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One Stop Shop for Marine Industry


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SHIPSU is a web-based service operated by network of professionals connecting manufacturers, service providers and shipbuilding specialists to the SHIPSU network.

Established in 2012 the company combines decades of experience in the field of marine industry to most recent knowledge of sales and marketing.

With SHIPSU network both providers that supply materials and services to the industry, and buyers that purchase from these providers are able to connect on this shared platform.

When sourcing and sales for shipbuilding, ship renovations and repair are centralized to an easy-to-use web-based service, both sides of business benefit. Lower costs and less time spent on executing these operations means more time for company’s core operations.

See SHIPSU Provider and Buyer Profiles from our services.

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One Stop Shop for Marine Industry

  1. 1. What is it?Web-based serviceconnectingprofessionals of marineindustryMore direct connectionbetween buyers andproviders.Constantly developing
  2. 2. How it works? Quotation
  3. 3. ProvidersDirect contact with buyers.Networking with other providersCost efficiencyDetailed information about your products, services andcompany.Easy to use web-based service
  4. 4. ProvidersProduct/Service information Pictures References Videos Description Certification Categorization Price Terms of delivery Min. Sales quantityCompany information Description Pictures Videos Contact information Map
  5. 5. BuyersDirect contact to suppliersOptimized sourcingCost efficiencyPlatform for reaching verified providersUp-to-date company and product informationEasy to use web-based service
  6. 6. BuyersSourcing tools Categorized market Search engine Multiple shopping carts Secure company information
  7. 7. BuyersRFQ and offer comparison Multiple RFQ’s with one click RFQ’s and messaging within the platform Access to market and provider information Bargaining unpriced products and services Bargaining and purchase of bulk products
  8. 8. Contact shipsu.comMikko Varjanne Jaana 40 5155 873 - GSM +358 400 552 229 - GSM+358 020 7871 010 - TEL +358 020 7871 017 - TEL