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Marketing plan


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Greece goes to MWC'14. Be informed about its marketing plan.

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Marketing plan

  1. 1. 30.10 launch event WEDNESDAY
  2. 2. Challenge AccepteD Why Greece goes to MWC’14 • To Promote Greece as a technology provider to more than 70.000 visitors • Networking with more than 2.000 other companies from all over the ! world ! • To Expose Companies, StartUps and Academia to the international arena
  3. 3. We have a Plan OurExperts Team of A Strong Team Our Plan Marketing Our execution Step By Step A marketing, sponsorship and participation plan Exploit last year’s experience and implement in time
  4. 4. Our Team Experts More than 15 people involved, volunteers and members, all professionals in their field. Marketing and communication Sales Our marketing Plan includes events, media exposure etc. Recruiting companies and institutes to come with us Pavilion Media Sponsorships Design, Construction and Logistics Social, Digital and Traditional media. International Press coverage is a priority Sponsors are very important partners in this effort
  5. 5. Our Marketing Plan Africa Africa has big prospects and we believe most participating companies will be interested to gain from this Outbound Communication Give away ticket Provide content and templates for the participants to send out to their lists One give away MWC ticket for every company Social Media Mediterranean Tech Cruise Use of our twitter and Facebook channels as well as leverage participating companies’ channels to broadcast our presence in mwc14 team up with other southern european countries and show off our technologies; offer a cruise in the Aegean to one lucky visitor. Web Radio at the pavilion with interviews from companies and visitors
  6. 6. Social Media @GreeceMWC Social Accounts Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in Social Presence Content Create and distribute The central point Work with the Participants Use social media channels Create interesting content (video, tweets etc.) Everything about the Greek delegation is here including all participants profiles We leverage all social media channels to ensure maximum exposure in MWC
  7. 7. Africa Why Africa? It’s easier to target one market than trying to reach them all. It’s a emerging market and most visitors from the continent are buyers. We can incentivise them by using as forefront the companies that are already working in the continent. We can find them and invite them to show off our services.
  8. 8. Mediterranean Tech Cruise Team-up with other countries team up with other southern European countries to drive traffic to our booth and show off our technologies offer a cruise in the Aegean to one lucky visitor We want visitors to visit all the pavilions, collect a stamp from each one of them in order to win a one week cruise
  9. 9. Give Away Ticket Call to Action Each gold level participant gives away 1 pass for the exhibition through a competition leading up to the event This helps us promote each company centrally All companies have incentives to promote their participation and give out a pass to one of their clients
  10. 10. Web Radio At the Pavilion Special booth for web radio broadcast during MWC Broadcast live interviews with 2 professional radio producers keep people in Greece and in Barcelona engaged during the whole event
  11. 11. Work with the participants Content Videos, news Brochure Digital and in print email communication 3-4 of them Tips for MWC’14 Create or use existing content from all stakeholders like interviews or press releases Listing of the companies’ products and services in the digital and print version of the greek pavilion brochure provide email templates for the companies to send out to their lists send tips and important information regarding mwc to the participating companies and institutions
  12. 12. The Schedule Action Plan Participants email to their prospect and customer database, a series of emails leading up to MWC14. The objective is to create a buzz early enough, get prospects to interact with the company through a contest, and get companies going with pre-show appointment setting to set them up for success. MWC’14 Milestones Ticket Give Away Start Annouce winner Set up meetings Report event Farewell event Launch Event THE ROAD September October November December January February March
  13. 13. How to Participate Company Mobile Start UP idea or prototype Academia Rocket scientist Sponsor Great opportunity Press Great News Select one of our participation plans according to your needs and budget Pick the Bronze participation plan or contact us if you can’t afford it Prepare your prototype or presentation and contact us to include you in the delegation Select one of our sponsorship plans to support the Greek delegation to MWC Contact us to include you in our distribution list for the media and keep up to date with all the news
  14. 14. To finish Q&A Ask your questions
  15. 15. thanks For your attention
  16. 16. To MWC’14