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Induction Motor: Its 2 Main Types


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Induction motor is used a lot today in a number of companies. Below are the features and working of the two main types of induction motors that are the most popular today.

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Induction Motor: Its 2 Main Types

  1. 1. Two main types of Induction MotorAn induction motor also known as an asynchronous motor or squirrel-cage motor is atype of an AC (alternating current) motor. In an induction motor, power is supplied tothe rotor via an electromagnetic induction. The induction motor makes use of magnetsto produce mechanical energy from electrical energy, which in turn turns the axle of themotor. The mechanical energy that is formed is used to push the liquid from one placeto the other with the help of pumps and also even to carry air by means of blowers orceiling fans.The induction motors that are used most commonly in many industries today are 3-phase induction motor or a single-phase induction motor.Single phase induction motor:Single-phase induction motors are used the most when it comes to the usage inductionmotors today. This type of AC motor is the least expensive and requires the lowestmaintenance, and thus is used the most. Single- phase induction motors use concisetype of wire loops on a frame and attain their torque from currents stimulated in theseloops by the altering magnetic field formed in the stator (stationary) twirls.The voltage that is induced in the coil results in a formation of a clockwise torque.Unlike the 3 phase induction motor, the stator frame in the single-phase motor does notrevolve. Instead it merely alternates divergence between poles as the AC voltagechanges polarization.3-Phase induction motor:A 3-phase induction motor is capable of operating from a three-phase source ofalternating voltage. The squirrel cage is the most common type of 3-phase inductionmotor. The 3-phase induction motor has a stator which is a typical three phase statorwith the twisting displaced by 120°. At the time when three currents run throughout thethree proportionately located windings together, a sinusoidally dispersed air openingflux creating a rotor current is formed. The linkage between the sinusoidally dispersedair opening flux and stimulated rotor currents generates a torque on the rotor.
  2. 2. The inverter changes the DC (direct current) power to AC (alternating current) power atthe necessary frequency and amplitude.These are the two main types of induction motors that most commonly used in most ofthe industries now-a-days.