Multiple projects on competitive analysis at Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd.


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Multiple projects on competitive analysis at Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd.

  1. 1. AREPORT ON Multiple project completed duringInternship at DentsuCommunications Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) By: VarshaBhatter 11BSP1987 IBS MUMBAI 1
  2. 2. A REPORT ON Multiple project completed duringInternship at Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) By: VarshaBhatter 11BSP1987 IBS MUMBAI Distribution List :Miss Sukriti Sharma Prof.Madhavi GClient Servicing ICFAI Business SchoolDentsu Communications MumbaiPvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) 2
  3. 3. AUTHORISATIONThis is to certify that the final project report titled ―Multiple projects completedduring Internship at Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)‖ is submittedtowards the partial fulfillment of the requirement of PGPM Program of IBSMumbai. As per the curriculum, this report is submitted by me, for the summerinternship project which was undertaken by me at Dentsu Communications Pvt.Ltd. (Mumbai). It represents the observations made by me, by doing themultiple projects for Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai). This is myoriginal work and has not been previously submitted as a part of any otherdegree or diploma of another Business school or University.The findings and conclusions of this report are based on personal study andexperience. 3
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGMENTSThis is not a mere formality but a means to express my heartfelt gratitude. Thissummer project is aimed at developing an understanding and implementing theconcepts that have been learned in the first year of PGPM course. It was also achance for one to gain insight into the corporate world and learn about thefunctioning of various arms of the organization.A project of this magnitude depends on contributions from a wide range ofpeople for its success. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledgemany people who have contributed in different ways to this report. Many peoplehave contributed a great deal of their time and expertise to the development ofthis project.I take this opportunity to express my profound and sincere gratitude to Ms.Sukriti Sharma (Client Servicing, Dentsu CommunicationsPvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)),Mr. Vijay Bhaskar(Client Servicing, Dentsu CommunicationsPvt. Ltd.(Mumbai)), Ms. SnighdaNandan(Corporate Communications, DentsuCommunicationsPvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)) for their inputs and feedback indeveloping this project. Their guidance, continued support, constructivecriticism and suggestions helped invaluably in shaping the form and content ofthis report. 4
  5. 5. TABLE OF CONTENTSContents Page no.Abstract 3Acknowledgement 41. Introduction a. Advertising 6 b. Article on India Advertising Industry 7 c. Dentsu Group 82. Task 1 (Entertainment and Movie Marketing) a. The Brief 13 b. Case Study on failure of 15 c. Promorion Plan of StayamevJayate 23 d. Reason for Success of Dabangg 29 e. Robot 33 f. Observation and Inferences 393. Task 2 (Mexican Restaurants Global and Local) 46 a. Anna‘s, TaqueRia 47 b. Ortega‘s, A Mexican Bistro 49 c. Pancho‘s, Mexican Food 51 d. Chipotel, A Mexican Grill 52 e. Panchero‘s, Mexican Grill 54 f. California, Tortilla 56 g. Kings Taco, Restaurant Inc. 58 h. Baja Fresh 59 i. Indian Mexican Restaurant (Bombay Blue) 61 j. Agency Brief and the outcome of Brain Storming (Mexican Pub)4. Task 3 (Competitive Analysis of Promotions forICICIdirect) 66 a. Kotak securities 67 b. Angel Broking 68 c. HDFC securities 69 d. India Infoline 705. Task 4 (Research conducted for ICICIdirect) 71 a. Questionnaire 72 b. Data Analysis 73 5
  6. 6. Introduction AdvertisingAdvertising is a paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message byan identified sponsor; the non-personal form of promotion that is delivered throughselected media outlets that, under most circumstances, by a firm of its products to itsexisting and potential customers.Commercial advertisers often seek to generate increased consumption oftheir products or services through "branding," which involves the repetition of animage or product name in an effort to associate certain qualities with the brand in theminds of consumers. Non-commercial advertisers who spend money to advertiseitems other than a consumer product or service include political parties, interestgroups, religious organizations and governmental agencies. Non-profitorganizations may rely on free modes of persuasion, such as a public serviceannouncement (PSA).Modern advertising developed with the rise of mass production in the late 19th andearly 20th centuries.In 2010, spending on advertising was estimated at $142.5 billion in the United Statesand $467 billion worldwide. 6
  7. 7. Article on India Advertising IndustryIndian ad industry to grow 9pc in 2012: Pitch Madison Ad OutlookThe Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2012 was presented on February 17 inthe presence of an august gathering of marketing, advertising and media industryleaders.The outlook was that of ―cautious optimism‖, as Sam Balsara, Chairman and MD,Madison World, emphasised.In the year 2011, the total pie of the Indian advertising industry stood at Rs 25,594crore, recording a growth of 8 per cent. The figure was far below the earlier projectionof 17 per cent as the Indian economy was faced with yet another churn, an inflationthat touched 10 and weakening of the Rupee against the dollar.As per the Pitch Madison Media Ad Outlook, the growth projections for the adindustry for 2012 remained a cautious 8-9 per cent, with a total ad pie of Rs 28,013crore.In his welcome address, AnnuragBatra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief,exchange4media Group, informed that magazine estimates in the Ad Outlook wouldbe revised. The Association of Indian Magazines (AIM), Madison World andmagazine publishers would work together on the magazine estimates. Speaking on thefindings of the report, he said that the numbers were ―cautious‖ and there was more ofa ―protectionist approach‖.AmitAgnihotri, Co-Founder, exchange4media Group and Editor, Pitch Magazine,took the audience through how the Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook(PMMAO) had developed over the years, since the first edition on 2003. He said thatthe partner for the first Ad Outlook was GroupM, and every year after that MadisonWorld had been the partner for the Ad Outlook.He further said that over the years people had come to believe in the PMMAOnumbers. ―True, the numbers were sometimes pessimistic, but they have always beenrealistic,‖ he stressed. He remarked that in 2003, when the first Ad Outlook wasbrought out, the total ad pie stood at Rs 9,300 crore, which had grown to Rs 25,594crore in 2011, a CAGR growth of 15 per cent. However, a modest growth of 8-9 percent was projected for the industry in 2012.Delivering the keynote address, Sam Balsara, Chairman and MD, Madison World,remarked that when the report was filed in October 2011, there was more optimism inthe economy. However, the last five months had not been so good. The Indian adindustry grew a mere 8 per cent in 2011 over 2010. This figure, according to him, wasrather low in the Indian content.―This is the lowest growth rate in a decade, except for 2009, when there was negativegrowth,‖ Balsara remarked. He further said that the numbers did not includeclassified, tender and appointment ads in print. Internet search numbers were also notincluded in the Ad Outlook. 7
  8. 8. Giving a breakdown of the ad share of different media in the Indian advertising pie, hesaid that television continued to dominate with a share of 44.8 per cent, followedclosely by print with a share of 42.2 per cent. The growth of Internet‘s share had beenthe most impressive, claiming the third largest share of the ad pie at 3.8 per cent.Radio saw a flat growth of 3.1 per cent share of the ad pie, on the other hand, outdoordie better with a 5.1 per cent share. Cinema slid a few notches with a share of 0.5 percent. According to Balsara, the report projected that Internet would become a 5 percent media.Based on the projections, he urged the advertisers not to under-invest in advertisingand stressed on the use of multi-media for advertising. He further asked the advertisersto dig deep and narrow cast, instead of casting wide. According to him, tent poleproperties would become expensive.Doing a more detailed analysis of the Pitch Madison Media Ad Outlook,PunithaArumugam, CEO, Madison Media Group, called television the Mr Reliablemedia, while print was Mr Survivor. Noting that the role of radio in advertising todaywas tactical and not strategic, she called the medium Mr Dependent.―Internet, with its phenomenal growth, has graduated from being Mr Happening to amedium that had arrived,‖ Arumugam added. 8
  9. 9. Dentsu GroupDentsu, the world‘s largest single-brand agency for almost 40 years, provides acomprehensive range of advertising and marketing services based on our unique‖integrated communication design‖ approach. While continuing to pursue innovationin the digital area, we are active in the marketing of sports and entertainment.The Dentsu Group has adopted "Good Innovation." as the slogan that best embodiesour corporate philosophy.We believe this slogan will guide our business in the communications domain andbeyond, such as assisting our clients with corporate management issues or challengesin their business operations. We will always look at the situation our clients are facing,identify each core issue, and deliver solutions for them. To create this kind ofinnovation we must gather the three sources of our strength which are defined in ourcorporate philosophy: ideas that reach beyond the imaginable, technology that crossesthe bounds of possibilities, and entrepreneurship that surpasses the expected. TheDentsu Groups mission is to bring positive change to society which in turn will leadto increased value for all stakeholders of the Dentsu Group.The knowledge and expertise of each and every one of our employees give us greatleverage. Moreover, in addition to this diverse array of expertise, a valuable assetcommon to all Dentsu Group employees is creativity, or the ability to produce ideas.Looking forward, all of our employees will continue to sharpen their respectivecreative skills which, it should be said, are the source of our strength.I want the Dentsu Group to be a creative network in which all of our employees candemonstrate leadership in solving the issues that confront them. The mutual synergiesgenerated by the approximately 20,000 employees of the Dentsu Group as they refinetheir intellectual and creative skills will empower us in the pursuit of solutions to theissues facing society and corporations today.The Dentsu Group will continue to bring about innovation under our corporate slogan,Good InnovationThe Dentsu Group, with the communications domain at its core, is engaged in a widerange of business activities. From management and operating solutions to theimplementation of marketing and communications strategies for advertisers as well asmedia and content holders, the Group has earned a top-class reputation. Its presence inthe advertising communications industry is unrivalled thanks to the level of quality ineach service category as well as what Dentsu calls ―Integrated CommunicationDesign,‖ which combines individual services into a tangible format.Global Group RankingRankingAgency group Revenue (Millions of U.S. dollars)1 WPP $16,0532 Omnicom Group 13,8733 PublicisGroupe 8,0864 Interpublic Group of Cos. 7,015 9
  10. 10. 5 Dentsu Inc. 4,0676 Havas 2,2917 Hakuhodo DY Holdings 1,9348 Aegis Group 1,8219 MDC Partners 94310 Epsilon (Alliance Data Systems)847Top Share in Japan, the Worlds No. 2 MarketDENTSU INC. maintains the top share in the Japanese advertising market, whichaccounts for 10.1% of the global market. In terms of net sales, Dentsu is the No.1advertising company in the domestic market.The reason for Dentsu‘s dominance is twofold: The Company has a diverse clientportfolio and enjoys solid buying power in all major mass media formats. Dentsuhandles the advertising campaigns of many blue-chip companies, and major globalclients have chosen the Company to act as a partner in the Japanese market. Suchconnections underpin a well-balanced client portfolio.In addition, Dentsu maintains the top share in all mass media formats in Japan, but intelevision, which carries the largest volume of advertising, the Company‘s share faroutdistances that of the competition. Furthermore, Dentsu is always ahead of thedomestic market with strategic preparations in high-growth media categories, such asthe Internet.Relative Scale of Advertising Markets, by Principal Media*1 2010Source: Estimated by Dentsu, based on ZenithOptimedia’s World AdvertisingExpenditure Forecasts, July 2011 edition 10
  11. 11. Dentsu IndiaDentsu started its operation in India in the year 2003 and had a huge success rightfrom the start of the operations. It has a huge cliental base, with some huge Brands: 1. Establishment b) India 11
  12. 12. Dentsu’s rating in IndiaDentsu has been rated as 9th all over India term of Client Servicing and Account planning, byleading newspaper Economics times as on 16th May 2012.Dentsu has been also rated 9th in 360degree Capability and 10th in creativity by Economicstimes of India as on 16th May 2012. 12
  13. 13. Task 1 Entertainment and Movie MarketingThe BriefBackground >While Amitabh Bachhan is a veteran star in India, the three ‗Khans‘ areleading stars in the industry – Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. Three of theseKhans are different personalities and each of them have a unique style of marketing theirmovies.1. Shahrukh Khan, known as India leading romantic superstar – his movie ‗Ra.One‘(produced by his company Red Chillies Entertainment) was heavily promoted with perhapsthe maximum amount of alliances and brand sponsors. Why did Ra.One fare badly at thebox office?2. Salman Khan, a very mass superstar – his movie ‗Dabangg‘ (directed by his brother) wasthe biggest blockbuster of 2010 not on the basis of alliances, but strength of content. Outlinethe reasons for the success of Dabangg. He quickly capitalized on his success with back-to-back lesser hits and this gave him strong top of mind3. Aamir Khan, star of most unique movies such as DilChahtaHai, Lagaan, Rang de Basanti,TaareZameen Par, 3 Idiots – most recently made his television debut 2 weeks ago with hisown talk-show (produced by Aamir Khan and KiranRao via Aamir Khan Productions) which reviewed a whole new weekend viewership band (Sunday, 11AM) and scored the highest TRPs! Present an analysis of Aamir Khan’s promotional planfor his show, SatyamevJayate.The taskA. Using the above background, respond to the following questions,1. Why did Ra.One fare badly at the box office?2. Outline the reasons for the success of Dabangg.3. Present an analysis of Aamir Khan‘s promotional plan for his show, SatyamevJayate.B. Develop a Case Study touching upon each of the following elements of Media,Entertainment and Movie Marketing,1. Depth of Distribution of the films (Number of prints etc),2. Width of Exhibition (Number of single-screens, multiplexes captured),3. Elements of corporatization4. How the film was financed, who produced it5. Brand Sponsors / Brand alliances6. Alternate revenue streams7. In-film placements8. Movie Marketing9. Gimmicks/ PR tactics used 13
  14. 14. 10. Any controversies triggered11. Film Merchandizing12. Broadcast rights on television, cable, satellite and DTH13. Use of Animation and VFX14. Studio technologies15. Post production16. Collaboration with Hollywood17. Results the Box Office/ TRP18. Audience reception: Measure of the film/ show‘s success/ failureC. Outline your observations and inferences as a team.D. Finally, showcase the contrast between Bollywood and regional cinema, by a comparativeanalysis of the three movies/shows mentioned about and the promotional approach androllout of Southern superstar Rajnikant‘s movie ‗Robot‘. Also outline facts which showcasethe success of ‗Robot‘Format: Word documentNote: Do include a section called Annexure which indicates sources of all news, data andstatistics referenced 14
  15. 15. Case Study on failure of Ra.oneDepth of Distribution [1]In India, the film was released in 3,100 screens, breaking the record of Bodyguard(2011), which was released in 2,700 screens. Among the dubbed versions of Ra.One, 275prints of the Tamil version and 125 of the Telugu version were released.Overseas, the film was expected to be released in around 1,500 screens with 904 prints.Release was expected in 600 screens in Germany, 250 screens in South Korea, 25 prints inTaiwan, 25 prints in New Zealand, 75 prints in Russia, 79 prints in the Middle East, 344prints in the US, 51 prints in Australia, 202 prints in the UK and 49 prints in Canada. In earlyOctober 2011, a partnership deal was being finalised by distributors, allowing the film to bereleased in China with 1,000 prints. The 3D version was released in 550 selected screensaround the world.The premiere was the first Indian film to sell tickets for its shows and to have threesimultaneous screenings for the event.Width of Exhibition[2]A week prior to release, multiplex owners throughout India decided to allot 95% of the totalavailable screen space to the film.Is an urban multiplex phenomenon, while almost 70% of collections came from single-screentheaters in smalled towns and cities. Multiplexes get a higher share of collections from theproducer than single-screens. While multipleaxes take 50% of the collections in the firstweek, single screen takes 40%.Elements of corporitatization [3] Welcomed Akon on press conference [4] 21st October, Live chating on video with Shahrukh Khan on google+ Discovery Channel aired a special program titled "Revealed: The Making of [5] Ra.One"How the film was financed, who produced it[1]Sources of Finance: Eros International Ltd. Red Chillies Entertainment Brand AdvertisementsProduced: Gauri Khan 15
  16. 16. Brand Sponsors / Brand Alliances Brand Partners: o Volkswagen. Das Auto o Fly Kingfisher o Coca Cola o Play Station o Western Union o Nerolac o Nokia o Tommy Hilfiger o Hero Cycles World o Monarch o McDonalds o Videocon o Horlicks o Matrix o Godrej Eon Technology Partner:Nvidia, Mental Ray Gaming Partner: UTV Online Media Partner: Google, Youtube, Google+ Digital Outreach Partner: Every media Merchandizing partner: Home Shop18, Seventy MM, HitPlay Outdoor Partner: Bright Infilm Brand Partner:BottomlineAlternate revenue streams The television broadcasting rights for Ra.One were bought by Star India for a then- record sum of Rs.35 crore (US$6.98 million), surpassing the previous record set by 3 [1] Idiots (Rs.33 crore (US$6.58 million)). Sold music rights to T-Series Rs. 15 cr. Sold digital media rigthspay per view Rs. 10 cr. Almost 70-80% of the cost recovered from pre-licensed content before the film hits the theatre G.ONE store 16
  17. 17. In-flim placements Volkswagen. Das Auto Fly Kingfisher Coca Cola Play Station Western Union Nerolac Nokia Tommy Hilfiger Hero Cycles World Monarch McDonalds Videocon Horlicks Matrix Godrej EonMovie Marketing [1]The producers of Ra.One spent Rs.52 crore (US$10.37 million) for the promotionalaspects of the film, of which Rs.15 crore (US$2.99 million) was utilized for onlinepromotions alone. Khan announced that the film would be subsidised through major brandties-up. Marketing of the film began in December 2010 with the release of the filmstheatrical poster, which was followed by the release of two teaser trailers during the 2011ICC Cricket World Cup. The film official website was launched on May 31, 2011, andsubsequently an official YouTube channel for the film was unveiled. On October 20, 2011,Khan held a live chat with fans on Google Plus, the first time an Indian film personalityhad done so. The look of the films titular antagonist, which had been kept under strictsecrecy, was revealed in the final theatrical trailer.The films marketing utilized the concepts of merchandising and gaming so as to facilitate thecreation of a franchise. Red Chillies Entertainment partnered with Sony ComputerEntertainment Europe to create "Ra.One – The Game", a game for PlayStations which wasreleased on October 5, 2011. On October 14, 2011, a gaming tournament featuring high-profile games like Call of Duty was conducted in Mumbai and telecast live on YouTube. Theproducers also collaborated with UTV Indiagames to design a social game titled Ra.OneGenesis, with an independent storyline based on G.One. Khan tied up with Seventymm tomarket merchandise related to the film, which was also sold on the films official website.Merchandise sold included watches, mobile pouches and tee-shirts. UTV Indiagames alsodesigned digital comics based on the films characters.Gimmicks/ PR tactics used 17
  18. 18. [6] Special Appearance of Chitti (Rajnikant) [7] Shah Rukh appeared on KaunBanegaCrorepati with Amitabh Bachchan Khan and Sinha embarked on a multi-city tour during which they unveiled a 3,600- [1] feet fan mail to collect audience messagesAny controversies triggeredAfter the principal photography began, Ra.One faced allegations of plagiarism andsimilarities with other films. When questioned, Khan said, "I got inspired from a lot ofsuperhero movies but the movie is original. In fact, Ra.One will be the first superhero-basedmovie in the world in which the superhero lives in a family." Commenting on Enthiran, hesaid, "they [both] are different films." Subsequently, Ra.One faced a number of similarallegations of plagiarism, with special emphasis on the similarities with Terminator 2:Judgment Day (1991), the Batman series, Iron Man (2008), The Sorcerers Apprentice(2010) and Tron: Legacy (2010).The producers of Ra.One had taken a number of steps to prevent content leaks from the sets.The studios were upgraded and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and most of thecomputers were devoid of an Internet connection. The computers which did have the facilitywere closely monitored for the content that passed through them, with a separate log beingmaintained. Despite these precautions, the films song "ChammakChallo" was leakedseveral months prior to the official soundtrack release, greatly upsetting the crew. Heclarified that the leaked version was a "rough version" of the actual song, and that the personresponsible for the leak was being looked for. Khan subsequently refuted claims that the leakhad been engineered as a publicity stunt.On June 3, 2011, three days after its launch, the official website of the film was hacked bysuspected Pakistani cyber criminals who stated that the act was in revenge for a similarattack on a Karachi press club website. The hackers defaced the homepage and left a notethreatening the Indian Press Club.A few days before release, a scriptwriter YashPatnaik claimed that Ra.One resembled aconcept that he had developed several years back. Patnaik appealed to the Bombay HighCourt for a delay in the films release, until he was given due credit or 10% of the filmsoverall profit. The court, observing prima facie evidence that there had been copyrightviolations, asked the filmmakers to deposit Rs.1 crore (US$199,500) on October 21, 2011with the court before releasing the film. However, Patnaik challenged the court decision anddemanded that the producers give him credit and not cash. Sinha later claimed that he alonehad developed the films story.Film Merchandizing[8] Cap Socks Shoes 18
  19. 19. Accessories:Car Danglers, Fridge Magnets, Key chains, Milk mugs for kids, Mobile skins, Stickers, Tattoo, Wristband, Kids Watch, Laptop skins, USB Drives, Kids sunglasses, Mouse pad Stationery: Eraser, Exam Pad, Note Book, Piggy Bank, Sharpner, Water Bottle, Tiffin Box, Pencil Box, Stationery Set, Posters Action Figure Signature Edition Bouncing Balls Frisbee H.A.R.T.Broadcast rights on television cable, satellite and DTH[1]The television broadcasting rights were bought by Star India for a then-record sum of Rs.35crore (US$6.98 million)Use of Animation and VFX 60% of work in Ra.One is visual effects. They had around 37 sequences and a majority of them are difficult and time consuming, as you can see in the trailer. The most challenging sequence is the suit of SRK, which is a combination of visual effects [10] plus reality. They spent a good deal of time developing the pipelines for the cubic transformations in the film. There are actually six or seven different algorithms required to facilitate all the on-screen action, and the development and testing of these pipelines has been the most challenging aspect of the show. 150 artists just focused on doing the research and development. There are 3,500 + shots amounting to about 2 hours and 15 minutes [10] of combined VFX. A major chunk is happened at redchillies.vfx. Created a graphically designed flawlessly looking face of Rajinikant, after taking textures from Rajini‘s Robot sequences. Sensors were put on the face of Rajinikanth and his facial expressions were captured through MoCAP. Rajini was also made to wear Chitti‘s attire and walk in and out of the sporty Benz car, his entire body movements especially the facial expressions were captured and real motion was put to his computer generated face and body. , Rajini‘s voice was also recorded on the VFX [11] machine and not in a professional dubbing studio making it sound shabby. Required 2,600 artists to convert 4,400 shots of the film to 3D. The films reported 3,500 special effects shots within 195,000 VFX frames were incorporated by 1,200 [1] artistsworking for 2½ years.Studio Technology[12]Synthespian Studios to execute 120 visual effects shots involving complex digitaltransformations of live-action characters 19
  20. 20. Graphics programmers headed by HelgeMathee wrote custom software (nicknamed ―Q-Bricks‖) that emulates artificially intelligent systems, giving the component digital cubes aunique dynamism as they break apart and re-formPost-Production[1]The post-production crew of the film comprised of both Indian and overseas personnel.Sound designer ResulPookutty was responsible for the films sound design, with A. R.Rahman providing the background score for a single sequence.Sanjay Sharma and editorMartin Walsh carried out the films editing. Prime Focus was responsible for the filmsstereoscopic conversion, with London-based colorist Richard Fearon responsible for the colorgrading. Red Chillies VFX undertook the incorporation of the films visual effects under thesupervision of Jeffrey Kleiser, and partnered with a number of visual effects studios aroundthe world to do so.Nvidia provided the information technology–based software utilized forthe effects, while Edwark Quirk supervised over the CGI work in the film.The idea for the films stereoscopic conversion was put forth during filming, and wasimplemented in July 2011 due to a revived interest in 3D films. The process required 2,600artists to convert 4,400 shots of the film to 3D. The films sound design involved bridgingreality and the virtual world, and the required sound enhancements were achieved by usingthe Dolby Surround 7.1 system. The incorporation of the visual effects began in April 2010,and was preceded by extensive research. The films reported 3,500 special effects shotswithin 195,000 VFX frames were incorporated by 1,200 artists working for 2½ years. Anumber of complex effects were executed, including cloning and cubical transformations.Despite precautions, the post-production faced significant delays owing to the digital inter-mediation, increased work-load due to the 3D and dubbed versions of the film, and delays inthe delivery of the visual effects. The post-production also faced budget constraints andwitnessed an overuse of CGI. Only two days were available to finish the film and send it forprinting, generating significant anxiety regarding the films ability to release at the set date.Khan subsequently kept strict tabs on the progress of work, and postponed his knee surgeryso as to complete the film on time.Collaboration with Hollywood[13]Western Union‘s million-dollar mass media campaign rolled out in India and around theworld across US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific focusing on keyIndian diaspora countries in association with Indian film superstar Shahrukh Khan‘s mostanticipated movie Ra.One.Box Office Collection[14]Rs. 192 croreAudience reception measure of the film/shows success failureThe movie did movie did well on the technical grounds but failed to fulfill audiencesexpectations. Some of the scenes are entertaining but when one goes to watch a SRKfilm, one hopes to be entertained throughout, and Ra.One fails to do so. 20
  21. 21. TaranAdarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film a score of 4.5 out of 5 and said,"Ra.One is the most ambitious, most expensive and the most technologically complexHindi film ever made. At the same time, it is very Indian at heart"Filmfare gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, and wrote, "Ra.One is an enjoyable sci-fi andCGI fiesta that will transport you to a world of kooky fantasy and video gameheroes."Stardust gave the film 3.5 out of 5 stars, and wrote that, "Ra.One is a visual treat withtop notch computer graphics and other use of high-tech gadgetry."AniruddhaGuha of DNA India gave it 3 stars and said, "Ra.One is beautiful inappearance, but empty within." gave the film 2.5 out of 5 stars, and wrote, "Ra.One is a visual extravaganzaand fun enough. The only reason one stops short of recommending Ra.One is thesporadic adult content that has no business being in a film for kids."Arthur J. Pais of Rediff rated the film with 2 stars and called the film "a gloriousmess."KunalGuha of Yahoo! panned the film, awarding it less than one star, and wrote that,"Its convenient to say that if you have no expectations from the film, you wouldnt bedisappointed."[1] 21
  22. 22. [1] -[2] -[3] -[4] -[5] -[6] -[7] -[8]-[9] -[10] -[12] -[13] -[14] - 22
  23. 23. Promorion Plan of StayamevJayateElements of corporatizationDaily SoapAamir Khan promotes his first television project SatyamevJayate on the sets of DiyaAurBaatiHum, a daily soap on Star Plus.[1]SatyamevJayate partners with AXIS BankEach week they select a different NGO to help address the issue discussed onSatyamevJayate. In partnership with Axis Bank, we invite you to join in and help make adifference. Your donation will keep these organisations thrivingThe cost of sending this SMS is only Re 1, which is donated after tax to the charityCHILDLINE. CHILDLINE, Indias first toll-free helpline for children in distress, respondsto emergency needs of children and also links them to services for their long-term care andrehabilitation. You can send more than one SMS to benefit this organisation, and you canalso, if you wish, help the organization further by sending them a cheque, and deposit it inyour nearest Axis Bank branch. You can also transfer your amount to them online throughtheir website. You can get more information about depositing the cheque at any Axis Bankbranch.The amount donated by you to this organization will be matched equally by the RelianceFoundation. Reliance Foundation is the philanthropy partner of SatyamevJayateClick to giveThis is another way of charity in partnership with Junglee , an online product comparison andadvertising site offered by AmazonEach week Aamir Khan will highlight an NGO as the beneficiary of all donations madethrough SatyamevJayate. Junglee has proudly partnered with SatyamevJayate for the Click toGive Initiative.For every click that you make on the list of products featured on Junglee, a donation will bemade on your behalf to the concerned NGO. Go to to discover over 1.2 CroreProducts.Make your clicks count!Airtel 3G video callingAamir Asks Speak up Campaign, where very few people were actually able to talk to AamirKhan [2]How the film was financed and produced, who produced it?SatyamevaJayateAamir Khan ProductionsBhartiAirtel Ltd is the presenting sponsor of the show and has paid around Rs. 18 crore, while waterpurifier brand Aquaguard, another sponsor, has paid some Rs. 16 crore 23
  24. 24. The six associate sponsors—Axis Bank Ltd, Coca-Cola India, Skoda Auto India, Berger Paints IndiaLtd, Dixcy Textiles Pvt. Ltd, and Johnson and Johnson Ltd—have paid between Rs. 6 crore and Rs. 7crore each.[3]Brand Sponsors / Brand AllianceThe show is presented and sponsored by Airtel and co-sponsored by Aqua guard. Otherassociate sponsors include Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Skoda Auto, Axis Bank,Berger Paints and Dixcy Scott. The title sponsorship has been signed at around 16 crore – 20 crore , while associate sponsors have paid 6 crore– 7 crore. STAR India is reportedto give exclusivity to its sponsors by notselling any advertising spots to any of itssponsor’s competitors brand. Moreover, Khan has also asked various brandmanagers notto buyany advertising slots or screen any of his advertisements during the show, fearing thedilution of the shows impact.[4]Alternate Revenue StreamsMedia-buying sources say the ad rates commanded by SatyamevJayate come to. 4-5 lakh fora 10-second slot during the show.[21]In-film placementsAirtel 3G video callingAxis BankMovie Marketing―Dilkolagegi, tabhibaatbanegi succinctly sums up what the show is all about and hence formsthe basis for the marketing campaign,‖Outdoor advertisingStar India had captured most of the premium outdoor sites across the country for thecampaign which was executed by Mudra max. Outdoor is high impact medium and in thiscase had mounted campaign on big scale. They wanted to catch the attention of all membersof the family including the men of the household who travel out of home on work every day.Speculation createdThere was a lot of speculation which was purposely created about the content of the show andthis created curiosity among the people about what would Aamir Khan is going come upwith.The disruption of the campaign started with the first set of promos. The communicationsimply captured Aamir Khan‘s view about various facets of the show in a honest and sincerefashon.The series of candid camera films was launched with a one-day ‗blanket‘ cover across theStar network. The response was great with the promos trending online within a few hours oflaunch and consumers expressed an overwhelmingly positive sentiment about the show.[5] 24
  25. 25. BroadcastThe makers of show had booked around 2,000 slots for the broadcaster‘s promos in 27 hoursfor an amount of 6.25 crore. Reportedly, this is the highest costing promotional campaignfor any Indian television show.[6]Daily SoapAamir Khan has promoted his first television project SatyamevJayate on the sets ofDiyaAurBaati Hum, a daily soap on Star Plus.[7]Facebook:As the page was created on FB earlier this year in March within one month of the creations ofthe page, the page had 393,000 likes and 444,000 people talking about this. This was beforethe video promos were launched on T.V. This shows the Brand value which Aamir Khan hasin India because at that point of time no one knew about the concept of the show.This start was followed with the daily dopes of the SMJ, which included photos and videosharing. All the initial activities were aimed and focused on creating love and respect towardthe country,example "Sacha haipyaarmera ... SatyamevJayate" Click Like if you love your country, thispost was shared and had tremendous response.The complete official song was shared on 13th April 2012 on the FBJust after 2 episode released there are 801,624 likes and 304,110 talking about this.[8]You TubeThe teasers of the show were premiered on You Tube on 2 April 2012[9]TwitterAamir Khans SatyamevJayate has been widely appreciated by masses as well as people fromfilmAamir Khans SatyamevJayate is trending on microblogging site Twitter and how! The showtook over eight out of 10 trending topic slots on Twitter India while Aamir Khan trended onTwitter Worldwide.All most everyone from Film industry to politics everyone phrased his new show onmicroblogging site Twitter.[10]Hello tunes in partnership with AirtelGimmicks/ PR ttics usedSatyamevJayate as a title cannot have a copyright by anyone, according to the government, asit is part of the national emblem. But Aamir was okay with the factAamir travelledAamir travelled the length and breadth of the country for the showAamir’s BirthdayAamir normally takes an off in his birthday on March 14. But this year, he was working onSatyamevJayate 25
  26. 26. Speak to AamirWhen the first episode was aired, about 1,00,000 people dialled in to speak to Aamir Khan toshow support for the issue of female foeticide that he was discussing.[11]Private and national broadcasterSatyamevJayate becomes the first ever programme to go live simultaneously on a privatechannel and national broadcaster DD1. This is for the first time in the Indian history that ashow will also be showcased simultaneously on national television channel DD1. Besides, theshow will be dubbed in four southern languages - Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.[12]Bollywood actor Aamir Khan rides in a shikara, a Kashmiri boat, during his visit toSrinagar on Thursday to explore shooting locations.[13]Aamir Khan attends Varanasi autodriver son’s weddingMr Perfectionist Aamir Khan is a man of his word, or so it seems. The superstar paid asecond visit to the holy city of Varanasi on Wednesday to keep a promise he made to anautorickshaw driver three years ago. All this seemed to happen just before the show wasabout to be released on 26th April.[14]Aamir Khan’s meeting with chief minister of RajasthanAamir had met Ashok Gehlot (Chief Minister of Rajasthan)in a high profile meeting and hadrequested him to establish the fast track court to decide cases pending in various courts.Gehlot had assured action in this regard.Gehlot lost no time in directing his officers during the past two days to draw up a plan forchecking female foeticide. He announced an increase in the award amount from Rs.50,000 lakh for anyone providing information about clinics conducting sex-determinationtests and Rs.25,000 for information on unregistered sonography machine.[15]Aamir has postponed his upcoming movie Talaash, so that he can give adequate time his newshow ‗StatyamevJayate‘.[18]Any Controversies triggeredFirst, PalashSen (of Euphoria fame) alleges that the title song of the show is stolen from him.This came into the news just after the first episode went on air, to become a huge hit amongthe masses. There were huge promotions on TV, social media, etc for over months.Aamir is using the tears from the ladies in the audience for more TRPs and bring up same oldissues.‖These are same old issues….If the ladies‘ tears mean more TRPs, why not! MoreTRPs, more involvement by people.[16]Broadcast rights on television, cable satellite and DTHDTH: AirtelBroadcast rights: Star Plus, Star World, Star Utsav, Star Pravah, Star Jalsha, Star Vijay,,national broadcaster Doordarshan (DD National), Eenadu TVStudios technologies 26
  27. 27. Multi Camera SetupPost productionsThe show is also dubbed in several languages including three Indian southern languages viz.,Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu, along with Bengali, Marathi and sign-language.[17]Results the Box office/ TRPAamir Khan‘s television debut show, SatyamevJayate, has recorded an overall rating of 4.27TVR (including terrestrial of DD) in the six metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai,Bangalore and Hyderabad.The show, launched on 6 May at the 11 am-12.30 pm band, was simulcast on Star Plus, StarPravah (Marathi), DD National, Star Utsav, ETV (Telugu), Vijay (Tamil), Star Jalsha(Bengali), Star World (English) and Asianet (Malayalam).The show reached out to 8.96 million people in the age group of 4+, as per data provided byTAM Media Research.In the 4+ market, the six-metro rating stood at 4.08 and the show reached out to 8.15 millionpeople in C&S was the first to report the individual ratings of the show on Star Plusand other channels in the respective metros.[19]Audience Reception: Measures of the film/ show’s success/ failureAs the first episode of his debut TV show SatyamevJayate was aired, about 100,000 peopledialed in to speak to the superstar to initiate a serious discussion on social issues facing thenation.Due to huge traffic the shows official site was crashed two times when the show was beingpremiered. Also "SatyamevJayate" was the top search in India on Google Trends.84 crore people watched episode one of the show making it the highest rated show with a4.27 television rating (TVR) across 6 metropolitan cities, according to Television AudienceMeasurement (TAM) data. Several topics related to the show were seen trending onmicrobloggingsite Twitter when the show was being premiered on May 6, 2012. Due to hugetraffic the shows official site was crashed two times when the show was being premiered.Also "SatyamevJayate" was the top search in India on Google Trends.Aamir Khans SatyamevJayate has been widely appreciated by masses as well as people fromfilm industry. [20] 27
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  29. 29. Reason for Success of DabanggDepth of distribution of the films:1800 screens in India and 300 screen worldwideWidth of exhibition :The story of movie was related with the states of UP, Bihar and hence it was necessary to tapthe market of these states. Although Mumbai, Delhi were dominating areas for getting box-office collection but now-a-days North Indian movie market was also rising. Hence,promotion of the movie was done in local channels like Mahuaa. Even adding Itemsong MunniBadnam was a strategy to gain attention of people of these states.Arbaaztraveled whole country (U.P,Biharetc)to promote his new movie Dabangg with its starcast.In India, the film had a strong opening with occupancy ranging between 80-100% inmultiplexes and nearly 100% in single screens[1]Elements of corporatization:As it was much of the family production there was not extra corporatization used.How the film was financed:Arbaaz Khan Production.MalaikaArrora KhanDhillin MehtaBrand sponsors:Wadhwa group - kapilwadhwan groupDheerajkapilwadhwan groupDixcy Scott - ‗the ultimate winner‘Force Motors - ‗dumhaiboss‘Media partner: utv –bindass,, ZoomConnect Radio partner- Red Fm 93.5Online anti – piracy partner - RepubliqueAlternative Revenue streams:The audio rights of the film were sold for about Rs. 9.5 crore 29
  30. 30. The satellite rights of the film were pre-sold for a nominal Rs. 10 crore to ColorsIn-film placements:One of the films songs, "MunniBadnaamHui", included a brand name, Zandu BalmMovie Marketing:As part of Dabangg promotions, Salman will judge a wrestling match in Nagpur. The firstleg of promotions for Dabangg will see Salman Khan visit Nagpur. The actor, along withbrothers Arbaaz and Sohail, co-star Sonakshi, SonuSood and MalaikaArora Khan will judge awrestling match while in the city on SeptemberArbaaz adopted a new marketing strategy for Dabangg. He believes that his film can dobusiness for more than Rs. 200 Crore if that film released in non-multiplex theatre for masspeople. The ticket price in multiplex hall is more than Rs. 300 which is very high for acommon man. So, common people watch movie by pirated CD/DVD which comes in Rs. 10-20. But if a new film is available in theatre for Rs. 20, 30, 40, 50 then any common man willlike to watch film in theatre. So, movie was released across 1,584 single screen theatres forcommon people. This strategy worked against the piracy also, as tickets were cheaper, andnumber of people came to watch the movie.Gimmicks/PR Tactics:Salman Khan‘s DABANGG promotion in Bihar.As the film is set in the interiors of Bihar, SonakshiSinha, who is daughter of Patna MP andveteran actor ShatrughanSinha, wanted Salman Khan to go to her native place for thepromotion of the flick.However, Salman Khan was not very enthusiastic due to apprehension of large number offans creating security problem. But after ShatrughanSinha stepped in to take care of thisaspect, the macho actor gave in and will be going to interiors of Bihar to promote the flick.[2]Any controversies:Dabangg was the subject of several controversies. One of the films songs,"MunniBadnaamHui", included a brand name, Zandu Balm, in its lyrics, much to thedispleasure of Emmami, the makers of Zandu Balm. A trademark case was settled by theproducers and Emmami out of court and MalaikaArora Khan was later roped in to for anofficial ad campaign promoting Zandu Balm. Activist Rajkumar Talk filed a case inthe Bombay High Court, demanding that the word "Hindustan" be deleted from the song andclaiming that the censor board had not responded to his queries in regard to the "defaming"lyrics. He found them "highly objectionable" and "unpardonable" and labelled the song a"mockery" for the country, as a girl was "indecently" dancing in the presence of corruptedofficers, which, according to him, threw bad light on the nation and "hurt the patrioticsentiments of every Indian".[3]Before release, critic and writer Shobhaa De called for a boycott of Dabangg, due to SalmanKhans comments on the 2008 Mumbai attacks. She criticised it as "arrogance, ignorance and 30
  31. 31. plain stupidity." This sparked off a fight with the producers of the film via Twitter, latercontinued after her negative review of the film.[4]Film merchandizing:Dabangg,has in collaboration with PVR cinemas pan India recently launched the limitedexclusive merchandise of Dabanggat PVR cinemas. The merchandise includes sunglasses,watches and t-shirts.[5]Broadcasting rights:Dabangg missed out on big satellite revenue as the rights were sold well prior to release. Thesatellite rights were sold for around 10 crore while now after the stupendous success of thefilm the rights would probably have been worth 30-35 crore.[6]Use of animation/vfx:Bangalore based VenSat, a provider of animation, visual effects, motion comics and 2D/3Dconversion services and best known for visual effects (VFX) for the 2010 motion picturereleases, ‗DABANGG‘ and some of the complex VFX sequences for ROBOT has raised$10mn from Indo-US Venture Partner[7]Studio technologies:PixionPost-ProductionEditing done by Pranav V DhiwarBox Office Collection:Dabangg grossed 212croresRs. 140 crore[9]Audience reception:On the whole, DABANGG is a full on entertainer with three aces – Salman Khan like neverbefore, stylish action and super music. Sure to fetch an earth-shattering opening, the film willcreate a pandemonium at the box-office, cementing the status of Salman Khan as the darlingof the masses and making the distributors laugh all the way to the bank. It has Blockbusterwritten all over it!TaranAdarsh ( it strictly for Salman, who delivers enoughbang for your buck!Rajeev Masand (CNN-IBN)I recommend that you see the film for the sheer pleasure ofwatching Salman Khan in top form.Anupama Chopra ([10] 31
  32. 32. Annexes1. ^"Hits of 2010". India Today. Retrieved 13 February 2012.2.,english/3. ^ HT Correspondent (28 August 2010). "Salman‘s film Dabangg in controversy". Hindustan Times. Retrieved 13 February 2012. ^ChandniDev, Bollywood Hungama (5 October 2010). "Dabangg maker calls Shobha De an idiotic woman". Retrieved 204. February 2012. - cite_note-525. cool-maal/406986/6. ^"Hits of 2010". India Today. Retrieved 13 February 2012.9. estimated-collections/10. ^ 32
  33. 33. RobotDepth of distribution of the films:The film opened with 2,250 prints in approximately 3000 screens worldwide including 1400screens in Tamil Nadu, 128 screens in Kerala, 45 screens in Karnataka, and 1000 screenswith 750 prints in North India. The film was released by Sun Pictures in Tamil Nadu; GeminiFilm Circuit released the film across North India, while Seven Arts released the film inKerala. The film opened in 300 screens overseas. [1]Width of exhibition:The film was also screened at the 12th Mumbai International Film Festival, the 21st BathFilm Festival, the 10th Tromsø International Film Festival, and the 24th Tokyo InternationalFilm Festival where it won a special award under the section "Winds of Asia-Middle East".[1]Elements of corporatization: [2]Its trailers were played in theatres as separate trailer shows and audience spent 70 bucks tosee the 10 minute trailerSuriyan FM, owned by Sun network played songs of Robot along with special features likesingers and music directors sharing their experience in between the songs.In Mumbai Rajini the superstar made special screening for the Bachchan Family andDevAnand.[3]How the film was financed:The first film produced completely by Sun Pictures. [4]Brand sponsors: The big tree Vit Yamaha motors Audi Joy alukkas Lalithajewelery Le royal merdian Vasan eye care Afton equipments Lifestyle Jansons UnivercellIn-film placements: 33
  34. 34. The big tree Vit Yamaha motors Audi Joy alukkas Lalithajewelery Le royal merdian Vasan eye care Afton equipments Lifestyle Jansons UnivercellMovie Marketing:Robot trailer in every 5-10 minutes on Sun network channel [2]Release of stills on a weekly basis and 2-3 teasers and a trailer and with Rahman‘s songs,giving audience to keep updates on the movie.[5]Rajini who used to take off to find peace and serenity to Himalayas during his films release,is for the first time standing tall for Robots promotions.Gimmicks/PR TacticsThe music release function was conducted in Malaysia which was telecast in the Sun TV with50-50 duration of the program and ads twiceThe trailer was released at a grand function and the same was again broadcast on TVIn Mumbai Rajini the superstar made special screening for the Bachchan Family andDevAnand at a popular multiplex in Juhu,Mumbai.The famous Rajnikant jokes: Rajinikanth doesn‘t wear a watch. He decides what time it is. Rajinikanth killed the Dead Sea. Rajinikanth can play the violin with a piano. When Rajinikanth gives you the finger, hes telling you how many seconds you have left to live.Any controversiesA controversy regarding the films plot also originated that month as Indian author Vijayarke claimedthat Enthirans story was similar to that of his 2002 science fiction novel, Man Robot, and demanded acredit for himself in the film. Vijayarke claimed that he realized the similarity after hearing S.Shankar narrate the plot during the films audio launch, after which he emailed the director with hisnovels story, seeking clarification.Yet another scandal broke out after the release of the film when a Tamil novelist,AarurThamizhnadan, made a complaint with the Greater Chennai Police against the director andproducer of the Enthiran, claiming that they had plagiarised the story idea from his novel Jugiba thatwas published in a vernacular magazine IniyaUdhayam in 1996. In 2007, the same group published 34
  35. 35. the novel as the book titled ThikThikDheepika. Unlike the previous author however, Thamizhnadantook the issue to the Madras High Court in November 2010. Following Thamizhnadan, other authorsalso claimed the story of Enthiran to be theirs. [5]Film merchandizing:Placed huge robot-like statues and balloons in public places and by gave away Robot merchandisesuch as mugs printed with Robotposter, figurines of Robot robot, etc.[6]Broadcasting rights:Sony Entertainment Television bought the television rights of Robot (or Robot in Tamil).MSM has acquired the exclusive satellite TV rights for Robot‘s multiple telecasts for the next 7 yearsfrom Gemini Industries & Imaging Pvt. Ltd and Sun TV Network Ltd.Use of animation and vfxThe movie required an unobtrusive VFX of over 2000 shots that add up to around 60 scenes in thefilm. An Indian Technocrat named V.Srinivas handled the entire film Visual Effects as a VFXSupervisor. Frankie Chung and Eddy Wong from the Hollywood were the additional supervisors forthe VFX.A lot of techniques were used in this movie to reach international standards. Three of them are:Pre – Production with Detailed Pre – VisualizationAnimatronicsLight Stage Face Scanning Technology.Studios & Teams from the Hollywood were used to implement these technologies in the movie.About 40 scenes were pre-visualized in the pre-production stage and were done in animation beforegoing in for the actual shoot. The pre-production of these scenes alone took 6 – 7 months.This animatronics was used in about 22 scenes in the total of the movie. All the resources andtechnology available were used for the same including, puppets, mannequins and special make-up.Two main Robot puppets were designed and built exclusively for this project. About 40 mannequinsof the Robot Rajinikanth were got from Legacy Effects Studio for the scenes involving number ofrobots.The VFX Team used a unique technology such as the Doom Light Stage Scanning for thedetail high resolution CGI Face. Also the Indian Artists have developed a new proprietaryskin shader plugin with the help of Jupiter Jazz, the developers of shake.Motion graphics and head up displays in the film have been minor parts which were takencare in detail to reveal the story and give the science fiction texture to the visuals.The seemless blending of key frame animation, motion capture, animatronics, multi-robots,real model/texture scan of character had given the right photo-real blend to story. VFX havebeen seamless and consistent with right color timing from the DI team lead by Mr. Ken,Reliance Media Works.The most interesting and challenging sequence in the movie is the Climax Sequence. TheClimax sequence involves 100s of robots grouping into a cluster with their electromagneticpowers and forming different shapes and forms of characters such as a giant snake and giant 35
  36. 36. human. Each of the robots had a separate biped and each of them had to be animated to forthe formation of the final form and characters to be smooth, such as the formation of the headof the giant snake.A crew of highly qualified technocrats and highly imaginative directors had to put in theirheart and soul for 3 years and spend 6 months of sleepless nights for the movieStudio technologies:Some of the major jinx in the visual treatment was the motion control shots which hadmultiplication of the Robot Character. This involved a lot of planning before going for theshots and getting it 100% done with less money spent. Having the frame information on thetop and bottom in the super 35 format, Indian artists devised a camera rig to get perfectionwith manual control without the action motion control rigs, which would have consumed lotof time, money and human effort if it were used for the complete project.Animatronics is the use of Mechatronic Objects with motion sensors which can be made tomove with the help of remotely operated devices. The motion sensor captured the movementof the person who impersonates the object and will make its movements accordingly. Thiswas the technology that was earlier used by Stephen Spielberg in his Award Winning Movie‗Jurassic Park‘Post Production:RajinikanthsRobot has been dubbed in many languages including Hindi. His films in HindiHum, Thyagi, Gangva and Sivaji have received tremendous response from the public. BeingAsias most expensive film,Collaboration with Hollywood:Enthiran/The Robot,‖ a Hollywood-Indian collaboration that is the biggest-budget film in thehistory of Indian film-making –and also the highest-grossing – will make its southern UnitedStates debut at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 17, opening night of the fourth annual William &Mary GlobalFilm Festival.The festival runs through Sunday, Feb. 20. This year‘s theme combines three of the highest-profiletrends in film and pop culture today: the environmentalist movement, comic book super heroes, andvampires.The occasion also marks the inaugural awarding of the ―W&M Global Film Can‖ 2010awards. The recipients were Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi and his daughter,screenwriter Chigumi Obayashi; French director YannArthus Bertrand; and Indian directorShankar, director of ―The Robot,‖ and named 2010 Indian of the Year in Entertainment byCNN IBN.Attending ―The Robot‖ at the Kimball Theatre, located at Merchant‘s Square in ColonialWilliamsburg, will be the film‘s Hollywood executive producer, Jack Rajasekar, president ofVirginia Beach company Fusion Edge Media, its costume designer, Hollywood‘s renownedMary Vogt (―Men in Black,‖ ―Batman Returns‖), supervisor of animatronics Alan Scott(―Terminator 2,‖ ―Terminator 3,‖ ―Pearl Harbor,‖ ―Jurassic Park III), special makeup and 36
  37. 37. effects coordinator Vance Hartwell (―Lord of the Rings‖ trilogy, ―War of the Worlds‖), thefilm‘s cinematographer Randy Rathnavelu, and special-effects supervisor Sreenivasan.Other international luminaries attending are Obayashi and daughter Chigumi; Sundanceaward-winning documentarist Judith Helfand; and internationally acclaimed storyteller ClayMcLeod Chapman.Box office Collection: [13]First Week:Tamil Nadu (Endhiran): Rs. 80 croreAndhra Pradesh (Robo): Rs. 30 croreNorth India (Robot): Rs. 15 croreKarnataka (Endhiran): Rs. 8 croreKerala (Endhiran): Rs. 4 croreOverseas (all 3 versions): Rs. 11croreSecond Week:Tamil Nadu (Endhiran): Rs. 70 croreAndhra Pradesh (Robo): Rs. 20 croreNorth India (Robot): Rs. 10 croreKarnataka (Endhiran)::Rs. 6 croreKerala (Endhiran)::Rs. 2 croreOverseas (all 3 versions): Rs. 5croreThe final worldwide gross total of all versions of the film was INR 255.50 croreAudience reception:Critic response 7/10Viewers response 8/10[11]Movie Review:Enthiran has received widespread critical acclaim in India. On the review-aggregation website ReviewGang, the film scored 7.0/10 based on 9 reviews. gave it 4/5 starsand said "On the whole, ROBOT is a crowd-pleasing and hugely mass appealing tale ofandroid revolution with a thrilling plot, rich and imaginative screenplay, super action,astounding effects and most importantly, Rajnikant, who is the soul of the film. Its the BigDaddy of all entertainersTaranAdarsh of Bollywood Hungama 37
  38. 38. [1] -[2] -[3] -[4] -[5] -[6] -[7] -[8] -[9] -[10] -[11] - ^"Robot Reviews". ReviewGang.Retrieved 1 October 2010. [12] -[13] - 38
  39. 39. Observation and Inferences Ra. OneWeak Story line:The Biggest reason for the failure of the Movie was that the movie was not able to live up tothe expectation of the audience, which was created during pre-release of the movie. Themarketing team worked hard, but it was not sufficient enough to cover for the weak storyline.Target Audience:The target audience of the movie was target mostly towards the urban and semi-urban area ofthe country, which is a very narrow market in India. It did well initially, but was not able tosustain due to weak story line.It did well in overseas market where there is huge following for King Khan.Music:Akon voiced for two songs "ChammakChallo" and "Criminal", which gave the music aninternational popularity.The album had seven original tracks four remixes, three instrumentals and an internationalversion of "ChammakChallo". There were Tamil and Telugu versions released with 6 trackseach.Alternate Revenue Stream:As Shahrukh Khan is media favorite, it created hype for the movie did not do well on box office, the movie did not end up on losses, becauseof its additional revenue sources. The wide range of merchandise and easy availability ofthose, on the official website of, added to the overall success of the movie. 39
  40. 40. Reasons for the success of DabanggStardom:One of the biggest reasons of the success of the movie was the stardom and the fan followingof Salman khan. Salman khan has a huge fan following in the interior parts of the rural India,which was also the theme of the story of a police officer staying in a small village of Bihar.Masses:Salman Khan is the boss, when it comes to playing to the masses, and this movie had themass appeal. The movie had an appeal for all masses and classes, be it the young and the old,the girls and the boys, the men and the women.Personality:Salman Khan has a unique fan following, who likes the real life personality of Salman Khanand his character in the movie had a lot of resemblance, like the Jolly person with theDabangg attitude and a bad boy with a good heart.Timing:The timing of the movie was just perfect as Salman Khan has the history of giving some hugehits when his movies were released on the day of Eid which is a huge festival in India.Music:The movie had one of the best music score of that time. The album contains five originalsound tracks which were very well mixed with the story of the movie. The music of Dabanggperformed well on the charts after its release. The songs, "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain" and"MunniBadnaam" became chart busters and entered the list of top 20 most frequently playedsongs on radio in India.Tere Mast Mast Do Nain", as performed by RahatFateh Ali Khan, reached no.1 on theOfficial Asian Download Chart in the UK based on legal downloads in that country.The brand of music had appeal to the mass audience because it‘s simple, catchy, easy on theears and fun.Casting:The casing of the movie was perfects and had given justification to the character of themovie. Salman who had played several police roles in the past was just perfect for thecharacter of ChulbulPandey.SonuSood was selected for playing the lead antagonist as he has played similar character inother Tamil movies.The pinch of freshness was added by the inclusion of new comer SonakshiSinha, the daughterof ShatrughanSinha, as lead actress in the movie 40
  41. 41. Promotions:The movie was promoted heavily in Semi-Urban areas and rural area. Salman Khan had goneto Bihar for the promotion of the movie as the star has a huge fan following in that region. Asthe movie has the North Indian element in it Salman khan had given 20 days for promotingmovie in Northern India.Unexpected:People had gone with a very low expectation and what they got was more than double whatthey expected. 41
  42. 42. Promotional Plans of SatyamevJayate(SMJ)The Promotional Plan of SMJ was led by Aamir Khan, who is one of the most effectivepromoters in the Industry, who hardly leaves any page unturned.The entire campaign was very well planned as they knew how long the show is going to lastfor, so the campaign was well structured and organized. The Show is going to be telecastedfor 13 episodes only. So the entire promotion team knows what the time frame is and howmuch time they have.Speculation Created:There was a lot of speculation which was purposely created about the content of the show andthis created curiosity among the people about what would Aamir Khan is going come upwith. The series of candid camera films was launched with a one-day ‗blanket‘ cover acrossthe Star network. The response was great with the promos trending online within a few hoursof launch and consumers expressed an overwhelmingly positive sentiment about the show.Broadcaster:The makers of show had booked around 2,000 slots for the broadcaster‘s promos in 27 hoursfor an amount of 6.25 crore. Reportedly, this is the highest costing promotional campaignfor any Indian television show.Sunday Morning Slot:The Sunday morning slot was purposely selected because currently there is not much TVviewing in this slot. Another reason to choose this slot is that, it is a family show and entirefamily should watch the show together.Daily Soap:Aamir Khan promotes his first television project SatyamevJayate on the sets of DiyaAurBaatiHum, a daily soap on Star Plus, this show apparently has the highest TRP and is related tosocial issue of the society.Online promotions:There was a hard core online promotion used to promote the show, all the possible socialnetworking sites were used to promote the show.Facebook page was created well before the show was started and was continuously used forcommunication purpose and it had a huge fan following way before the show had started.Youtube was used to promote the official song and to create the viral.As Aamir has a huge fan following on twitter and his association with SMJ helped the showgrow on Twitter as well. Aamir Khans SatyamevJayate is trending on microblogging site 42
  43. 43. Twitter and how! The show took over eight out of 10 trending topic slots on Twitter Indiawhile Aamir Khan trended on Twitter Worldwide.Less Controversy:The show almost had no controversies, other than one which was related to the title song.Outdoor advertising:Star India had captured most of the premium outdoor sites across the country for thecampaign which was executed by Mudra max. Outdoor is high impact medium and in thiscase had mounted campaign on big scale. They wanted to catch the attention of all membersof the family including the men of the household who travel out of home on work everyday.GimmicksAamir travelled the length and breadth of the country for the showAamir normally takes an off in his birthday on March 14. But this year, he was working onSatyamevJayateWhen the first episode was aired, about 1,00,000 people dialled in to speak to Aamir Khan toshow support for the issue of female foeticide that he was discussing.Social ImageThe other reason why the show is being very well accepted by the audience is the public image ofAamir Khan as a person who has always been involved with the social work and the theme of theshow of raising social issue goes very well together. 43
  44. 44. Comparison of Robot with, Dabangg and SataymevJayte.Rajnikanth factorRajnikants enjoys a very unique place in the heart of the people in southern India. He isconsidered as ‗God‘ by his followers and has also built a temple to show their love andaffection towards him. He has never worked in any commercials as he believes that ‗he can‘trecommend his fans anything which he believes is not right for him‘. He does a lot of charityfor needy people.These qualities differentiate him from other stars in the country. This is the reason he enjoyspan India identity.The main reason for the success of the Robot was the Pan India appeal that Rajnikant enjoys,which none other star has.The fans of Bollywood movies are divided in three Khans (Aamir Khan, Shah Ruk Khan andSalman Khan), but when it comes Rajnikant in Southern India the market is still undivided.Some StatsThe Movie was released at 3000 screens worldwide, While Dabangg was released on 1800screen and with 3100 screening worldwide. Robot enjoyed highest box officecollection of Rs 255.50 cr followed by Dabangg 147 and Ra.One 114cr.MusicAfter the second day of release, the album reached number one on the Top 10 World Albumschart on iTunes in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, making it the firstIndian album to reach the spot.Commercially affable and highly entertaining in its contents, the album was a bigchartbusting hits in tracks like "ChammakChallo", "Criminal", "Dildara (stand by me)" and"BhareNaina", while the rest of them work perfectly with the theme, spirit and feel of theflick. At the end of the day the music of Ra.One is massively entertaining.Dabanggs music appeals to the mass audience because it‘s simple, catchy, easy on the earsand fun.All the winning CombinationTo make sure Robot clicks with the audience even before the film hits theatres, thefilmmakers had ensured that the film comprises of all the winning combinations possible.They have Oscar winning AR Rahman and ResulPookutty on board and the music of the filmhas been a hit in India as well as the South-East.Rajnikant and Aishwarya getting into high action, which was bound to get the adrenaline rushin the audiences as well.The visual effects are the USP of Robot 44
  45. 45. Recently some the Hollywood movies which are based on science-fiction have see a goodresponse in the Indian market. Audiences are getting acquainted to the high Visual effectused in western countries; the best example would be the success of Hollywood movie‗Avatar‘.Robot had the Visual effects that were at par with the Hollywood movies and was very wellblended into the story line. The effects were perfectly balanced it never looked overdone orunder done. Technicians from Hollywood and China were used for to make it perfect.Comparing it to Ra.One, the effects used in Ra.One were just perfect but the weak story linerestricted the success of the movie beyond a limit.Story Line and dubbingRobot as a movie had the best story line which was very well accepted even after beingdubbed in other languages this also contributed to the success of the movie.StayamevJayate is another show which is released in many different languages and is alsoaccepted very well as per the recent available TRP.Dabangg was released in only two other languages other than Hindi, which limited theexhibition.Ra.One was released in other language but was not able to attract the audience due to theweak story line.LearningIt was a completely different way of looking marketing form entertainment point of view,where People had the major effect on the overall marketing, Promotion and the revenue ofthe shows. 45
  46. 46. Task 2 Mexican Restaurants Global and LocalClient: Mirah Group is one of India‘s leading business houses with a footprint stretchingover a diversified range of industries, including hospitality, real estate development, travel,computer education, wind energy generation, textiles and international trading.The Mirah Hospitality division includes Manchester United Cafe Bar, Rajdhani, Cafe Mangi,Falafel‘s, Nouvelle, Citrus Hotels and Resorts, Pallate, Chutney Chowk and Mad overDonuts. Mirah Hospitality would soon have a new addition to its brand Portfolio.Objective of the projects:To study Mexican Pub globally and in the local Market anddevelop a promotion plan for the client.Study on Global Mexican Restaurants 1. Anna‘s, TaqueRia 2. Ortega‘s, A Mexican Bistro 3. Pancho‘s, Mexican Food 4. Chipotel, A Mexican Grill 5. Panchero‘s, Mexican Grill 6. California, Tortilla 7. Kings Taco, Restaurant Inc. 8. Baja FreshIndian Mexican Restaurant 1. Bombay BlueBrief Received: To collect as much Information as possible on the most famous MexicanRestaurants around the world and also information on Bombay Blue.Once the Information is gathered make an analysis on the Target group and Customer Insight. 46
  47. 47. 1. Anna’s, TaqueRiaOverview:Annas is modeled after U.S. West Coast style Mexican cuisine, specifically the Mission-style Its menu offers only four core items: burritos, tacos, quesadillas and Mexican plates,and has been described as "the best burritos for next to nothing" The food is made usingan assembly line-style process.The first Annas Taqueria was founded by Michael Kamio and located inBrooklines Coolidge Corner in 1995 after a disagreement with his sister Mariko Kamio, whoowns the competing Boca Grande chain. Since then, a second Brookline restaurant wasopened in addition to the locations in Porter and Davis Squares, and restaurants were openedat MITs Stratton Student Center and on Cambridge St. in Boston across from theMassachusetts General Hospital. • Type Private • Industry Restaurants • Founded 1995 • Headquarters Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S. • Products Mexican food • Owner(s) Michael KamioMenu • BREAKFAST BURRITOS – Fresh, hot tortilla with choice of fillings (eggs, sausage, potatoes) – beans, cheese, and salsa. – Mexican hash and spinach also available. • REGULAR BURRITO • SUPER BURRITO • TACO • MEXICAN PLATE • FRESH ORANGE JUICE • MEXICAN COFFEE, TEA • MORNING BEVERAGES – FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE – MEXICAN COFFEEGlossary Menu 47
  48. 48. Food Regular Chicken Grilled Chicken Chicken Ranchero Carnitas Chile Verde Steak Lengua Al Pastor Taco Al Pastor Grilled Vegetables Rice Hot Sauce Jalapenos Guacamole SalsaBeverages Vasan eye care Afton equipments Lifestyle Jansons Lemonade Orange Juice Soda Fountain Jumex canned juices Jarritos Mexican Sodas in glass bottles Horchata Jamaica Iced Tea Bottle WaterTarget GroupYoung group of people (Fast food)Customer InsightFast and healthy food 48
  49. 49. 2. Ortegas A Mexican BistroLocated in Hillcrest on the corner of third and University, Ortegas Bistro brings an authenticPuerto Nuevo dining experience right to the heart of San Diego. Enjoy Baja-style lobster,fresh guacamole prepared at your tableside, and other regional specialties while sippingdecadent pomegranate margaritas. The restaurants spacious atmosphere and design capturethe festive Mexican traditions and tasteful flavours of Puerto Nuevo.MEXICANO BREAKFAST Chilaquiles con Huevos MachacaTorta Chicken Tamales and Eggs Huevos Rancheros Chorizo and Potato Burrito Chorizo con Huevos Shrimp Omelette Carnitas Hash and Eggs Ortegas Bistek and Eggs Ortegas Breakfast BurritoLUNCH MENUAPPETIZERS Table Side Guacamole Sopecitos Puerto Nuevo Shrimp Cocktail Fish Ceviche Baja Shrimp Ceviche QuesoFundido Poblano Portabella QuesadillaCALDOS Ortegas Chicken and Tortilla Black Bean & Pumpkin Puerto Nuevo Tortilla Soup 49
  50. 50. ENSALADS Ortegas Mixed Greens Salad Caesar and Avocado Salad .Sandia Shrimp TACOS A LA PARILLA (GRILLED) Ortega‘s MahiMahi Baja-Style Shrimp Baja Seasoned Steak Epazote-Cilantro Chicken Breast PoblanoQuesoSPECIALTIES  CarnitasTorta  Chicken Tamales  Carnitas  Chicken Mole  Ortegas Half Roasted Chicken  Banana Crusted HuachinangoKIDS MENU  Ortegas Quesadilla  Chicken Quesadilla  Steak Quesadilla  Bean and Rice Burrito  Chicken and Rice Burrito  Juice (Orange, Apple, Grapefruit, Cranberry)  MilkTarget GroupThere is a wide group of Target Group as they have very lucrative happy hrs (3beers at $3),on other hand they have Kids menu, So it can be termed as complete Family restaurantCustomer InsightThere are lot of review in favour of the quality of food and the its value for money pricing. 50
  51. 51. 3. Pancho’s, Mexican FoodOver viewPanchos is most popular for having its buffet customers "raise the flag" to request more food;each table has a small tricolored flag with the three colors of the flag of Mexico. The flag,however, is sometimes missing the Mexican coat of arms and thus more closely resemblesthe flag of Italy. The food is reasonably priced, and the dining area is often decorated with acourtyard motif with two saying in Spanish on the walls "My Casa essu casa (My House isYour House) and "Panzallena Corazon Contento" (Full Belly, Happy Heart). Severallocations also sold a limited line of products that customers could purchase and make theirown sopaipillas, tacos, etc. at home, as well as a small selection of piñatas that could be usedfor parties or other decorating reasons as well as Sombreros de Carrot andHandcrafted Mexican Artisan goods such as small pottery, toys and figurines PanchosMexican Buffet is a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants (24 as of 2009) in the United States.Panchos main offering is an all you care to eat buffet, though unlike many other such buffetsadditional food is brought by waitstaff rather than self-served, except for in the chains "SuperBuffet" locations. Type Buffet Industry Food Founded 1958 Headquarters Dallas, Texas Products Mexican FoodWebsite Panchos Mexican BuffetPanchos food item Tacos Flautas Enchiladas Tamales Rice Refried beans, and many other traditional Tex-Mex items. Sopaipillas have been served for dessert since the restaurants opening.Target GroupFood, fun times for the entire family.Customer InsightReasonable priced and serves large quantities of food with remarkable quality. 51
  52. 52. 4. Chipotle Mexican GrillChipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is a chain of restaurants located in the United States, UnitedKingdom, and Canada, specializing in burritos and tacos. Its name derives from chipotle, theMexican Spanish name for a smoked and dried jalapeño chili pepper.The restaurant is known for its large burritos, assembly-line production and use of "natural"ingredients. The company has released a mission statement called Food with Integrity, whichhighlights its efforts in using organic ingredients and serves more naturally raised meat thanany other restaurant, Chipotle is one of the first chains offast casual dining establishments.Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc is a chain of restaurants in the United States, UnitedKingdom, and Canada specializing in burritos and tacos.The restaurant is known for its largeburritos, assembly line production, and use of natural ingredients.The company has released amission statement called Food with Integrity, which highlights its efforts in using organicingredients, and serves more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant. Chipotle is oneof the first chains of fast casual dining establishments.Advertising and publicityIn the past, Chipotle mainly relied on billboards, radio ads, and word-of-mouth to advertise.However, in 2012, Chipotle aired its first nationally televised commercial during the 54thGrammy Awards ceremony.In 2010, the company initiated an ad campaign that mocks advicegiven to Chipotle by advertising agencies.Chipotle has run many promotions giving out freefood to potential customers, especially when opening a new store. Stores also give out freeburritos on certain holidays; for instance, on Halloween, some locations have had promotionsin which free burritos are given to people who come dressed as a burrito.Chipotle gave awayfree burritos to reporters during the 1997 trial of Timothy McVeigh, which took place inChipotles hometown of Denver.Chipotle was also mentioned throughout the "DeadCelebrities" episode of the television series South Park.For Halloween 2010, Chipotleannounced that customers dressed as a processed food product would receive a burrito for $2.The event was part of a $1 million fundraiser for Jamie Olivers Food Revolution called"Boorito 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food."For "Boorito 2011", customers dressed incostumes "inspired by family farms" will receive a menu item for $2, with proceeds from thepromotion going to The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation and Farm Aid. Other fast-foodrestaurants spend millions on traditional advertising like television ads or special salespromotions, Chipotle channels its marketing budget into more grassroots initiatives throughsocial media. The strategy is paying off– In-store sales increased 11% in 2011 and ―ROI‖ hovered above23%.With 1.7 million social media fans, Chipotle spends an enormous amount of effort tocommunicate with customers on a one-on-one basis. The company responds to 83% ofFacebook posts, and 90% of the Chipotle‘s activity on Twitter is responding to customersthrough @-mentions.In September, Chipotle extended its digital presence to YouTube as well. 52
  53. 53. Chipotle has also incorporated Four Square into the mix. If customers check-in three timesbetween March and May, they will automatically be entered to win free burritos for a year ora burrito party for ten friends.MenuOUR MENU ISNT LONG-BUT, IT’S LONG ON OPTIONS, STARTS WITH BASICAND CUSTOMIZE AS NEEDED TO BUILD YOUR PERFECT MEAL. Burrito Burrito Bowl Crispy Tacos Soft Tacos Salad Chips &GuacTarget GroupChipotle‘s Primary target is adults ages 18-34, who are high school graduate and many times, college educated as wellCustomer InsightCustomers dont mind paying high price. 53
  54. 54. 5. Panchero’s Mexican GrillPancheros serves burritos, tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls, and salads. The salsas,guacamole, and queso dips are made on-site, daily. The restaurant fits into the quick-servecategory, offering both quick service and a higher quality of food than typical fast-foodrestaurants. Customers start their order by selecting a menu item. Next, the tortilla is pressedfresh on a tortilla press. The customers then choose from the ingredients to be added.Pancheros main national rivals are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Moes Southwest Grill, andQdoba Mexican Grill.MENUMain entrées: Burritos Tacos Quesadillas Burrito bowls SaladsAny of the following can be added: Mild Ancho Salsa Hot Tomatillo Salsa Corn Salsa Pico de Gallo Cholula hot sauce Black Beans Pinto Beans Cilantro Lime Rice Guacamole Sour Cream Shredded Cheese Jalapeños Extra Meat Extra Grilled Veggies Fuego Sauce (house hot sauce) Caliente Verde Sauce (house hot sauce)Sides: Chips & Queso Chips & GuacamoleDécorPancheros stores have a warm, industrial look. Exposed ductwork, track lighting and metalaccents are softened with warm tones, colorful tile and padded booths Pancheros averageseating capacity is 70, and no units have drive-thrus, which would not fit the made-to-orderconcept. Some stores do have patios. It has a full restaurants worth of seating, even a fewoutdoor tables 54