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Sofia Zoo powered by Wikimedia


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Presentation of Katerina Zareva, Rositsa Gyurova and Vassia Atanassova at the EZE Conference 2015 Lisbon (

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Sofia Zoo powered by Wikimedia

  1. 1. Sofia Zoo Powered by Wikimedia Katerina Zareva , Rositsa Gyurova Educational Department in Sofia Zoo Vassia Atanassova Wikimedians of Bulgaria User Group
  2. 2. Joint Project with Bulgarian Wikipedia “Sofia Zoo Powered by Wikimedia” • Funded by Wikimedia Foundation Project start: 1 May 2012 Project end: 30 April 2013 • Main goals Creation of new information plates for the exhibited biological species in Bulgarian and English, containing multilingual QR codes to the full Wikipedia articles with detailed information. Contributions to the Bulgarian version of Wikipedia with the creation and improvement of articles about the exhibited biological species.
  3. 3. Project funding • The whole budget of the project: BGN 8467.00  EUR 4330.00 • Budget sources Wikimedia Foundation grant Voluntary co-funding • Budget allocation Metal constructions for holding the plates Printing the PVC plates Brochures and promotion 64% 36% 5 57%38%
  4. 4. Voluntary labor • Plates design: Donated by Edouard Loigerot • Plates content: Staff of Educational Dept. of Sofia Zoo • Wikipedia articles: Wikipedian community • Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Zoo Staff and Volunteer Photographers,
  5. 5. The new information plates in Sofia Zoo
  6. 6. The new information plates in Sofia Zoo Aquarium and terrarium plates
  7. 7. The QR codes • Multilingual QRpedia codes to Wikipedia articles The code is generated with the web application starting from the Bulgarian article BUT using the species’ Latin name: which redirects to the Cyrillic one. Red ruffled lemur bg: Червен гривест лемур lat: Varecia rubra
  8. 8. The generated QR code is linked simultaneously to all versions of this article in different language versions of Wikipedia. It is opened to the user in the language their mobile device is set on. The QR codes in action
  9. 9. Project Results • Designed, printed and installed information plates: 260+. • Improved Wikipedia articles: 110+ • New Wikipedia articles: 150+ • Ongoing collaboration
  10. 10. Project Impact • Stabilizing the infrastructure in the Sofia Zoo • Increasing the educational value of the Zoo • Increasing the involvement of the Wikipedian community with the Zoo • Improving the quality of Wikipedia (and generally, online) information in Bulgarian related to animal species • Encouraging innovation by using modern information and communication technologies in the Zoo–visitors interaction
  11. 11. Future plans What’s next? • Arrangement of a free WiFi zone across the Sofia Zoo • Evaluation of the the impact of the plates • Analysis of visitors’ experience • Analysis of QR code performance • Analysis of Wikipedia readers’ interest in articles for the exhibited species
  12. 12. Challenges • No QRpedia statistics, only statistics for articles visits: seasonality, trends, etc. • Raw data: for-zoo-species/view_stats.csv 2010-01 2011-01 2012-01 2013-01 2014-01 2015-01 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 Ягуар / Jaguar / Panthera onca
  13. 13. Sharing our experience If you want to have similar project or QR codes in your zoo: • Produce multilingual QR codes to Wikipedia using (only this application maintains the multilingual interwiki links). • For non-Latin-based languages, use the redirecting Latin names for better QR code raster and easier use. • For Wikimedia Foundation funding, first contact for support your local Wikipedia community
  14. 14. Further information: • Project: • Report: • BG Coordination page: