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Standards based grading explanation


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This is how I am thinking I will introduce Standards Based Grading to my students and their parents.

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Standards based grading explanation

  1. 1. AKA Angry Birds Grading
  2. 2. You are now in the driver’sseat! More control over things  Homework  The way you learn  Your Grade!
  3. 3. The way I used to grade Sorry you have already played once, so you cannot improve your score.
  4. 4. Example 67% on Ch. 3 test D  What does this tell you? Me? Parents? ○ 67% of the material ○ Understood the concepts but made “duh” mistakes ○ Fell asleep while studying ○ Having an off day or you froze up ○ Completely forgot (happened to me!) Yo no sé!
  5. 5. So what happens? You bomb. I return the test to you, and you sigh, maybe cry, maybe shrug your shoulders. Life goes on. Let’s be honest…Do you go back and study and relearn the material? I thought not…but as a math lover that hurts.
  6. 6. I don’t… Want grades to stick Want you to be scared of them I want… You to be motivated by them Grades to mean something
  7. 7. So what is the solution?
  8. 8. Standards Based GradingAka the angry birds system Information that I want to know • My percentage: 70% • Am I good at Angry Birds? • Can I improve? • How can I improve my score? • What levels was I good at? • What levels do I need to practice?
  9. 9. Gradebook for Quarter 1 Assignment Date Assignment Type Score9/10/12 1.2 p. 54 Homework 5/5 Before:9/11/12 1.3 p. 58 Homework 5/59/12/12 1.4 p. 60 Homework 5/5 80%9/13/12 1.5 p. 65 Homework 5/59/14/12 Chapter 1 Test Test 76/100 Gradebook for Quarter 1 Date Assignment Score Perform calculations using order of operations 9/10/12 3.5/5 After: 9/11/12 Multiply Binomials (FOIL) 3/4 80% 9/12/12 Write and solve a linear equation in one 3.5/4 variable Write, solve and graph linear inequalities in 9/13/12 1/4 one variable 9/14/12 Solve literal equations for a specified variable 3.5/4
  10. 10. Score Meaning Expert, meaning you have totally master the standard. You have 4 demonstrated a full understanding of the concepts involved, have clearly showed all steps of your reasoning, and made no errors.3.5 Expert*, but you might have made a very minor error. Proficient, meaning you have a firm grasp of the standard. You have demonstrated a full or almost full understanding of the 3 concepts involved, but you possibly didnt show steps of your reasoning, or made an error. Basic, meaning you have demonstrated some conceptual 2 understanding of the standard. You have some confusion though, did not completely answer the question, or made some errors. Limited, meaning you have demonstrated a weak or no conceptual 1 understanding. You possibly have confused reasoning and made many errors. 0 You left the problem blank or your work made no sense.
  11. 11. Your Grade in Skyward On Skyward, you will not see your grades as a 1 or a 4. You will see certain percentages based on this scale.  4 = 100%  3.5 = 90%  3 = 80%  2 = 64%  1 = 50%  0 = 0%
  12. 12. What do I need to work on?  Standards Checklist # Standard (1) (2) (3) (4)1 Perform calculations 4 4 using order of operations 8/31/12 9/5/122 Multiply Binomials (FOIL) 2 3.5 8/31/12 9/5/123 Write and solve a linear 3.5 2 3 equation in one variable 8/31/12 9/5/12 9/9/12 R
  13. 13. Reassessments: How not to doitYou: What is my lowest quiz score? I want to retake that one.Me: I am not sure. Look at your checklist and then practice the one you want to retake. I will be glad to help you understand it.You: Ughh…You mean I have to do more work? Can’t you just teach me now and then I can retake it?Me: The voices inside my head are telling me to say no.
  14. 14. Reassessments: How to do itcorrectlyYou: Mr. Van Vleet, I really didn’t do well at graphing a linear equation. I went back and corrected my quiz and then did some practice problems. (hand me the evidence)Me: That’s great! Looks like you are on the right path now.You: I was wondering if I could reassess this after school tomorrow?Me: No problem. I will write you down for that time.
  15. 15. So…. You have to show me some evidence that you went back and practiced what you missed.  Homework problems  Practice Problems from internet, book, etc.  Come in for help with me (cannot get help and reassess at the same time)  Other ideas?
  16. 16. Questions? Concerns?Thoughts?
  17. 17. A Big Thanks to Samjshah - From A Math Class -