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Jv evaluation presentation final version media studies alevel 2010 Horror evaluaion

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Jv evaluation presentation final old version

  1. 2. Teaser Trailer Redrum3X.com Movie Poster Redrum3X.com Movie Publicity Cover
  2. 4. Vladimir Prop in 1928 identified 32 basic categories of action and the 8 common character types were thought of in this as well . Main hero (tom who is on quest finds mystery of redrum3x. Villain is death himself the force behind redrum3x. The girl Susan is false hero and acts as a donor. The head is the helper and princess could be part of delusions of ghost like children and voices. Tzvetan Todorov suggested 5 key stages to each story 1- The equilibrium,( calm and quiet in ordinary school, high achievers play on net war-games online etc.). 2- The disruption of this equilibrium by an event -student Jayne find website and tries to guess password .keeps trying and enter site after no heading warning. 3- Realisation that a disruption has happened- (murdered student violent news hits staff and school. Funeral and cemetery scenes some say gang victim relevant to news trends) 4 -an attempt to repair the damage of the disruption - tom teacher is plagued as to why police after him with the email saying redrum3x.He is gone mad delusions after guessing password. 5- Restoration of equilibrium which may be new equilibrium how- police find body of teacher but he is not dead but nearly at end tip off after text message to head from redrum3x site.
  3. 5. Icons: Blood , knife , death Darkness Gore Mask (hides identity “the unknown" had seen with masked man looking at audience removed due to early comments of inappropriate and out of place) Music & sound: Atmospheric suspense music Loud bangs caused by fireworks and sound effects. Screams Heavy breathing (chase scene) Mise-en-scene: Isolated settings (Cemetery) Dark atmosphere (in house & night time scenes) Characters: Innocent girl although killed later in act2 Victim become hero.   Final girl theory (subvert john survives)   Psychologically damaged characters (Tom goes mad, crazy)   Themes: Good vs. evil (redrum vs. john v) Unfinished business with a redrum coming back for revenge (relevant for sequel film)   Challenged the good triumphing over evil.
  4. 6. T he use of strange varied camera angles and use of fast cuts, blood and varied shots enabled me to show the complexity of film and show that film may have twist.   Use of blood and gore allows me to target older audience and young 18-24 .   If we look at aliens or terminator 2, both films are action horror with James Cameron at helm of directing . lead stars had Boyish looks ,body language and clothes conveyed this. Short masculine-style haircut Smart , Sexual reluctance Unisex name: Ripley, Sidney ( from scream 1,2,3) or Sarah Connor (mainly use surname in film) Short masculine-style haircut Intelligent, resourceful, becomes stronger through film. Natural sequences showing outdoor setting. Survives all three films shows character deep will to live and fight.   In the teaser trailer video, the characters are important representations of good against evil common theme. The evil killer is an unknown entity force like the grim reaper "death" unseen presence in Entity, final Destination . Usually victims are innocent teenage girls who are simply enjoying a party, this stereotype is challenged again by having a gifted and talented student who does not heed the warnings. First edit showed the graphic violence and killing of lead hero, but comments early on about why would audience see film if they seen killing was challenged again I went to re edit the footage.
  5. 7. Icons: Blood , knife , death Darkness Gore Mask (hides identity “the unknown" had seen with masked man looking at audience removed due to early comments of inappropriate and out of place) My locations suited with the horror genre and creates that scare factor. I chose to shoot in an isolated area which was realistic for a murderer to kill without being seen. I chose the cemetery as one location because it should be realistic that the killer could strike anyone, anywhere. In this film, various cutaways is for the interruption of a continuously filmed action by inserting a view of something else and is often popular in horror films. I used numerous crosscutting for suspense sequences including back to fireworks and Ghost. For our chase scenefast cuts showed sense of danger. . The combination of the close shots with the short duration between cuts makes the sequence feel longer, more uncontrolled, and more violent rather than if the images presented alone or in a wider angle. Other techniques I used was that I sliced different shots together making it look distorted also adding the filter to youngster face. I edited the video to tell story but although I don’t like narration films recently like wolman 2010 with Anthony Hopkins set scenes faster. Unlike The Blair Witch Project which was a big inspiration for our teaser trailer, I paid homage including scenes from that and paranormal activity. Characters: Innocent girl although killed later in act2 Victim become hero.   Final girl theory (subvert john survives)   Psychologically damaged characters (Tom goes mad, crazy)   Themes: Good vs. evil (redrum vs. john v) Unfinished business with a redrum coming back for revenge (relevant for sequel film)   Challenged the good triumphing over evil.
  6. 8. Introducing characters: close up, introducing the audience to the main character (s) Extreme close up : shows only one part of the subject in great detail. Shows the character’s emotions; audience focusing on the characters eye, shows fear.   Chase scene: They are a popular with the audience due to their intensity and the innate danger of someone running after you trying to catch/kill you. Once I knew our synopsis, I researched into other films that was relevant to us. I spoke of Paranormal Activity independent horror film released in 2009 . The movie is presented using found footage by a couple who are haunted by a supernatural presence in their home. The Blair Witch Project which is a 1999 American horror film which was filmed all using a hand held camera in the woods a strong inspiration . The film is presented as a documentary pieced together from real footage. Similar settings: the cemetery – isolated, dark atmosphere, killer kills without being seen.   The final girl is typically virginal lady character but I challenge this convention by already good girl will have a shared history with the killer. The final girl is the need of moving the narrative forward and, she shows intelligence, curiosity, and alertness.   The final girl is a horror film pattern that specifically refers to the last girl or woman alive to confront the killer, and usually the one left to tell the story.
  7. 9. Icons: Blood , knife , death Darkness Gore Mask (hides identity “the unknown" had seen with masked man looking at audience removed due to early comments of inappropriate and out of place) Conventions I used for my film poster: Tagline, date, movie title, a main image, credits (cast/crew), Certification 18, and production logo or name .   Conventionally many horror film posters have a black background to represent the darkness or evil of a character. Similarly I followed this idea by choosing to have a dark background of the woods. The red writing is also commonly used in posters as it can symbolise blood and evil. I feel that our media products suit Ill to the horror genre. Before starting our media products, it was vital that I did research into existing media products within the horror genre. Searching 1 hour max then collating resources from storyboards, Existing poster reworked
  8. 10. Conventions I used for our Total Film magazine cover: Masthead, the price, issue number, date (month and year), a main image, and bleeds (pictures at the edge of the magazine cover)   I used ideas from an existing poster from Total Film magazine, where I used the design of the title to instantly create recognition as a film magazine I looked at the film poster “dragme to hell” and a film “Final Destination” in which they focused in much detail on the eye or face. I decided to put the mask on fire.
  9. 12. For each of the three pieces (trailer, magazine and film poster) I used the main character Tom he was the focus of the plot. Logo shown through all three pieces; in the trailer the audience can see do enter, in the magazine cover the mask is visible in tom face by replacing her face with fire All our pieces use the same colour scheme which is white, red and black. The theme of the darkness is very prominent within the three products. This is due to low lighting with black and red effects to create the sense. This helps us to convey the meaning of a mystery waiting to happen; this appeared through all of our pieces for example the background, the images and the low lighting in each piece Fonts; shadows of the word “redrum3X.com” is repeated. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  10. 13. I used Adobe Premiere to edit our footage. This was one the hardest task as I had to consider the type of effects I used. Adobe Premiere allowed us to add music and effects including making sequences faster or slower. I used Adobe Photoshop to produce our ancillary texts (magazine cover and film poster), I found Photoshop difficult but experimenting pressing different tools I eventually got the hang of it. I used Photoshop to add text, crop photos, enhance text etc. The trailer is set in the mind of viewer and tom, which corresponds with the film poster. In order to create uniformity and a stronger brand identity. I used various tools for media I phone – some apps to create to do list. Mind maps on computer after doing it on paper to later upload onto blog The use of excel (create lists to buy for crew list ,power point (present evaluation),word (write script) Tools for film makers – website by searching Google with keywords, Rough paper edit then edit on premiere cs3. Transfer and output to dvd. Convert to wmv –finding right tools for right jobs. Upload website.  
  11. 14. Various screen shots of updating video Then uploading on to here for feedback
  12. 15. To gain audience feedback, I tried to upload our teaser trailer onto YouTube. The advantage of uploading our clip onto YouTube meant that the video could be watched by everyone and appeal to a broader audience. It’s also a beneficial way of getting positive or negative criticism which you can improve from. As a whole I all set up special info page to watch our trailer and then asked people to answer questions on You Tube I tried to get verbal feedback from peers and mainly adults in my target audience.. To make sure I got feedback some people had to be offered incentives like sweets. I also allowed the group to speak out and say anything they liked/disliked about our trailer to get a detailed answer and opinion I spoke to various people. What have you learned from your audience feedback? The feedback I received from the questionnaires, focus groups and the various internet sites such as You Tube and Face book, not as much as I expected.   Photoshop to add text, crop photo’s, enhance text etc by adding colour or altering the nature of original photo then it becomes new creative work. Photo shop layers and use of plug-in and brushes adds to variety and ease of use make it difficult to learn but essential for making changes when time is running out. Premier CS3 allowed me to edit films quick and with great new effects. The creative process is always a long time, so deadlines make you focus and stop wasting time. I went from a hobbyist, to paid camera man to director then to becoming a great editor thinking I knew lot of things without having to learn .doing this live project showed me that taking ownership leads to responsibility, creativity, time management skills and business critical thinking skills. Most of this not taught in jobs let alone in a small project.
  13. 16. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? It looks realistic and some excellent use of relevant use of fonts and design layout to make it believable. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? By doing ancillary products helps me to advertise the main trailer more accurately to my target audience. What have you learned from your audience feedback? Revisited some of the key words from media, convergence and most of all applied lot of theory taught and made it practical with real life problems. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? In research the internet is king ,but most importantly thinking of the keywords relevant only to what you trying to do means you can focus on delivering a good product. In production terms the software still take a lot of time ,in new some tools updated or moved but on whole it is faster for complex bigger photos .Editing is still time consuming must have vision in head, and final uploading to blogs brings new set of technology barriers to overcome or accept and have it easier by upload it at home. Now new strangers can comment and input into the work and change it if time is there. I have learnt a lot and more appreciative of media and it bigger power and its effects on not just you as individual but to whole world and in light of new crisis media showed us that even mother nature can cause havoc to school and colleges and how news spread fast but cloud ashes means new traffic plans to be devised instead whole world had to come to a standstill. I tried to get feedback from professionals in the area to see how they would react to this. I Learnt lots from this project and although it looks easy it very involved, was challenging but great fun. As a perfectionist I don’t feel happy with the final result and think that this year my colleagues done an excellent job.