IT CMF Overview - Driving IT Management Change


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IT CMF Overview - Driving IT Management Change

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IT CMF Overview - Driving IT Management Change

  1. 1. Innovation Value Institute Driving IT Management Change
  2. 2. The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) was co-founded in 2006 by the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) and Intel to meet this need and create a global gold standard for IT management – the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF). IVI’s mission is to research, develop, and disseminate empirically proven and industry validated IT best practice through a unique open innovation and collaboration between leading academic and industry practitioners. Since its foundation, IVI has grown in strength and now has over 75 members drawn from top global organizations including BP, Chevron, Cisco, Fujitsu, SAP, Chevron, Lloyds Bank Group, Progressive Insurance, Ernst & Young to name a few. IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) IT-CMF is a unique end-to-end framework that for the first time ever enables a CIO to improve capability maturity across the entire IT organization. IT-CMF /// Maps IT organizations onto a capability maturity curve based on empirically-derived industry best practice across 33 different capabilities within IT management /// Provides practices, outcomes and metrics to improve capability maturity and therefore consistency of output /// Enables organizations to assess and benchmark performance over time /// Enables creation of roadmaps with actionable measures to improve maturity with best practice guidelines /// Provides capability accelerators and building blocks for improvement The effective management of IT has never been more challenging. CIOs now need to mitigate new risks while ensuring the reliability of the IT organization’s capacity to deliver business value. The need for IT organizations to reach higher levels of capability is becoming increasingly urgent. CIOs need to step into the role of business partner delivering agile IT strategies to maintain competitiveness. CIOs need proven tools, processes and metrics to measure the total capability of the IT organization to achieve a value driven and professional approach to IT management. Innovation Value Institute Driving IT Management Change
  3. 3. How do companies benefit from the IT-CMF? IT-CMF has been used by a variety of global organizations to solve a range of capability issues. IT capability measurement and improvement Determine current capability through assessment, and plan to improve IT organizational design and capability management Design the roles and responsibilities of IT management based on critical capability distribution IT business alignment and leadership Better alignment and understanding between business and IT needs, improving leadership, governance, accountability and transparency Organization benchmarking and best practice Structure comparative qualitative and quantitative benchmarking with similar businesses IT risk management Clustered critical capabilities assessments addressing risk management to extract appropriate best practice Cloud computing (including services innovation and outsourcing) Cluster the CP’s as appropriate to the organization’s priority Whatever the priority issue, the IT-CMF enables assessment of current IT capability gaps and helps to define a roadmap to achieve improved capability maturity with KPI’s and processes to track progress. IVI Membership and Services The goal of IVI is to assist enterprises in embedding the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) so that the framework becomes part of the organizational DNA and is consistently used as the measurement, monitoring and performance evaluation tool for overall IT management capability. Ultimately IVI wishes that all member organizations become self-sufficient in using the IT-CMF as quickly as possible. We do recognize, however, that our members have vastly different objectives, requirements, and budgets. To that end, we have designed a range of membership options and services that will enable organizations to choose the membership and service option that best suits their needs, whether it is a ‘guided’ or ‘fast-track’ route to adoption. IVI Services All IVI services are available to both members and non-members. IVI members however enjoy significant discounts on all services. Executive Assessments The Executive Assessment is an enterprise-level evaluation that provides a point in time analysis of the overall IT capability maturity level of the IT organization. This enables CIOs to pinpoint areas of low maturity that require improvement. Critical Capability Assessment Critical Capability Assessments provide a forensic ‘deep dive’ into a particular capability for example, Enterprise Architecture. A number of ‘deep dive’ assessments can be carried out together in a cluster to address particular business needs Education IVI offers professional education courses to help organizations adopt the IT-CMF and to allow individuals to achieve certification as IT-CMF practitioners. IVI education is based on a 5-tier structure ranging from basic ‘Passport’ level courses to an academic masters – the MSc in IT Management. Organizations may choose education services to meet their requirements, such as: /// Public courses or on-site /// Standard or customized /// Develop in-house expertise and obtain IT-CMF certification /// Become qualified and self sufficient in carrying out assessments /// Improve IT professionalism /// Team and organization capability building /// Personal development and career enhancement All courses are instructor-led with clear presentation and focussed demonstration, examples, activities, exercises and workshops to reinforce learning in a facilitated peer-based environment. Consultancy Services Our specialist advisors can assist IT organizations to maximise the benefits of IT-CMF and help achieve faster and more thorough adoption of IT-CMF. Our advisors improve outputs from assessments by providing an independent validation based on extensive market experience combined with comprehensive recommendations on roadmaps to improve maturity. IVI led assessments are less demanding of the organization starting to adopt the IT-CMF. By working initially with an IVI Advisor, organizations can ‘learn the ropes’ and benefit from skills transfer in the process.
  4. 4. Membership Packages IVI Membership €10,000 /// Full Access to IT-CMF Body of Knowledge /// Attend and network at IVI Winter and Summer Summits /// Participate in research groups /// Member discounts on education, assessment and advisor services IVI Membership Plus €25,000 Membership benefits as above plus /// IT CMF Training & Certification – 3 day IT-CMF Tier 2 Core and Passport Onsite course for up to 16 people (Valued at €32,000 and representing a saving of €17,000) * Travel and expenses not included IVI Patron Membership €50,000 IVI Patron Status features all the benefits of membership and in addition offers: /// Consortium Board seat with attendant voting rights /// Unlimited license to carry out executive and critical capability assessments per annum (self-assessed) /// Invitation to exclusive VIP Patron networking event /// Unique opportunity to network at international CIO level /// Opportunities to present at IVI international conferences and publications. /// Opportunities to direct research in areas of particular interest to the Patron organization. Other Membership Categories /// IVI Membership for Irish Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Being partially-funded by the Irish Government, IVI is pleased to offer Irish SMEs specific membership fee levels /// IVI Associate Membership for Academic Institutions For further information on either of these options contact
  5. 5. Current Membership Steering Patrons National University of Ireland, Maynooth Intel The Boston Consulting Group Patrons BP Chevron Cisco Ernst and Young Fujitsu Microsoft SAP TNO Contributors Aupec BearingPoint Central Bank of Ireland Centre for Software Engineering CIE Compugen Cork City Council Cork County Council David Consulting Group Dublin City Council Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food DSS/Codec ESB Fingal County Council Fonterra Genzyme Global Process Innovation Infonomics Irish Revenue Commissioners iSite Solutions Komino Technologies Logica Lloyds TSB Mainstream Renewable Power Marine Institute Merck Ministry of Education (New Zealand) Mitovia Moulds Management Consulting NTT Data Outsource Services Group Pacific Gas and Electric Proact Progressive SAS Institute Shell Sumerian State Government of Victoria (Australia) Total Upstreme Wipro Technologies Xilinx Zurich Associates Beaumont Hospital Castlebridge Associates CEPIS Dublin City University Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown IST Lund University Loyola University Trinity College Dublin United States Airforce Academy University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Castilla La Mancha University of South Florida How to get involved? If you would like to join over 50 leading global organizations who are working with IVI to improve their capability maturity simply call us on +353 1 7086931 or email To find out more about IVI and the IT-CMF visit our website at
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