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Programmer Soft Skills


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Admios Lunch talk by Nestor Martinez on the skills of a great programmer should have aside from technical skills.

Published in: Software
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Programmer Soft Skills

  1. 1. Programmer Soft Skills Admios ALtalk Nestor Martinez
  2. 2. TEAM WORK - Know your stakeholders - Delegate and don’t be afraid to ask for help. - Celebrate good work done by you or teammates.
  3. 3. Communication - Saying No - When to Commit. - Meetings. - Style of writing - Draft normally - Move action/decision top - finesse
  4. 4. Flexibility - Nature of agile. - Embrace change. - Fast pace nature
  5. 5. How to handle pressure. - Getting burnout. - Period of high intensity. - Period of low intensity. - Disconnect from work.