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Top Web Apps Australia - 2006


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Top Web Apps Australia - 2006

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Top Web Apps Australia - 2006

  1. 1. Sections Search Follow us ShareReadW r it e Top Web Apps in Australia Guest Author · October 30th, 2006 0 Tweet 1 Share Like 0 Written by Vishal Sharma and edited by Richard MacManus Richards intro: Australia is a country of 20.75 million people, 14,663,622 of whom are Internet users according to a Nielsen//NR report from August 2006. That gives Australia an Internet penetration of 70.7%, which is about average for the Western world. Not as high as New Zealands though - were at 76.3% (I had to point that out). A little while ago I asked Martin Wells from Tangler what the web 2.0 scene is like in Australia. He told me that development is great, but surprisingly small for such a typically tech heavy nation (it has produced the likes of Looksmart, Atlassian, Seek, MYOB, Micro Forte, Radiata, EServGlobal and Netcomm). He also told me that Australia has a large and skilled technical workforce, and has a good history with software and innovation. I always associate Australia, in a business sense, with large and powerful media companies. But Martin told me that so far adoption of web 2.0 techniques within the big media companies has been relatively slow. Personally, I know that News Corp and now Fairfax is active in this area - e.g. check out News Corps blogs and the social media links at the bottom of some news stories. But perhaps its more of a bubbling up activity from some business units within those big media companies. Other than a few exceptions (such as TVP and NEO) Australian VCs are too conservative and have little knowledge of Web 2.0 and Internet business models. For this reason a number of Australian startups - like Omnidrive, Touchstone, PodCast Network and others - are actively looking for VC funds in the US. The Bulletin recently ran a story explaining more about this. But enough from me. Lets jump into Vishals list of top Aussie Web 2.0 apps, which is an update of his previous post... The Universal Web Storage Platform - Omnidrive This is a full-scale web storage platform that can be accessed from a web browser, Windows or Mac desktop and even a mobile device. It allows users and developers to easily access and share content (including multimedia) and files on the web with single click sharing and publishing. The company was started by Nik Cubrilovic and launched in February 2005 as a private beta. Over 20,000 users from over 70 countries subscribed to the private beta, while some 500 developers are building apps using Omnidrives API. It was finalist for the IT category at the 2006 Australian Export Awards and was mentioned in nine msns The Bulletin magazine. Tracking favourite sites and apps with alerts on desktop - Touchstone It keeps track of websites, conversations and interesting bits and pieces that are out on web. Any changes to subscribed sites and applications are notified to you in many ways. It can even work out how important the new information is and displays an alert that is proportional to its importance to you. Touchstone has been in development since January 2006, was launched in Alpha in June 2006 and is ready to go into Beta. Enterprise Wikis, Project Management, Bug Tracking - Atlassian It has developed two applications - Jira (bug-tracking software) and Confluence (an Enterprise Wiki). Jira was Atlassians first product and half of the Fortune 100 were using an Atlassian product. Atlassian was co-founded by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar in 2002. converted by
  2. 2. Since its debut, the company has experienced over 40% growth every quarter until the past year or so - and is growing at about 20% perquarter. It has succeeded financially without taking any funding from any VC or any other third party. [disclosure: Atlassian was until recentlya R/WW sponsor]Blog search engine - GnoosIt is a blog search engine which is inspired by Technorati. Its main focus is towards local bloggers. It was co-founded by Ben Barren(contributor to Web 2.0 Workgroup) and Michael Leone and the main search engine was launched in May 2006. More local features for thisservice, available soon, are structured blogging, videos, images and classifieds.Marketing for bloggers using emails - ZookodaZookoda is a blog broadcasting service provider. It allows bloggers to spread the word about their blogs by sending blog summaries viaemail. Zookoda provides blog owners with the tools to manage their mailing lists, design their emails, broadcast blog summaries and trackrecipient usage. It was launched this year in March and is now up for sale.To do list - Remember the Milk It allows users to manage tasks online, as any to do list will do. It is integrated with Google Maps, Skype (IM)and is available on Mobiles as well. This is a very popular application around the globe, with more than 100,000 users from 155 countries. Itwas launched in October 2005.Internet services on mobile - bluepulseIt provides a free program known as bluepulse widgets, that enables delivery of data based on a users profile to a mobile end-station -regardless of the network and device used. Services likes instant messaging, movie listings, music, news and RSS are accessible via thesewidgets. The company was founded by Ben Keighran in 2002 to develop and commercialise this concept. It finally released its first publicbeta version of its technology in May 2005.Podcasting - The Podcast NetworkThe Podcasting Network(TPN), launched by Cameron Reilly in 2005, is one of the worlds original podcast businesses. TPN produces over70 podcasts in various categories, to a global audience of 300,000 people.Next generation internet messaging - TanglerIt is a group interaction and communication platform which combines chat and forums, and delivers it as a web service. Tangler is founded byMartin Wells and is in beta testing mode. It will be launched in early 2007.Update: Tangler is calling for groups of 10-20 to test its group conversation features. Sign up here. converted by
  3. 3. News rating- PerthNorgPerthNorg is a local user-generated news site. News can be submitted as an article, a link, video, audio or photo. It allows news to bepublished and rated separately in different categories like technology, sports, lifestyle, business and others. An interesting feature is that allstory votes are halved after 24 hours to keep the news fresh and topical. PerthNorg was only launched in August this year and hopes tolaunch other news sites some time later this year, or early next year.Digg clone for funny emails - FWDitOn This is inspired by digg.It allows users to read hilarious emails, do a rating and share it with others. It is an interesting concept and has caught attention from fewVenture Capitalists from overseas. This site was covered recently on Techcrunch.Digg clone for news rating- SukkIts a Digg clone for rating of news from Australia and New Zealand. The site was lunched on September 5th, 2006.Connecting buyers and sellers - a portal inspired by Craiglist. It provides a free forum for all community advertisements and listings. There are 850 + news agent partnersusing this service. It is currently under pre beta and will be launched in February 2007.Property Search - Suburb ViewIts an Australian real estate search engine for properties to sale or rent. Search results are displayed in Google Earth and on the GoogleMap. The site was launched in August 2006 and is still relatively new.Social networking service - BabbelloIt is a social networking service inspired by Myspace. It allows people (popular with teens) to write blogs, chat, download ring tones formobile, swap photos and more.File sharing via web links - ZaprIts an application which lets user create web links to any files on their PC, then those links can be sent to friends via email or IM. Hyperlinkedfiles can be directly accessed from the senders computer via the browser, in a safe and secure way. Zapr was founded in 2002 and in May2006 it launched a beta version.Community for parents - MintiMinti provides an online platform for dads & moms to share and rank their advice about parenthood, in a simple way and with lots of fun. It converted by
  4. 4. was launched in March this year after raising USD$1.2M.Connecting students in Australia - StudentfaceIt is a social networking service inspired by Facebook. It allows students to share information, swap pictures, videos and more. It helps inuniting students with similar interests from all over the country. Membership in StudentFace is exclusive to students who are enrolled in anAustralian university and have a valid university (.au or .edu) email address. The site was launched this year.Other notable Aussie apps are: Social search engine - Tin Finger Bookmarking Blogs - Blog search engine - The Australian Index Online and Video games - Gamespot Software - Developers Portal Personal finance/budgeting - Smooth Budget Online social community - 3eep Real estate search - Spyk Real estate search - Real estate search - Blog widgets - WyaCrackerSummaryThanks to Vishal for providing the list of top aussie web apps! As always, please add any additions, edits or stories to the comments.This post is part of Read/WriteWebs continuing coverage of international Web markets. Other countries profiled so far have been Germany,Holland, Poland, Korea, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, China, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, France, Japan, India, Austria and Sweden.Tags: International, web 0 Tweet 1 Share Like 0Guest AuthorEmail54 comments Leave a message... Best Community Share Simon Litchfield • 2 years ago Check out for a daily blast of cool web 2.0 apps. • Reply • Share › 0 Emily Brown • 2 years ago I have been using Tangler Apps for a couple of years now and its really good I have to say, I have join Tangler communities and forums where I meet some of renowned hollywood artists like Miley Cyrus, Amanda Seyfried, Bruno Mars, etc. I even use FindIt apps too. • Reply • Share › 0 Jessie Napleton • 2 years ago is another great one just popped up. • Reply • Share › converted by
  5. 5. Website Design Services • 2 years agoYou have unique business goals and you need someone to make the vision of small businesses in real presence on the Internet. • Reply • Share ›0Martijn Hen • 2 years agoI liked • Reply • Share › • 2 years agoHi Vishal,Another new Aussie web startup to add to your list is - an SMS reminder service for doctors, nurses, beauty salons,mechanics, or anyone who schedules appointments for their customers.Its an easy to use web 2.0 site, with a very reasonable pricing structure.Cheers,Michael • Reply • Share ›0fragrances • 6 years agoI have to say that many of the ones listed are fantastic companies, so I don‚Äôt think there‚Äôs any reason to fret especially. I think Remember the Milfor instance, though it might not seem like it, has the potential to become a much-used resource, particularly through its mobile version. Additionally, Ihave been reading a lot lately about Australia‚Äôs efforts at developing applications specifically for mobile devices, which could reap big rewards, given tmore people in Asia are now using their cells to connect to the internet than are using PCs or laptops. I do wonder, though, if it is a matter of populatioStart-ups these days rely to a great extent on being able to catch fire rapidly. America has a large population and a built in global infrastructure that allothem to push their products on many more. It may not be the lack of start-ups so much as the inability of Australian start-ups to quickly gobble upmarket attention. • Reply • Share ›0Leane • 6 years agoGreat article!Came across another Oz startup: CoReap ( ) - a "social search and bookmarking service". Looks interesting! • Reply • Share ›0Web Design India • 6 years agoA Web page is simply a document written in the Web-formatting language, HTML. It can be one to many screens in length. Now a days that thecommercial nature of the Web is being exploited, Web pages are also used to advertise products, companies, and services. Most corporations arescrambling to create a strong Web presence in an effort to lure even a small percentage of the Web citizenry to their goods. • Reply • Share ›0Website Design India • 6 years agoCreation of an HTML document is carried out in much the same way as you create any plain text document. The steps involved are:Open the Text editor.Start the new document. ( If you are using Windows or Macintosh, choose File --> New. If you are using Unix, type vi or pico to start the editor.Enter the HTML code and text you want to include.Save the document. If you are using Windows or Macintosh, choose File--> Save or File--> Save As. • Reply • Share ›0Aaron Clausen • 6 years agoGreat Article. Its also great to see all the comments come pouring in for all the Aussie web enthusiasts.I thought some of you may be interested in Rate the PLATE ( your number plate anonymously and well let you know for FREE if anyone Rates your PLATE or wants to communicate with you. Stay informand take action to resolve real world driving incidents by non-violent, open communication. converted by
  6. 6. Businesses: You cant be everywhere at once - How are your vehicles driven?We are still pretty much informally in BETA, but have been pushing out enhancements very quickly to keep up with user growth and exposure frombeing featured on Today Tonight and some national radio programs. There are some really exciting new features and tools being developed right nowwe will release in the coming weeks. The site is nowhere near where we want it yet.Best RegardsAaron. • Reply • Share ›0SEO Expert India • 6 years agoAustralia is largest and powerful media companies. • Reply • Share ›0Zu • 6 years agoHi Richard, Australian Dining Out Reviews now launched officially. Its a totally community-driven websiteto share gastronomic experiences through user reviews. Pls take a look. cheers. • Reply • Share ›0Lino Rizio • 6 years agoOops! The URL for the SportConnect website (item #40 above) is • Reply • Share ›0Lino Rizio • 6 years agoIf you are involved with the running of any type of sports club, you will be interested in the SportsConnect system. SportsConnect is a web-based cluadministration system that offers basic administration tools for free and offers increasing functionality (for a small subcription fee) for more sophisticateadministration/management tasks.Check out the website for full details and view the video. • Reply • Share ›0Greg Collette • 6 years agoWe are about to launch the beta version of gStepOne, a free web-based, productivity tool designed for use with Google Apps and other web-based toCheck out the YouTube videos from the website: • Reply • Share ›0Andy • 6 years agoNoodle Invitations, for sending free SMS within Aus, has just been released.The free service lets you send party invitations via SMS and receive replies on the site. • Reply • Share ›01Radio • 6 years agoCheck out, easy to use interface allows you to listen to the most popular Australian streaming radio stations, all from 1 page. • Reply • Share ›0Vishal • 6 years agoYes Julian Sukk, is historyVishal • Reply • Share ›0Grant • 6 years agoRedBubble! converted by
  7. 7. • Reply • Share ›0Julian • 6 years agoSukk seems to have .... sukkd? • Reply • Share ›0Gary • 6 years ago is a web 2.0 world wide surf forecast site with google map mashup, developed in Sydney, Australia! • Reply • Share ›0arvind • 6 years agoTake a look at as well it is simple web 2.0 site for lazy ppl • Reply • Share ›0Mark Rimmer • 6 years agoRave About It is an Australian website that aims to provide an enjoyable way in which users can search, rate and discuss what they think of services intheir local area and • Reply • Share ›0Greg • 6 years agoTHouhgt I would add two form a Gold Coast company doing amazing things (again shameless plug)Just launched - - talk about an effective traffic driver.and • Reply • Share ›0Rustem • 6 years agoPG Email Newsletter software is an effective solution for online business with easy installation & use, free tech support and free trial. We did all theprogramming for you, you need only to install and use all your talent. • Reply • Share ›0Geoff Bowers • 6 years agoFullasagoog is an all Aussie invention.. and veteran of many years. Basically a hand-picked, web technology blog aggregator: • Reply • Share ›0Jon Y • 6 years agoHey Richard and Vishal,thanks for the plug (I should really pay more attention to my web stats). Congrats on the Top web apps in... series, great ideamate. • Reply • Share ›0Angela • 6 years agoHow are you defining "in Australia"? Omnidrive is headquartered in California and Zapr was founded in Singapore (and both are on the list). Wikimedia aWikia have staff in Australia, but wouldnt generally count as "in Australia" (and understandably arent on the list). It would be interesting to see a "nonAustralian web apps in Australia" list for companies that have some presence here without being headquartered here, or for your list to be broadened tinclude those. If you know of any that should be on such a list, feel free to add them to this wiki page: • Reply • Share › converted by
  8. 8. alan jones • 6 years agoGreat research Vishal, well done, and thanks for mentioning The additional suggestions from readers makes the article moreuseful still.I wonder though, if people making suggestions should be a more strict on their definition of what constitutes a "web 2.0 app". Some of the suggestedsites dont display any of the technologies usually deployed in a web 2.0 app, or any of the typical web 2.0 business/distribution models.Thats not to say theyre not good businesses, or good websites, or good applications. Many of them obviously are! • Reply • Share ›0Dan • 6 years agoWeve just released a technology preview of Australias first real estate search engine at Its a fairly pure AJAX solution thatintegrates (or "mashes up" for the media) property listings with neighbourhood features such as childcare centres, shops, transport and more in bothGoogle maps and Google Earth. Buyers are directed to agents sites for details and to enquire.Heres an early review describing it as the best mapping system on the planet - launch coming, please let us know what you think. • Reply • Share ›0Clarke Scott • 6 years agoCan I add • Reply • Share ›0Michelle • 6 years agoRichard, we were one of the 13 companies invited to LaunchPad at the Web2.0 summit in san francisco recently. Hopefully youll find time to review the Chair is Music Performance Software which lets students and budding musicians play with professional bands and orchestras from the first day tstart learning an instrument. They see and hear the band from their chosen seat.Using their own instruments, they play along into a microphone which picks up their performance and immediately displays on the sheet music if the nwas play correctly or not. It has the ability to work without MIDI input and give real-time feedback on pitch, timing, tone and dynamics.Game-like and immersive, In the Chair makes practice fun for students. • Reply • Share ›0Mountain/Ash • 6 years ago company that has been around for many years now (but is not well known here, but has many multi-nationals on its client list), makes a full platformwebmail service, is developed and supported here in Oz. They recently AJAXed its interface, taking it into the Web 2.0 category. • Reply • Share ›0Lohan • 6 years agoTheres Feedity ( ) by Melbourne-based Ashotosh Nilkanth ( ). • Reply • Share ›0wioota • 6 years agoHow about Hitwise? Or Sitepoint? I mean someones gotta measure it and someones gotta build it, right? :) • Reply • Share ›0Jeff • 6 years agoDont forget: • Reply • Share ›0 converted by
  9. 9. Jinnan Cai • 6 years agoBuzka is from Perth too! • Reply • Share ›0Nik Cubrilovic • 6 years agoRichard: I dont know why it would be any easier or harder for New Zealanders to go to the USA - I believe we have the same visa conditions etc. Interms of comparing Australia to every other country, it is probably the easiest to go to the USA from Australia for a number of reasons. Even Canadianneed permits to work in the USA, while as Australians we get a 3-month pass while entering the country.It is also easier for Australians because of the existing support network in the bay area, you can usually find somebody you know or can be introducedbefore leaving AU.The key word here is that it is easier, establishing yourself and doing well in the USA is by no means easy.. :) • Reply • Share ›0Adam Korbl • 6 years agoAnother Aussie original:Mecanbe, You 2.0 - beta lauching very soon.To learn more or signup to become a beta tester, head on over to http://www.mecanbe.comCheers! • Reply • Share ›0Randal Leeb-du Toit • 6 years agoGood post and great initiative, Richard -- highlighting global innnovation nation by nation can only improve things in the Web 2/Attention Economyarena. BTW have you thought of doing a study on globally distributed plays in the space, ie those with no real core geographic centre. Could beinteresting.Looking forward to sharing more with you re Yoick in due course -- stealth mode has its limitations...and to catching up at Web 2.0 next week.Randal • Reply • Share ›0Ben • 6 years agoRichard, we moved our aust company, AgentArts, to the US in 2000 and I would say that it is much simpler to do nowdays than back then. Specificallwith improvements with Visas and the like, it is easier to setup in the US. Our Aust VC investment was predicated on getting into the US. That said, I wonever suggest that it is easy to shift from one country to another for all the obvious reasons such as family, culture etc.It has been interesting to observe the blog entries etc about VCs in Aust and how shite they are etc. but I have recently wondered if this is the case ofis more an example of Aust being far far away from the valley and thus the ability of a VC to have any control or leverage on portfolio companys succOS being very limited. A few years ago, Evan Thornley, the founder of, Australias most successful OS internet venture made thecomment that Aust entrepreneurs and VCs should be looking at opportunities that leverage Austs unique advantages such as mining, wine, sheep etcLikewise, you see in the valley that VCs will invest in hitech startups as there is a competitive advantage to in that area.Over the last 6 years we have continued to find that "being in the face" of clients is soooo important and while we have maintained a presence inMelbourne, there are flights to US every month to visit clients and cultivate relationships which I can honestly say have been key to our survival duringthe nuclear winter that was 2001-2005. • Reply • Share ›0Luke Metcalfe • 6 years agoIm CEO of Sydney-based web technology company, Rapid Intelligence and would like to suggest two of our would have to be one of Australias more prolific larger community-driven technologies with over 1 million people per month viewingand editing world statistics.FactBites, search engine-encyclopedia hybrid is on Seth Godins Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List. • Reply • Share ›0Jahangir • 6 years agoVishal, great site and great review. • Reply • Share › converted by
  10. 10. 0Richard MacManus Mod • 6 years agoNik, do you think its easier for aussies to come into the US. I know from personal experience that its hard for kiwis ;-) (no jokes please from across theditch:-)). • Reply • Share ›0Nik Cubrilovic • 6 years agoGreat post Vishal and Richard, thanks for mentioning Omnidrive. It is interesting to note that a majority of the companies you list have some sort ofpresence in the USA, I wonder what the trend is with other countries and if the proportion of companies going or already in the USA is high in AustraliaOmnidrive will be launching at the Web 2.0 conference next week in San Francisco, if you would like to signup before than and try out the beta email uon • Reply • Share ›0Alex Pooley • 6 years agoIm from Western Australia and I would like to shamelessly plug my web based real time chat app: http://www.scribblehere.comWhile Im at it, what about my blog: http://www.alexpooley.comWith that out of the way, Id like to mention that I have witnessed very little innovation around here. Forget about web 2.0, were still struggling withscripting languages and open source. Were old school down under.The nice thing about this arrangement is that its easy to stay grounded. Just when you think of "the next cool idea", you take a trip to the shops andremember that the masses wont really gives a damn.Dont forget: Wooh! Yeh! • Reply • Share ›0Stephen Collins • 6 years agoInteresting post, and great to see all the awesome work being done here. Sadly, the assessment that management in Australian companies is behind th8-ball on new web technologies is too true. Adoption of the technology, platforms and concepts behind Web 2.0 is generally woeful, and its only thesmart startups like those listed here that are breaking new ground.For me, as someone who works in the web space for a large consultancy, convincing our clients of the value of information sharing, public APIs and thallowing of data reuse is often a case of the proverbial pushing #$%& uphill with a pointy stick. • Reply • Share ›0Bronwen Clune • 6 years agoThanks for giving PerthNorg a mention Vishal and Richard.When you write it up an impressive list like that its obvious that there is a lot of innovation takig place here in Australia. And I think a lot of investors areslowly waking up to that fact.I know of a few other start-ups coming out of Perth alone and since we are the most isolated city in the world, that is pretty amazing.Maybe we should have a Perth Web 2.0 dinner ....Also thought b5media was worth a mention. They have Ozzie foundations .... • Reply • Share ›0Nic Hodges • 6 years agoWow, thanks for giving sukk a mention. We were still thinking we were very much in stealth but it seems word has gotten out and its almost Alpha nowAs someone who spends my days with an eye on web trends with a focus on Australia, its awesome to see what this country is capable of.And yes, GoogleMaps was developed in Australia too! • Reply • Share ›0 Load more comments converted by
  11. 11. ALSO ON READWRITEWEB MAINTop 10 YouTube Videos Of All Time - by Richard MacManus 5 Ways That eBooks Are Better Than Paper Books - by Richar1 comment • 6 days ago MacManus David Silber — Our Firew ork Display Companies is really best. just contact us 1 comment • 17 days ago and make your w edding memorable w ith our Wedding Firew orks. Ruler4You — Theres an app for that... Comment feed Subscribe via email converted by