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Lecture #2 - About MIS


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My Class Lecture #2 about Management Information System

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Lecture #2 - About MIS

  2. 2. It provides an idea to the managers to take correctdecision in any critical situation.
  3. 3.  Scheduled Report Key –Indicator Report Demand Report Exception Report Drilldown Report
  4. 4. Produced periodically activities like daily, weeklyand monthly
  5. 5.  It summarizes the previous day critical activities It is available at the beginning of each day
  6. 6. Gives the certain information at the time ofmanager’s request
  7. 7. Automatically produced when a situation isunusual or requires management action
  8. 8.  Provide detailed data about a situation
  9. 9.  Financial MIS Manufacturing MIS Marketing MIS Human Resource MIS Accounting MIS
  10. 10.  It provides financial information to all financial managers within the company
  11. 11.  It provides the information about the product manufactured by the company
  12. 12.  It supports the managerial activities in product development, distribution, pricing decisions and promotional effectiveness.
  13. 13.  Concerned with all of the activities related to the employee of the company
  14. 14.  Provides information about accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll details