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The top seven technology trends for 2020 - dr Mark van Rijmenam


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We have reached the end of 2019 and just like in previous years, I am looking ahead to see what organisations can expect next year. I believe 2020 will be exciting as ever when it comes to technology. As I said before, we live in exponential times and the more various technologies converge, the more exciting the opportunities become. Thanks to this convergence, intelligent applications and solutions become available, and organisations can increase productivity, become smarter, more agile, automated and eventually also more humane. The convergence of technologies will kick-start the third decade, and the results of it will be felt in the years to come. Therefore, 2020 will be the Year of Convergence.

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The top seven technology trends for 2020 - dr Mark van Rijmenam

  1. 1. The Top Seven Technology Trends for 2020 Dr Mark van Rijmenam
  2. 2. 5G is Coming, Slowly, and Starting with Private 5G Networks for Industrial Applications
  3. 3. No Blockchain to Rule Them All
  4. 4. Tokenomics Will Become More Important in Society, Regulation Follows Slowly
  5. 5. With AI Becoming Ever More Advanced, AI Ethics Will Go Mainstream
  6. 6. Online Trust Continues to Evaporate with AI Becoming Better at Fake Information
  7. 7. Machine-augmented Humans Will Increase Productivity
  8. 8. The Edge Finally Appears Thanks to Specialised Chips
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