Final thesis presentation Fall 2011


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final presentation for my thess at Parsons The New School for Design

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Final thesis presentation Fall 2011

  1. 1. DESIGN FROM THE INVISIBLE Fall 2011 Thesis presentation prof. Cynthia Lawson and Chris Prentice Parsons The New School for Design
  2. 2. HELLO My name isALVARO SOTOa PRODUCT DESIGNER Who loves to Make things
  3. 3. Why and how to make things
  4. 4. Digital Craft
  5. 5. Complexity does not mean returning to the baroque, it means that the material can be transformed indifferent ways and many times without affecting its cost of production. This means, product designers can create in an a priori yet flexible and cost effective manner
  6. 6. The transformation of the material is the design decision
  7. 7. In what ways will the product design process, particularly in small local production change if the de-signer utilizes ambient data from the environment to inform the design decisions and formal aspects of the objects he/she designs?
  8. 8. How will they fabricate these objects? what new techniques are necessary in order toachieve cost effective design iteration and complexity?
  9. 9. using ambient sound as the data source for the design decision of all the pieces in order to create a conceptual framework for all of them.
  10. 10. Ceramic Pendant project
  11. 11. Street sound visualization
  12. 12. Dinner with friends light fixture
  13. 13. Use of data as an attraction force to transform material.
  14. 14. Bench projectPick-up sound recorder
  15. 15. Carousel
  16. 16. Folkloric latin group
  17. 17. The ring project
  18. 18. The designer no longer needs to sketch detailsand defined shapes,he needs to be sensitive toalgorithmic exploration and variation.The designer needs to be open toprogrammable complexity.The designer no longer needs to imply but hecan work in an explicit yet flexible manner.The designer now has the ability to beinteractive and generative.
  19. 19. Cartier Harry Winston Tiffanys & Co
  20. 20. Frozen Exhibition AmsterdamCurated by Marius Watz
  21. 21. Nerveous system
  22. 22. Next StepsCreate a wearable piece and change data from sound to biometric informationContinue the ring projectexplore concepts for a furniture piece
  23. 23. ConceptA practice based research in form and fabrication techniques for product designers, working in localproduction and exploring computational methods as the source of information and inspiration in thedesign process. thank you