follows:The law of attraction – I’ll introduce you to this law and provide a briefing on its benefits.Bad Thinking Habits – You have been brought up throughout your life to think a certain way; which will inhibit the successful conscious application of the law in your life.Correct Your Thoughts – The obvious solution to bad thinking habits is to rectify the bad habits, but to correct this bad habit, you must first gain a little more insight into how the habit is in effect.Typical Thought Process – Manifesting Money – We’ll follow the typical thought process of someone attempting to utilize the law to manifest money, and gain insight into why you will most likely fail.How to Apply the Law of Attraction – The fundamentals of applying the law of attraction
  • The law of attraction states that “Your most predominant thoughts, determine what manifests in your life”This law is constantly at work, regardless of whether you acknowledge it or not.The power behind this law is omniscient (all knowing), omnipresent (everywhere), and omnipotent (all powerful).It is your silent companion; obeying your every command regardless of whether your commands are consciously or unconsciously expressedSadly for most us, this is more of an unconscious occurrence.
  • You are more likely to experience the things you don’t want in your life, than the things you do want.Why is this?The answer is simple, but it may take some time actually grasp it mentally.The reason you are more like to experience the things in your life that you don’t want, than the things that you do, is because you are thinking about what you don’t want instead of what you do want.Your thoughts are energy.When you focus your thoughts on what you don’t want, you are simply giving energy to those thoughts.The more you think about what you don’t want, the more energy is provided as fuel to eventually manifest what you don’t want.
  • Understanding this law does not require in-depth intellectual knowledge; in-fact it will be best to keep the intellect out of the way.Just like using any of the electronic gadgets around the house; the TV, DVD player, sound system and so on; unless you work in the field of electronics or you specifically have the appropriate education, then you don’t necessary understand how these devices work; you do however, know how to use them.So it is with the law of attraction.
  • The reality is that when you try to implement the law of attraction it will most likely fail.It’s difficult to change your bad thinking habits; there has to be a change within you, more specifically a change within your mind.So, applying this law starts with an inward journey to the workings of your own mind.To give you a glimpse into the typical behaviorof your inner mind, I will take you step-by-step through a typical thought process of someone trying to use the law of attraction to manifest money.Now, money is not the physical paper notes and metal coins you carry around with you; they are just the physical representations of money.So then, what is money? Money, is simply energy.Why am I mentioning this? Well, the “energy of money” can manifest in your life in different forms. But if you are focused on it materializing in a particular form or way then you will most likely miss it when it does manifest and you will abort the whole manifestation process.
  • In stage 1 of the thought process, you need money to solve a financial problem, such as receiving the final notice of over due utility bills.The only thing on your mind is that you need money to resolve the situation; your mind is preoccupied with ways to acquire the money need.Lucky for you, you’ve heard about the law of attraction and you’ve even read a little about it.So, you decide to apply the law of attraction, to your situation in an attempt to resolve your financial problem.
  • Stage 2: You follow the basic advice that you read about and start by relaxing, quieting your mind and then focusing your thoughts on wealth and abundance; you attempt to put all thoughts of lack out of your mind.It’s not easy, because his is new territory for you and you have no experience in this area.Nevertheless, you determine to stick with it, through to the manifestation phase.You don’t know how its going to happen, you just trust that it will work out fine.
  • Stage 3: Even though consciously you are trying to keep your thoughts focused on wealth and abundance, at a subconscious level you are still focused on the lack of money.You have been programmed throughout your life to think in a certain way; you are subconsciously reacting to your physical circumstances; your predominant subconscious thoughts are focused on getting rid of lack, rather on than wealth and abundance.These thoughts are further reinforced by the fact that you can’t see any change in your circumstances; you’re trying to perceive the workings of the spiritual realm with your natural senses.The bills are physically in front of you; you can’t ignore them. You feel that you must do something.
  • Stage 4: Your subconscious thoughts always cause you to behave in a certain way regardless of whether you are aware of its effect on you; in this case you try to help things along by looking for ways that the money could come, then attempt to make it happen.Your initial trust in the law of attraction to bring about the necessary changes in your circumstances is now decreasing; you are acting out of desperation rather than inspiration.You begin to question whether just changing your thoughts can really change your circumstances; you begin to think, surely I have to do something.At this point the battle is already lost; you are no longer trusting the law to bring about the necessary changes; you have taken matters into your own hands.Your ego has taken control of the situation; it focuses you on doing something to get money to resolve your problem; it convinces you that your actions are the common sense approach.
  • Stage 5: So now you are focused on how to make money again.As we know, the law of attraction states, what you think about, comes about; your most predominant thoughts determine what manifests in your life.Since your predominant thoughts are on the need for money; less energy is given to thoughts of wealth and abundance.You cannot hold these thoughts at the forefront of your mind any longer; that space has been reserved for thoughts on lack.
  • Stage 6: Since your thoughts on lack are foremost in your mind, you have now come full circle, back to square one.Your predominant thoughts are on the fact that you need money.The outcome is inevitable, because your thoughts become things.Your circumstances faithfully reflects what you are thinking about; the need for money manifests, but to you it appears that nothing has changed.
  • Stage 7: Since your thoughts must manifest and your predominant thoughts are focused on the need for money; the need for money must manifest.Your thoughts are a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you want to know what will take place in your life in the near future, simply check your most predominant thoughts.What you think about, comes about.You are the author of your life; when you change your thoughts, you’ll change your life.
  • First you must understand that this law is constantly at work.Whether you believe it or not; your thoughts become things.I’m not referring to your fleeting thoughts, but what you think about predominantly.Invest some time learning about how to use the law; don’t worry about how it works.Now the difficult part; trust the process. It’s difficult for you to trust in something that you cannot physically interact with; you are used to having some degree of control in what takes place in your life.In reality, control will be handed to you in the form of opportunities; but if you’re focused on getting things done your own way, then you will most likely not notice the opportunities that present themselves to you.
  • The truth is that it will take time, for you to learn how to effectively apply this law for the betterment of your life; the key is to be diligent.Don’t give up; just like someone going to the gym for the first time and working muscles in ways that they hardly ever do outside the gym, by applying this law you too will be learning to work your mental muscles in ways that they have not been used before.Be patient with yourself, don’t try to force things into being, it will pay-off sooner than you think; providing you think correctly.
  • Law of attraction

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    3. 3. statesthat “Your most predominant thoughts, determine what manifests in Your life”Vasudevan
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