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Gir national park adobe of asiatic lion


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Asiatic lion once amply found in Indian as well as Asian jungles is becoming considerably rare. This predator which was described in the story books as king of the forest has reached a near extinction. Earlier due to their abundance in Indian jungles they were popularly called Indian lion. After the population of these royal animals with a beautiful mane reached a record low number serious efforts were made to preserve this endangered species.

United-21 Vanvaso Gir Resort is a well-connected accommodation in Gir, offering a relaxed stay with ample amenities that will be just like home away home. The basic amenities offered to the guests include room service, front desk, travel desk, concierge, parking, security and doctor-on-call.

Complete with modern facilities, the décor of cottages is attractive. Guests can chose to stay in AC cottage suite, AC garden facing cottage and AC deluxe cottage as per their needs and accommodation requirement.

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Gir national park adobe of asiatic lion

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