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Reveal what truth about getting backlink that work on Updates Google Panda and Penguin, and What about Junk !!

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  • Miliaran Rupiah sudah diinvestasikan untuk menciptakan proyek-proyek yang bisa menghasilkan buah. Namun, ada satu hal yang pasti akan kita dapati yaitu: pengangguran dan kemiskinan masih bercokol di abad ke-21 ini. Bagi Indonesia yang dianugerahi kekayaan alam yang berlimpah-limpah, situasi yang ditemukan mungkin lebih buruk. Dari sisi sumber daya alam mereka memiliki segalanya bagi kesejahteraan. Akan tetapi kenyataannya, sebagian besar rakyat hidup di bawah garis kemiskinan. Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi? Yang hilang adalah jiwa, pengatahuan dan keterampilan kewirausahaan. Penulis percaya bahwa kemampuan di bidang wirausaha oleh setiap komponen masyarakat dapat menghasilkan sebuah efek domino bagi perubahan ekonomi dan sosial. Kewirausahaan bagaikan sebuah kunci vital untuk membuka setiap potensi ekonomi manusia. 
  • SeoHand

    1. 1. SEO Manual SEO by Hand
    2. 2. SEO HAND Brought to you: To KillGoogle Panda & Penguin Update Algorithm
    3. 3. IntroductionGoogle Panda Update Google has only announced it as a Panda ‚refresh‛. The curious thing is how dramatic the affects have been in this update for some sites. Although they claim only about 1.6% we suspect it is actually much higher. Our testing and current results are showing a significant hit with any site that is not actively publishing fresh content via a blog on a regular and frequent basis and sites that are ‚over SEO’d‛. What defines ‚over SEO’d‛? Any site that has an unbalanced link profile with a heavy load of links only to the Home Page. Sites that are publishing a blog with fresh content rolling out regularly have seen a boost in rankings or have not been affected at all. Of course by publishing a blog the site generates fresh content and a naturally diversified backlink profile and that is what Google is looking for as far as we can tell.
    4. 4. Google Penguin AlgorithmOver Optimization has been hitting websites like bowling pinsGoogle has now named this update the ‘Penguin’. I’m not entirelysure as to why. Sounds cute doesn’t it?The Penguin update rolled out April 24, 2012 and started hittingsome 3.1% of all English queries in Google Search.What is it really and what are the effects of the Penguin Update toSEO?The Penguin Update increased the effectivity of Negative SEONegative SEO is what we can call ‘foul play’ among SEO specialists.This is a practice that some SEO specialists still implement in orderto de-rank their competitors.With the Penguin update, Negative SEO’s effectivity wassignificantly increased.
    5. 5. 3 Key Element Penguin Consideration for PenaltyThe Penguin Update takes three powerful factors intoconsideration for a penalty: Ratio of Exact Match Anchor Text in Poor Quality Articles Ratio of Bad Links coming from auto approve, non-moderated blogs Ratio of No real On-site Activity by any visitors compared to inbound linksThere were Negative SEO tests conducted after the PenguinUpdate.These tests proved that Negative SEO can still be done – and moreso now that the Penguin update is in effect.
    6. 6. Case StudyIn a nutshell, negative SEO was applied to with the exact match anchor text ‘Dan Thies’.This was their rankings on March 22 before the negative SEO was dan thies – number 1 seo – number 11 seo service – number 34 seo book – number 3This is was their method of applying Negative SEO:18th March – – blog posts started – anchor text “seo” “seo service” and “seo book”22th March – – 1 million scrapebox blast started – 100% anchor text ‚Dan Thies‛26th March – Dan Thies posts in Twitter that he has received an unnatural links message.This was their rankings on April 18th after the Negative SEO was dan thies – number 1 (still number 1) seo – not in top 1000 (down from number 11) seo service – not in top 1000 (down from number 34) seo book – number 34 (down from number 3)Negative SEO can be a very powerful SERP rank killer if done correctly. Then again, it is foul play and is generallyfrowned upon in the SEO community. The sad fact of the matter is, Negative SEO practitioners are not doing the SEOindustry a favor.
    7. 7. SO WHAT’S CHANGED?1. Diversified backlink profiles are winning – Having links from High PR sites as well as PR0 sites are more important than ever2. Diversified anchor text is winning – Varying your anchor text and not locking onto one keyword3. Having a mix of No-Follow and Do-Follow links is winning4. Solid Blog Commenting – Commenting on relevant blogs and linking back to your own. Linking out to other blogs and relevant resources in your niche5. Content Generation and Promotion – Having a blog that is active in your niche community. Sharing good content and attracting readers and commenters is winning6. Social Media – Tying it all together with Social Media promotion7. Diversified Link Profile – Making sure that the in-bound links to your site don’t just land on your Home Page, but link to relative content (landing pages, blog articles, etc.) and are as evenly distributed as possible is winning!
    8. 8. ConclusionThe Penguin Update and Panda Update workstogetherI think there is a reason why the Panda update rolled out earlier thanthe Penguin update. It made way for the Penguin update to hit lesssites.Panda hit more than 12% of all English queries while Penguin only hitaround 3%.Panda focuses on content. I think that content makes way for links tonaturally come in. The way I see it, content creates linkable assets.Without real, solid, quality content, there should be little reason whyyou’re getting a lot of exact-match anchor text (high quality) links.Great, unique, quality content. This can NEVER go wrong – especiallyby the way that Google is re-structuring the future of SEO. You haveto think about future-proofing your SEO now. Google will always befor the people because the money is where the people are. Weshould re-think our SEO strategies to go according to that simplefact.Besides, more quality articles means more deep links – resulting tomore social signals. I think this is the best way to go to recover yourrankings if you got hit by the Penguin update.
    9. 9. It’s not about how to rank high as fast as you can anymore It’s about how to rank high and stay there.
    11. 11. Avoid this on Link Building1. Footer Links (footer theme, widget, plugin, sell links)2. Buy Blogrolls Links3. Spammy Blog comment (Scrapebox & X-Rumer)4. Spammy forum profiles, signatures and posting content5. Spammy Thousand Web Directory links6. Over optimized anchor text7. Article Network (BMR, ALN)  Had been hit by Panda last year
    12. 12. So What’s We Do We created Naturally Linkwheel which relatives safe for Panda & Penguin Update. We will vary your backlink profile, basic on : 50% 1st keyword + 20% 2nd keyword + 20% link name ( 10% click here You can get total 20 backlink on High web 2.0 blog post (We only use blogger & Wordpress based on research to get high SEO) Everything Manually (Guaranteed)
    13. 13. * Vary Anchor Text:1. 1st keyword 50%2. 2nd keyword 20%3. 20% Money Site4. click here 10% Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Blogspot Wordpress Blogspot Wordpress4 ~ Web 2.0 4 ~ Web 2.0 4 ~ Web 2.0 4 ~ Web 2.0 Blogspot Wordpress Blogspot Wordpress
    14. 14.  Everything We will Do ManuallyOthers Attention:1. We will Provide Article + Unique Picture then Spin it to 20 web 2.0 sites2. You will get 5 email with each web 2.0 account linkwheel (so you can develop it later)3. Each Email with web 2.0 account created with unique IP4. Manual send to 10 Top Bookmarking Sites + Ping it5. Can make custom if you ask. *Except for blasting, spamming and inappropriate act Quality is what mean Google loves, spamming not the answer if you want rank high and stay in there for long time.
    15. 15.  Free WebSpamming System Thank You 4 Your Time & Attention Get Your Linkwheel Now *Try Free Risk • If you are not satisfied to our Fiverr Gigs services or make some additional custom services, just feel free to ask or mention me an email  @: