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Asthma Drugs


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Asthma Drugs

  1. 1. UABD – Nebulized Liquid Inhaled Drugs MDI – Pressurized Meter Dose Inhaler CanisterDPI – DryPowderInhaler
  2. 2. Classifications by MechanismI. Bronchodilators – Reduces bronchial smooth muscle constrictionII. Corticosteroids – Reduce bronchial wall inflammation (swelling)III. Mucoactive Agents – has an effect on mucusIV. Antimicrobial – kills microorganismsV. Other
  3. 3. I. BronchodilatorsA. Short Acting - 1) Beta Agonists: Albuterol 2.5 mg Xopenex 1.25 mg 2) Anti Cholinergic: Atrovent (Ipratropium Bromide)B. Long Acting - Serevent (in Advair) Spiriva
  4. 4. Short Acting Beta Agonists (beta-2)
  5. 5. II. SteroidsA. Flovent (in Advair)B. Pulmicort (MDI or UABD)C. AerobidD. QvarMust use as directed maytake several doses/days tohave therapeutic effect!
  6. 6. Most come in MDI/ DPI
  7. 7. III. Mucoactive Agents• Normal saline – is the carrier in UABD treatments (MDI version doesn’t have)• Acetylcystine – Mucomyst 10%-20% solutions – irritating and smells! (give with a bronchodilator• NaHCO3- (Bicarbonate solution)• Pulmozyme – expensive $$$
  8. 8. IV. Antimicrobials• Pentamidine – Pneumocystis• Tobi (Tobramycin) G- bacteria• Colystin – bacteria• Ribrivirin
  9. 9. V. Others• Chromolyn Sodium – allergy drug• Lidocaine – numbing medicine
  10. 10. Da rules:• Don’t give drugs in the exact same class together: – examples: • Pulmicort & Flovent (both steroids) • Xopenex and Albuterol (both short acting beta agonists)