8 - Body Language: Ways of Talking


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Ways of talking: It refers to the way you say something, rather than what you say.

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8 - Body Language: Ways of Talking

  1. 1. By VanSight
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  3. 3. Non verbal communication 3 Facial Expression Non-verbal Communication Ways of talking Sounds Posture Gesture Head movement Space Body contact Appearance Hands Movement Eye movement
  4. 4. Ways of talking  Paralanguage is the vocal (but nonverbal) dimension of speech. It refers to the way you say something, rather than what you say.  By stressing different words in a sentence, you can change the meaning completely without doing anything to the structure of it.  Now that looks good on you.  Could you move any slower?  That was some meal.  Is this the face that launched a thousand ships? 4
  5. 5. Ways of talking  Rate – speed at which one speaks can have an effect on the way a message is received. People speak at rates that vary from 125 words per minute to 200+ wpm.  Scholars argue that the faster someone speaks the more competent they seem. However, the listener may not be able to understand what the speaker is saying.  Pitch – highness and lowness of the voice. Some people feel high-pitched voices are not very pleasant, but low-pitched voices are seen as insecure or shy. 5
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