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Comparison between the last two versions of the mobile matrketing platform


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See what's new in the new version of our mobile marketing platform.

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Comparison between the last two versions of the mobile matrketing platform

  1. 1. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 New Features, Fixes & Improvements -- since version 3
  2. 2. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 Key Features Complete business logic redesign: •Higher performance •Increased stability Web Tool Redesign for Usability •VAS Creation Wizard New VAS Actions: •Reconfigure every and any VAS Instance parameter •Pause and Resume your VAS Instances Run Ballots / Prize Draws for VAS participants Automatic Billing Reports Mass SMS to participants Group SMS Send Multimedia messages (WAP Push) •Images, Audio, Video, Mobile Applications, etc.
  4. 4. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 Performance Boost Brand New Engine Under the Hood Drastically limits CPU and memory resources used at runtime. Leads to increase in performance, and stability of the system. Supports 10 times as many concurrent active VAS as version 3. Total SMS throughput increased by 2 orders of magnitude.
  6. 6. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 Usability Both Functional and Aesthetic Intuitive UI with increased robustness. Improvements with a focus on Usability. Migration to a Model-View- Easier to write extension Control (MVC) framework, modules and introduce new built on Servlets and JSP with functionality. Tag Libraries.
  7. 7. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 Simplicity New Wizards with fewer steps will guide you through the creation and editing of your Services. Example 1: Opinion Wizard Example 2: Quiz Wizard
  9. 9. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 New Feature: Reconfigure New Feature: Pause / Resume Paused VAS Instances still receive messages but defer processing until resumed: SMSP 3.1.2 SMSP 4 • Allows you to correct changes without “losing” messages • Enables you to delay sending out response messages for a later time. • Limit sending out SMS messages for only the duration of your event / show Edit and change: •VAS response messages, •keywords and short codes (i.e. channels), •start or end dates, •any or all other VAS parameters.
  11. 11. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 New Feature: Ballots / Draws Customization options to suit all draws: •Number of winners •'Unique Participants' (Each SMSP 4 offers a simple yet participant gets a single entry into the draw) powerful draw mechanism Want to reward your •'Winners re-entered into the Using SMSP for a •allows you to automatically participants with draw' (participants have equal Competition or Contest? Draw Winners from your chances of winning each time, presents? participants. regardless of whether they have already won.) •Specify time periods for valid messages (e.g. 5pm-6pm from the 23rd - 25th November). •Manually exclude specific phone numbers from the draw.
  13. 13. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 Automatic Billing In 3 simple steps: Type of report Dates Clients / User names With 2 types of reports to choose from: Report per VAS Instance traffic Report per Short Code •Depicts the number of SMS and money per Short Code •Output depends on user permissions •Filtered by user and period •Export to PDF, RTF and Excel •Depicts the number of SMS and money per VAS Instance •Output depends on user permissions •Filtered by user and period •Export to PDF, RTF and Excel
  14. 14. MASS SMS – GROUP SMS
  15. 15. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 New Feature: Mass SMS SMSP 4 provides you with the ability to send on-demand SMS messages to the participants of your VAS. ..Not to be confused with the VAS reply! These are additional mass SMS messages you can send! All multicast dispatches are recorded and you are provided with a complete history. You can send both individual and group (mass) SMS.
  16. 16. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 New Feature: Mass SMS (1/2) One-to-one messages: •Send an SMS to a mobile phone number •Reply from within the VAS page to individual participants One-to-many messages: •Send a notification, alert, update, etc. to all your participants, •or groups you create and specify – e.g. by network operator
  17. 17. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 New Feature: Mass SMS (2/2) - Group SMS You can create groups of participants and send each group different messages. Groups can be created: • from your VAS view page • by adding numbers from a file • by adding numbers from another group you own • by manually inserting numbers
  19. 19. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 Multimedia Attachments Upload & Organize your multimedia content Insert multimedia files as ‘attachments’ to gallery through the platform web tool. your Group SMS messages Send Images, Sounds, Videos, Mobile Applications & more..
  21. 21. SMS PLATFORM VERSION 4 Database Schema Selection For optimization purposes, SMSP 4 supports different DB schemas: • Schema is a data set containing all active, inactive VAS and SMS for a selected period. • Schemas are stored in a different place permitting the acceleration of day to day tasks • Schema selection feature is used to load old data sets and produce statistics and reports for previous years.
  22. 22. OUR COMPANY Cytech Ltd. Cytech Ltd. is a mobile applications and solutions provider company that views today’s business challenges as opportunities. Our headquarters are in Heraklion, Crete, Greece since 2001, when our company was founded, and we have since developed some of the most efficient mobile messaging products on the market. We have experience with clients from all industries – entertainment, marketing, content owners, brands, media/Web entities, education, political, – that we use to help you develop the most effective service, always combined with the type of top quality customer support that guarantees smooth operation. We are a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete, in-house built solutions for: • Web: SMS marketing campaigns • E-mail: Bluetooth • Web: Proximity Marketing • E-mail: • Web: Bulk SMS marketing • E-mail: Contact us to discuss your needs for any other type of mobile marketing campaign, including mobile applications and mobile websites.