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How to shop on line and get money back


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Here's how easy it is to shop on line AND get a rebate from vendors.

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How to shop on line and get money back

  1. 1. Welcome to
  2. 2. <ul><li>The next generation: </li></ul><ul><li>Discount Shopping Portal </li></ul><ul><li>Global Cash Back Rewards Program </li></ul><ul><li>Referral Rewards System </li></ul>
  3. 3. That helps you
  4. 5. eDosh is a simple and fun to use platform that helps our members pay less on everyday items
  5. 6. There’s no daily deals, no waiting to redeem coupons, no waiting for everyone else to purchase too, no reverse auctions, no gimmicks!
  6. 7. Members simply log in, surf, shop and save even further from hundreds of online stores many of which you’re probably using already
  7. 8. Not only do you receive real cash back rewards on your own purchases, you can also EARN cash rewards when friends you’ve referred us to shop and save too!
  8. 9. Yes you can actually get paid for helping others to save money
  9. 10. Here’s how it works
  10. 11. Members login to the site
  11. 12. Choose your category ( over 30 and growing ) Let’s choose FASHION
  12. 13. A bunch of online stores open up Let’s check out
  13. 14. You can now see the CASH BACK reward we’ve negotiated with
  14. 15. If you like and you like that deal simply click into their site and make your purchase from them
  15. 16. In this case YOU’LL receive back 70% of the 17% reward in cash
  16. 17. It will turn up in your pending balance
  17. 18. And will then show in your eDosh Balance when pay us
  18. 19. When your eDosh Balance is $50 or more you can simply draw it back out in cash
  19. 20. Also - in this case the friend that referred eDosh to you will receive back in cash 5% of the 17% cash back reward
  20. 21. And you can see that eDosh earn 5% but have passed 95% of everything else back to you and your friends
  21. 22. And not just once
  22. 23. Every single time you make a purchase and save money, your friends get rewarded in CASH and you could too
  23. 24. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s valuable and it’s extremely rewarding
  24. 25. You can choose to be just a shopper or become a Business Member and make a bit of money too it’s all up to you
  25. 26. Check us out today
  26. 27. Follow us @eDoshRewards Like us
  27. 28. CLICK HERE to check out our shopping video CLICK HERE to check out our business video Want to know even more ? Check out the website at where you’ll find all the information in our How eDosh Works tab Still want more ? Send us an email to [email_address] and we’ll happily answer your questions.