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Van raam special needs bikes (old version)


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Van Raam special needs bicycles. Van Raam produces uniquely special needs bicycles and specializes in tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step trough bikes (also known as comfortbikes). Each model is also available as an electric bike. Van Raam also produces bike frames and special bike frames.For over a decade, Van Raam produces special needs bicycles, the last 40 years from Varsseveld, a town in ‘de Achterhoek’. With a total of 80 employees, van Raam produces Dutch quality bicycles, meant for adults and children with a physical disability or for people who want more stability and secureness while cycling.

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Van raam special needs bikes (old version)

  1. 1. Van Raam Manufacturer in special needs bikes
  2. 2. Van Raam 5 Production 7 Types of Van Raam bikes / possible target group 10 Tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandems, other 12 Index What is the history of Van Raam 4 Dealers 30 Van Raam online 31 Options / electric engine / pedelec 24
  3. 3. All cycles
  4. 4. What is the history of Van Raam? • 1910 started by H. van Raam and Sons in Amsterdam • 1972 Moved from Amsterdam to Aalten • 1984 Acquisition by P. Boezel • 1986 Production first special needs bike • 2004 Relocation to Varsseveld • 2014 More than 90 employees, 8000 bikes every year, 6800 M2 production area
  5. 5. Van Raam • Leading manufacturer of special needs bikes • Manufacturer of bikes of people with disabilities or persons who seek more stability and security • E.g. tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandems, scooter bike, side- by-side and low entry bicycles, tricycles and bicycle frames • Family company with a history of more than 100 years
  6. 6. Van Raam • Modern- design and colors • Innovative, collaboration with university Delft and Innovar • Highly automated • Market oriented • Service minded • Flexible • Produce everything ourselves • Well trained staff
  7. 7. Production Design Steel pipes Bending Milling
  8. 8. Production Solder Welding Blasting Powdercoating
  9. 9. Production Collecting parts Frames Mounting Mounting
  10. 10. Types of Van Raam bikes • Bike for one person • Bike for more people (tandem) Three wheel bikes: • With saddle, seat • Two wheels front / two wheels rear • Large / medium / small • Normal sitting bike / recumbent • Above seat steering / under steering • Scooter bike • Tandem / one person • Wheelchair bike / wheelchair transporter Two wheel bike: • Comfort bike / low step through bike • Tandems • Walking aid
  11. 11. Possible target group • Nerve disorders • Muscle disorders • Visual problems • Mentally / physically impaired • Heart / lung problems • Obesity • Unsure getting on and off the bike • Mild to severe balance problems • CVA (Stroke) • Prostheses (various forms) • Thalidomide • Dwarfism • Parkinson
  12. 12. Tricycles
  13. 13. Tricycles
  14. 14. Front tricycles
  15. 15. Why a tricyle? • Stability and increase sense of security • Simple step up • Good seating support is possible • Options to power assist / pedelec • Assess with two wheels in front
  16. 16. Wheelchair bikes
  17. 17. Why a wheelchair bike? • Sociable • Increase mobility • Environmentally friendly • Transportation to final destination • Pedal support option • Opair: wheelchair also be used independently • VeloPlus: sit in own wheelchair, suitable for every 3 and 4 wheels wheelchair to 78 cm, ground clearance 5 cm
  18. 18. Tandems
  19. 19. Tandems
  20. 20. Why a tandem? • Social • Easily accessible • Exercise and therapy at the same time • Longer ability to participate in traffic • Adjustability to independently cycling of each other • Split frame models easy to transport • Easy step up • Optional pedal support
  21. 21. Other
  22. 22. Why a Tavara Balance? • Unique, more ergonomic sitting position • Both feet on the ground in a stationary position • Low step through, forward pedaling position • Safe drive away, safe stop • Wrists, shoulders and neck hardly burdened • Pedal support as an option
  23. 23. Why a walking support? • Increase mobility • Relief joints • Easy to take along • No wheelchair / walker needed • Motion / therapy
  24. 24. Options Van Raam bikes • Different colors, all (RAL) colors possible • Electric support, Pedelec • Saddles, seats, tubs, shells • Standard, child, extra wide, R 82, rotatable • Brakes, e.g. coaster brake, V brake, disc, drum, pads, hydraulic, parking brake • Frame Adjustments (e.g. extra heavy people) • Special handles
  25. 25. Options Van Raam bikes • Baskets • Mirrors • Bags • Stick holder • Pedal extensions • Balance pedal • Footplate • Tachometer • Gear lever • Truck support • Armrest • Rollator holder • Ankle support • Lighting kit • One-handed operated lock • Belts • Suspension seat post • Strengthened wheels
  26. 26. Frequently sold options
  27. 27. Framehight • Frame height = heart crank axle to the top of the seat tube • Length inside groin to bottom shoe minus distance between the top frame and top saddle minus length of the crank (together usually 25 cm)
  28. 28. Crank / pedals • Excentric crank (for limited hip or knee movement) • Crank shortener (length difference between legs) • Pedal extension (special shoes, unusual foot position) • Stationary crank (cycle with one leg)
  29. 29. Electric engine / pedelec • Silent system: noiseless, starting aid standard, force sensort in the bracket, reverse cycling function standard on tricycles, traction control / ASR, low mainenance • Extra strong HT version • Lithium ion cobalt batteries of 11.2, 12.4 of 24.8 A/h Silent Silent HT Display Slim Pakket Dubbel Cube Pakket
  30. 30. Dealers Van Raam has different types of dealers: • The exclusive partner has (almost) all models of Van Raam as a test model and can give good advice on the Van Raam products. • A Van Raam partner has a some Van Raam bicycles as a test model and knows a lot about the Van Raam products. • A service partner has no test models, but does have experience with the Van Raam products and can sell and service them. • At a rental location you can rent some Van Raam bicycles. • Our special needs bikes can be ordered at the local bicycle shop. The partner bicycle shop listed on our site has already done this and has experience with our products You can order a bicycle through a dealer or local bicycle shop. They will also take care of service and warranty.
  31. 31. Van Raam online Check for more info, experiences and movies Website Youtube Facebook Twitter
  32. 32. Van Raam special needs bikes