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Kilimanjaro trek


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Kilimanjaro trek with Exodus Travels. Exodus have carried more clients to the summit of Kilimanjaro than any other operator. We have the best safety record and the best guides to clients ratio.

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Kilimanjaro trek

  1. 1. 3 Routes Exodus carry more trekkers to the summit of Kili than any other operator 96% complete the Lemosho Route – the best in the industry One guide for every 2 clients – the highest in the industry
  2. 2. RONGAI ROUTE: Fewer tourist and much less crowded than the Marangu & Machame Trails. 88% reach Gilman’s Point 79% reach Uhuru Peak Return via a different route The easiest of all routes, with a relatively gentle gradient and short daily stages An extra day to acclimatise (6 days instead of 5)
  3. 3. The African Walking Company – our local operator
  4. 4. Red Nose celebrity Kilimanjaro trek was operated by us
  5. 5. Grade – C/D Challenging/Tough Highest “walkable” mountain In the world The fitter you, the better you will cope, although altitude has no bearing in age or gender. The guides carry oxygen for emergencies and they won’t allow you to continue if you show signs of sickness No mandatory vaccinations But recommend Polio, Tetanus Typhoid, Hep A, Yellow Fever You MUST have adequate travel Insurance
  6. 6. Obtain your visa upon arrival – Approx $50US - then transfer to Marangu
  7. 7. Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort
  8. 8. Day 2: Vehicle transfer to Nale Moru at 1950m.
  9. 9. Rongai Forest
  10. 10. Simba Camp – 2600m
  11. 11. 4-Season sleeping bag
  12. 12. Day 3: Kikelewa Moorland Camp – 3600m
  13. 13. Boiled water is provided for you but it’s advisable to take purification tablets
  14. 14. Free kitbag from Exodus. 15kgs is carried for you by the porters
  15. 15. Day 4: Mawenzi Tarn Camp – 4,330m
  16. 16. Day 5: Kibo Hut Camp – 4,700m
  17. 17. Day 6: Horombo Hut – 3,720m
  18. 18. Final decent through the Mandara Forest to Marangu