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Low Cost HD Surveillance Camera using Raspberry PI



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Low Cost HD Surveillance Camera using Raspberry PI

  1. 1. “HD Surveillance Camera using Raspberry PI”
  2. 2. Introduction HD Surveillance Camera using Raspberry PI is a camera which records HD videos when some motion is detected in the monitored area. • See live stream in any web browse from anywhere.
  3. 3. Introduction Live Picture or video can be viewed from anywhere from any web browser even from our mobile browsers. • Record any motion into video file.
  4. 4. Components Used Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Housing for the Camera Raspberry PI Camera Module SD Card Power Supply Raspberri PI
  5. 5. Raspberry PI O It is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or a TV.
  6. 6. Raspberry PI Raspberry PI Model B Model A
  7. 7. Raspberry PI Camera Module O 5 MP Camera exclusively made for Raspberry PI O Can take 1080p High Definition Videos O Small in size and can be connected directly to the Raspberry PI Board. O 1080p, 780p and also Still pictures.
  8. 8. Housing For Camera O Whole System will be placed inside the Housing. O Care has to be taken so that whole thing has to be fit inside the housing
  9. 9. Power Supply O Board will not come with any power supply O 5V USB Power Supply with micro-USB plug. O Must supply at least 1A of power.
  10. 10. SD Card O Secure Digital Card is a non volatile memory card O Used in Mobiles, Cameras etc. O SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity ) Card can also be used.
  11. 11. SD Card O Raspberry PI has no storage on board. O SD Card is required to run the OS O Class 10 is preferred as speed is very important
  12. 12. Network Adapter O Need to have some network connection. O We don’t use LAN just to avoid wired connection. O Wi-Fi USB Adapter that supports speed of 150Mbps O Edimax Wi-Fi USB Adapter
  13. 13. SoftWares Required O 1. Raspbian OS O 2. PuTTY O 3. Motion Software
  14. 14. Operating System O Raspberry PI requires LINUX Kernel based OS O “Raspbian” – Free OS for Raspberry PI Hardware. O Optimized for best performance on Raspberry PI.
  15. 15. PuTTY O Open-source terminal emulator. O Serial console and network file transfer application . O Supports several network protocols, including SCP , Telnet etc. O Can be connected to a Serial Port.
  16. 16. Motion Software O Program that monitors the video signal from cameras. O Used to detect motion. O Open Software.
  17. 17. Functional Block Diagram
  18. 18. STEPS O "Rasbian" Operating System is loaded into the "Raspberry Pi" SoC and Raspberry Pi 'Camera Module' is interfaced to it O Motion Software is installed in Raspberry PI using Command Line. O Wi-Fi adapter is interfaced with Raspberry PI board. O Internet Access is given to Raspberry PI Board
  19. 19. Contd.. O Need a software to connect to LINUX Console in Raspberry PI. OWe install PuTTY in our windows computer to fulfill the need. O Further share a folder on the server to store the recorded video. O Using a “Static IP “ the live video can be streamed on any browser across the world.
  20. 20. Conclusion O HD Surveillance Camera is set up in the area which we want to monitor, video containing detected motion is stored in a server and live video can be accessed from anywhere just by entering the static IP assigned to the System in a web browser.