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Content creation based on buyer persona


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Buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customers which provides a detailed description of a typical buyer or target audience.

Understanding exactly who you’re trying to attract and their stories will allow you to better craft your messages and create relevant and valuable content that will appeal to the right people.

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Content creation based on buyer persona

  1. 1. Small Business MarketingCreate Powerful ContentBased on Your Buyer Persona
  2. 2. VASIMPLESERVICES.COMPresented byGenevieve LachanceVA Simple ServicesDigital & Social MediaMarketingFor your business Success!VASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  3. 3. VASIMPLESERVICES.COMContent marketing is focused not on selling, but onsimply communicating with customers andprospects. The idea is to inspire business and loyaltyfrom buyers by delivering "consistent, ongoingvaluable information." wikipedia.orgIf you’re not content marketingYou’re not
  4. 4. Narrowing your market and focusing on aparticular niche is really important butyou also need to go further andunderstand your buyer persona to beable to craft targeted messages andcontent which will attract the rightcustomers.VASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  5. 5. BUYER PERSONA is a representation ofyour ideal customers which provides adetailed description of a typical buyeror target audience.Represents the customers who are most likely to purchase what you offerVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  6. 6. Steps to Targeted Content CreationCreate relevant and valuable content that will attract the right customersAnswerQuestionsCreate aBuyerPersonaCraft yourTargetedMessageVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  8. 8. Answer some of the following questionsGenderAgeJob descriptionFamily and maritalstatusFinancial situationEducationGeographyDaily activitiesHobbiesHabitsHow do they use the webTheir challenges or pain pointsTheir goalsWhat are their most pressingneedsVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  9. 9. You may have to figure outseveral different buyer personabased on your various productsor services.You’ll likely be more successful ifyou focus on connecting to eachdifferent buyer personaindividually.DIFFERENT PERSONASVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  10. 10. CREATE YOURBUYER PERSONAUse your answers to create a buyer persona for your target marketVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  11. 11. Focusing on developing your buyerpersona(s) which represents thecustomers who are most likely topurchase what you offer will make it mucheasier to create content that willattract, educate and resonate with thosepotential customers.TIE TOGETHER THE BUYERPERSONA TO YOUR CONTENTVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  12. 12. Buyer Persona ExampleVASIMPLESERVICES.COMFictitious Business»Custom Ceramics Business selling their uniquecreations online to customers all over the UnitedStates and CanadaSpecific Product»Special Line of Custom Ceramics for weddings gifts
  13. 13.  Female in mid to late twenties Professional & college graduate Engaged to be married Living in her first home in the suburbswith fiancé somewhere in the US Average family income $90,000+ No children yet Crafty, environmentallyconscious, enjoys lifestyle TVshows, she’s a great cook and likes toentertain Tech savvy, follows a few blogs, usePinterest and is a long-time Facebookuser She’s getting married in the next year.Who is your ideal Buyer?ExampleBuyer PersonaVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  14. 14. Example Challenges and Pain Points• Example Buyer persona’s challenges are to finditems to add to her wedding gift registry whichrepresents her personality and will not only beuseful but also will be one of a kind items thatshe can pass on to her own children in the future.• Example Buyer persona’s main pain points arethat most of the gift ideas are very generic anddoesn’t reflect her personality. As well, her guestslive around the globe and don’t all have access tothe same retail stores.VASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  15. 15. CRAFT YOUR CONTENTTie your Buyer Persona to your ContentVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  16. 16. By defining a Buyer Persona, you will be able to figureout: The kind of content you need to create and theformat you should use How can you solve their pain points The tone and style you should use The topics you should focus on The type of content that will make them tick orproduce a desired reactionYOUR CONTENT AND TOPICS SHOULD SPEAKDIRECTLY TO YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  17. 17. CREATING CONTENT FOR OURBUYER PERSONA EXAMPLEUse your buyer persona, their challenges and pain pointsVASIMPLESERVICES.COM
  18. 18. Content ExamplesVASIMPLESERVICES.COMThese are examples of how you could create yourcontent around the buyer persona previously illustrated.»Knowing that this ideal customer is on Pinterest andFacebook, creating visual content would also beimportant.»The content and topics should be created around thebusiness and the products offered.
  19. 19. Target your content to your buyer personaExamples of Possible TopicsAnything aboutweddingsGift givingCraftsNewlywedsHosting partiesBuying a first homeVASIMPLESERVICES.COMUsing unique items for homedécorAdvantages of online storesHow to pick unique piecesCreating family heirloomsHow to buy environmentallyfriendly gifts
  20. 20. VASIMPLESERVICES.COMBuyer personas are necessary for helping youunderstand who you are selling to, what their painpoints are and how your products or services can beapplied to meet their needs. Most importantly, yourcontent should provide value to your ideal customer.Why are Buyer Personas importantfor your Business
  21. 21. VASIMPLESERVICES.COMRemember that just like yourmarketing strategy, your buyerpersona may change or evolve overtime so make sure to review andadjust accordingly.