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Broadcast Assignment


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This was created by Alexandria Lau in our Project Based learning class!

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Broadcast Assignment

  1. 1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________Name Date Per Class Broadcast assignmentDirections: Use the broadcast rubric to score the 60-second news videos.Focus statement: Ways to cool off in the summer 1. View The Mudhouse. http://vimeo.com/19191161 What score would you give it and why? 2. View Ticket Sales. http://vimeo.com/27591193 What score would you give it and why?Assignment Checklist Deadline Date Editor’s Submitted Initials 1. Story planning sheet submitted and approved. 2. Interview questions complete 3. Interviews recorded and typed 4. B-roll shot 5. Sound bites recorded 6. Script written 7. Storyboard planned out 8. Voice over and stand ups recorded 9. First draft submitted. Includes titles, captions, and credits. 10. Video edited. Final draft submitted 11. Rubric and self-evaluation submitted
  2. 2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________Name Date Per Class STORY PLANNING SHEETDirections: Plan out the details for your 60-second news video. 1. Focus statement: 2. Story idea: 3. Who will you interview? 4. What shots can you take? 5. What do you still need to know? How will you find out? 6. Assign rolesDirector: ______________________________________________________________________________________Photographer/Videographer: ______________________________________________________________Writer: ________________________________________________________________________________________Narrator: _____________________________________________________________________________________Editor: ________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Final deadline: ______________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________Name Date Per Class Interview Prep Checklist EquipmentDirections: Perform the following steps as you prepare for your Checklistinterview. Before you know it, they will come naturally to you. ____Video camera: 1. ____Research the facts of the story. What do you already know? What Video camera, information do you still need? batteries, memory. Check to see if it is 2. ____Identify your sources. Who can you talk to in order to extract the charged. information? You need at least three different sources to build your story. 3. ____Contact your sources. Identify your name and title and the purpose of ____Recording your interview. Politely ask if you can interview them for the story and when device: Digital you can meet them. recorder, memory 4. ____ Prepare your questions. Ask questions that help you learn more about your story. Remember to check your facts and also ask open-ended ____Interview questions. questions, 5. ____Perform the interview. Be sure to listen carefully, take notes, and confirm notebook, and pen you got the information you needed. 6. ____Process. Type up your notes and upload your media. What did you learn ____ Tripod from the interview that could add to your story? What do you still need to know? Did your source refer you to someone else to contact for an interview? ____ Press Pass Do this as soon as possible so the information is still fresh in your mind.Opening Questions “How do I spell your first and last name?” “What is your grade?”1.2.Intermediate Questions “How did you become interested in basketball?” “How do you feelabout the locker policy?1.2.Follow Up Questions “What do you mean by “many”? “Is there anything else I should know?”1.2.Investigative Questions What challenges have you encountered with ______________?” “Noteveryone agrees with _____________. How do you respond?”1.
  4. 4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________Name Date Per Class2. ScriptDirections: Review your sound bites and interviews. All stories have a beginning, amiddle, and an end. Tip: Start with your most compelling sound or image.Hook/Nat Sound:Intro:Quote:Nat Sound:Transition:Commentary:Quote:Nat Sound:Commentary:Quote:Conclusion:
  5. 5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________Name Date Per Class STORYBOARDDirections: Select pictures and b-roll that will go with your script.
  6. 6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name Date Per Class Broadcast RubricCategory Advanced (4) Proficient (3) Basic (2) Needs Work (1) Wide variety of shots – Some wide, med. Shoots wide or No variety of shots wide, medium, tight and tight shots medium shots Not cropped well Rule of thirds Photos cropped Rule of thirds Subject too dark or tooPhotos Soft lighting enhances well Most photos not bright subject Some photos not well lit well lit Natural sounds hook No hook Some nat sounds No nat sounds viewer immediately Natural sounds Interviews Interviews hard toSoundbites No distracting evident audible hear background noise Some distracting Background noise Background noise background noise is distracting distracting Shows subject in action Shows subject in Shows subject in Does not show subjectB-roll in a variety of places action in 1 or 2 1 or 2 places in action places Still camera Still camera Some shaky Shaky camVideo Seamless transitions Smooth transitions moments Jumpy transitions Some jumpy transitions Quotes are in-depth, Quotes gives Quotes gives Quotes are short orInterviews give opinion, 3 or more information, 2 adequate unclear, 1 source sources sources information, 1 source Lead identifies 5 W’s H Lead identifies 5 Story explains Not all 5 W’s and H areScript Strong hook W’s and H some but not all 5 sufficiently explained Strong ending Strong hook W’s and H Hook is weak Strong ending Hook is weak Speaker annunciates Speaker Some phrases are Most of narration isVoiceover/ words clearly annunciates words not clear or loud unclearStand up Volume is loud and Volume is enough Volume is inaudible clear moderately loud Reading can be Speaker speaks too Modulates tone Varies tone improved by fast or too slow to Variety of pacing Reads at a good varying tone hear rate Topic addresses focus Topic addressesFocus statement effectively focus statement Some elements ofstatement Story is highly relevant effectively. story is relevant Story is not relevant and engaging Story is relevant Total Score/Comments Advanced (90%-100%) Proficient (80%-89%) Basic (60%-79%) Needs Work (59% or lower)