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Blue Brain


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Blue Brain, is the name of the first virtual brain being built by IBM.

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Blue Brain

  2. 2. CONTENTS • Introduction • What is Blue Brain? • Need of Virtual Brain • Function of Natural Brain • Brain Simulation • Softwares Requirements • Hardware Requirements • Uploading Human Brain • Advantages and Disadvantages • Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • The Most powerful creation of god is Human Brain. • Attempt of reverse engineer the Human Brain. • Project founded by Henry Markram at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne), in Lausanne, Switzerland. • Simulations are carried out on Blue Gene Supercomputer built by IBM and hence the name “BLUE BRAIN”. • Simulation is based on Michael Hine’s NEURON, together with other custom built components. • Complete Simulation of HUMAN BRAIN will be possible by 2023 if proper funding is received.
  4. 4. What is Blue Brain? • Virtual Brain (which is not actually a brain but acts as one) • “BLUE BRAIN” is the name of the first artificial brain in the world which is being developed by IBM. • Possible by using a super computer, with huge storage capacity, processing power and an interface between human brain and the artificial one.
  5. 5. Need of Virtual Brain • Different quotients like Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient etc will be different in different individuals. • Society needs Intelligence for development. • U.K had asked Sir M.V’s Brain. • Virtual Brain will be useful to keep the intelligence even after the death of the person.
  6. 6. Functioning of Human Brain • Works through electric pulses through our body. • Three Simple functions puts into action… – Sensory Input – Integration – Motor Output
  8. 8. SoftwaresRequirement • We mainly require 3 Softwares for the purpose of simulation and visualization of results. • They are – NEURON – BBP-SDK – RTNeuron
  9. 9. NEURON • It is a primary software package used by BBP for neural simulations. • Developed by Michael Hines and John Moore in 1990s. • Written in C,C++ and Fortran. • Open source software • Michael Hines and BBP Team collaborated in 2005 to port the package into Blue Gene Supercomputer.
  10. 10. BBP-SDK BBP-SDK is a Blue Brain Project Software Development Kit. It is a set of APIs that allows researchers to utilize and inspect models and simulations. Is a C++ library wrapped in Java and Python.
  11. 11. RTNeuron • RTNeuron is the primary application used by the BBP team for visualization of neural simulations. • It is a software written specifically for neural simulations. i.e., it is not generalizable to other types of simulation. • Silicon Graphics: A 32-processor Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) system with 300 Gb of shared memory is used for visualization of results.
  12. 12. Hardware Requirements •Blue Gene/P •JuQUEEN We require two things in order to develop a Virtual brain. They are
  13. 13. Blue Gene/P • It is the primary machine used by the BBP • Built by IBM • Technical Specs – 4,096 quad-core nodes – Each core is a PowerPC 450, 850 MHz – Total: 56 teraflops, 16 terabytes of memory – 4 racks, one row, wired as a 16x16x16 3D torus – 1 PB of disk space, GPFS parallel file system – Operating system: Linux SuSE SLES 10
  14. 14. Blue Gene/P • This machine peaked at 99th place in fastest supercomputers in the world in 2009.
  15. 15. JuQUEEN It is a Blue Gene/Q Supercomputer by IBM Installed at the Julich Research Center, in Germany in 2012. This is being used by the BBP from 2013. Main aim of JuQUEEN is to provide three dimensional, realistic model of the human brain.
  16. 16. Uploading Human Brain • By use of small robots called ‘Nanobots’. • Small enough to travel through our circulatory system. • Monitors the activity and structure of our central nervous system by travelling into spine and brain.
  17. 17. Nanobots could also carefully scan the structure of our brain, providing a complete readout of the connections. This information, when entered into a computer, could then continue to function as us. Thus the data stored in the entire brain will be uploaded into the computer. Uploading Human Brain
  18. 18. Advantages Things can be remembered without any effort. Decisions can be made without the presence of the person. Intelligence will be used even after the death of the person. Helps in curing many psychological diseases
  19. 19. Disadvantages Human beings will become completely dependent on Computer Systems  Knowledge can be misused by hackers  Computer Viruses will cause increasingly critical threat
  20. 20. Conclusion At the end, we will be able to transfer ourselves to computer. This may give answers to lot of unanswered questions in Neurology or even help in curing number of neurological diseases. If the proper fundings are received, we will have a BLUE BRAIN in 2023.