Staged Patching Approach in Oracle E-Business Suite


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In this session, we will deep dive into Staged Appltop Patching approach in Oracle E-Business Suite. We will learn more on how Staged Patching approach can cut down patching downtime. We will discuss the scenarios like 11i to R12 upgrades and R12 point release upgrades, where we can leverage Staged Patching approach. What is the future of Staged Patching in upcoming Release 12.2? How Online patching feature is different from Staged Patching approach ?

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Staged Patching Approach in Oracle E-Business Suite

  1. 1. Staged Patching Approach Session 12125 Vasu Balla The Pythian Group
  2. 2. About MeOracle Apps DBA with 10+ Years ofExperienceOracle Apps ATG Customer Advisory BoardMemberOracle EBS Cluster Technical Lead at Pythian @vasuballa
  3. 3. About Pythian• Recognized Leader: Global industry-leader in remote database administration services and consulting for Oracle, Oracle Applications, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server Work with over 250 multinational companies such as, Fox Sports, Nordion and Western Union to help manage their complex IT deployments• Expertise: Pythian’s data experts are the elite in their field. We have the highest concentration of Oracle ACEs on staff - 10 including 3 ACE Directors—and 2 Microsoft MVPs. Pythian holds 7 Specializations under Oracle Platinum Partner program, including Oracle Exadata, Oracle GoldenGate & Oracle RAC• Global Reach & Scalability: Around the clock global remote support for DBA and consulting, systems administration, special projects or emergency response
  4. 4. Agenda• What is Staged Patching For?• How Staged Patching works?• Best Practices• Future of Staged Patching in R12.2
  5. 5. What is Staged Patching for?
  6. 6. Reasons• Cut downtime for patching• Exhausted all other options like distributed AD, merging patches etc• Best fit for large patches like Maintenance Packs
  7. 7. Adpatch stages• Copy Portion - Copies files from patch to appltop - Relinks Executables - Compiles JSPs - Generates jar files
  8. 8. Adpatch stages• DB portion - Updates PLSQL pkgs, Table & Index definitions - Loads or Updates Data & Compiles Invalids• Generate portion - Generates forms & reports
  9. 9. Where it saves time ?Copy PortionDB PortionGenerate Portion
  10. 10. How Staged Patching works?
  11. 11. First Step - Clone• Clone Production to Stage instance• Need to make sure that architecture is same• Set appltop name same as production• Freeze all production changes during stage instance patching
  12. 12. Apply Patches to Stage• A typical EBS patch updates both middle tier files and DB objects• Apply All the required patches on Stage• Make sure to document all fixes for any failed patch jobs
  13. 13. Prepare for production• Merge all AD/FND patches into one bundle and rest of the patches into another bundle• Document any required manual post patching steps
  14. 14. Production Cutover• Shutdown PROD Apps Services• Point STAGE instance appltop tnsnames to PROD• Apply patch bundle with nocopyportion and nogenerateportion options from STAGE instance
  15. 15. Production Cutover Contd…• When adpatch is running, Start copy of STAGE apps_st and tech_st to PROD• You should not copy INST_TOP which contains the report logs and other configuration files• Use utilities like rsync for the copy
  16. 16. Finish Cutover• After patch completes from STAGE env, remove the PROD tnsentry• Complete any documented manual steps• Start Production Services and release
  17. 17. Migrate Patch History• Export patch history from stage env• Copy generated adpsv*txt and javaupdates*txt to $APPL_TOP/ admin/ $TWO_TASK on PROD• Run adpatch in PROD and abort when it prompts for driver file, to upload history
  18. 18. 312
  19. 19. Best practices
  20. 20. It’s Better• Keep SID of STAGE env different from PROD• Keep apps Passwords different• Run Maintain current view snapshot in PROD before STAGE clone• Leverage SAN/NAS features for Copy
  21. 21. R12 upgrades• Not supported to use 12.1.3 staged appltop for upgrade from 11i• Need to first upgrade to 12.1.1 using staged appltop and then upgrade to 12.1.3 using another staged appltop• Staged appltop is best suited for point release upgrades 11.5.9 to and 12.0.6 to 12.1.3
  22. 22. Future of Staged Patching
  23. 23. Future of Staged Patching• In R12.2 Staged patching is already built in• We have 2 apps file systems• Two copies of DB objects using Edition Based Redefinition• Its called Online Patching
  24. 24. R12.2 Dual filesystem
  25. 25. R12.2 FS layout
  26. 26. Online Patching Cycle
  27. 27. Questions?Comments?
  28. 28. THANK YOU Vasu Balla #C13TCH #C13DEN