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Is your business ready for big data


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Is your business ready for big data

  1. 1. 1 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Big Data Is Your Business Ready
  2. 2. 2 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Big Data What is it Structured Unstructured Batch Data Variety & Volume VelocityRealTime In Memory Analytics (Payments, POS, Weather) Hadoop Map Reduce (Video, Forums, SharePoint, Text Doc) Data Warehouse Big Data (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Text Message, Clicks) Analytical Factory Big Data Top Down Business Issue • Big Data growth is predominantly driven new and emerging information goods like Facebook, Twitter. Integration with existing digital assets has become a business issue. • Big Data growth needs to be addressed with speed, agility and regular iteration as part of digital transformation journey. This data requires robust approach of design and analytics to give insights to business (known as BI). Bottom Up Internal & External Source: Booz & Co 2012
  3. 3. 3 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Big Data Types and Sources Social Contextual (Cloud) Behavorial (Intenert of Things) Types and Source of Data Transactional Personal (Internet) Location (Mobile)
  4. 4. 4 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Big Data Analytics Low High Low Business Value ComplexityHigh Report (what happened) Monitoring (what’s happening now) Analytics (what didn’t happen) Forecasting and Prediction (what might happen) Prescriptive What Actions (Should be Taken) • Most BI/analytical tools are capable of real time Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting but handle Forecasting and Prediction as an offline activity. • Time to market and Agility is key to sustain in a digital world. With enormous increase in Big Data (data and noise) across enterprises, real time Forecasting, Prediction and Simulators are needed to leverage this data. This will enable stakeholders to act upon emerging trends, and signals and will empower them to be ahead of the competition.
  5. 5. 5 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Big Data Use Cases Targeted Advertising Seismic Analysis Recommenda tion Genome Analysis Monte Carlo Simulations Anti Virus User Demography Source: Amazon Summit Image & Video Processing Transactions Analysis Risk Analysis Fraud Detection Image Recognition Usage Analysis In game metrics
  6. 6. 6 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Big Data More To come FastBig Smart In Context
  7. 7. 7 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Big Data Is Your Business Ready to Leverage Name: Vishal Email: Twitter Handle: sharmavishal Linkedin : Web: Mobile: 0468-675-566 (From overseas + 61- 468 - 675 - 566) Fax : (03) 9381- 4459
  8. 8. 8 BigData,IsYouBusinessReady,©AllRightsReserved Work Samples Telco 2.0 – N Sided Model 2010 Future & Evol. TV 2010 NBN Impact Aussie Indus. 2011Telco - Endangered Species 2012 Mobile Industry Analysis 2011 Social Media Strategy 2012 Digital Transformation Framework 2013 Facebook Strategy 2011 Insight Driven Sales Model 2013 Cloud For Enterprise IT 2009 Australian IT Industry 2013 GTM - Services Company 2013 Value Based Relationship 2012 IT Value Management 2013 IT Value Management Value Based Relationship