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General overview of Scholarly iQ’s advanced web analytics and usage reporting services

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Scholarly iQ Services Presentation

  1. 1. ™ Scholarly iQTrusted eBusiness Services for Librarians and Publishers Stuart Maxwell Director of Business Development +44 (0) 7580 723 230
  2. 2. Scholarly iQ Overview• Leaders in usage reporting since 2002• Solid team of professionals in online publishing, web analytics, database integration, and web site development• Authorized COUNTER R3 and SUSHI compliant vendor supporting the upcoming R4 standards• Trusted 3rd party maintaining COUNTER compliancy every year since 2003 COUNTER International Advisory Board NISO’s SUSHI Development Group NISO’s Business Information Topic Committee Society for Scholarly Publishing
  3. 3. Scholarly iQ OverviewSelect ClientsAffiliates & Partners
  4. 4. Trusted eBusiness Services COUNTER Compliance SUSHI Web Services for for Publishers Librarians & PublishersWeb Analytics for eBusiness Data Management for Unified Insight & Optimisation Data Driven Decisions
  5. 5. Trusted eBusiness Services Web Analytics Business Intelligence CRM Internal External Data driven Management SUSHI business Technical Article level Content Abuse Monitoring Secure Web Services insight and Product metrics Management optimisation Publisher Librarians Sales Subscribers Marketing Authors Metadata 3rd Party Applications Change Management ManagementFast, powerfulapplications Reporting Business Applications Accurate, on-time, trusted data COUNTER Compliant Unified Business DataPowerful, robust Data Management, Processing & Integrationand secure data handling with guaranteed 100% uptime Web log data Subscriber data Journal data CRM data Financial data eBusiness Solutions, Support, Consultancy & Training
  6. 6. Trusted Business Optimisation & Monetisation
  7. 7. Industry Standards• International standards for recording and reporting online usage statistics in a consistent, credible and compatible way• Easy comparison of usage across vendors for institutions/librarians• Standardised usage currency and optimisation metrics for publishers• SUSHI, an automated request and response model for harvesting usage data across variety of usage reports and sources• Minimises user-mediated collection and resolution of usage data reports• Supports COUNTER and non-COUNTER reports• Facilitates the creation, persistent management, and effective interchange of information for trusted use in research and learning
  8. 8. COUNTER Reporting International standard for recording and reporting usage Scholarly iQ’s COUNTER service •Trusted, independent consultation and delivery of COUNTER compliant processes and reporting •Fastest COUNTER processing and report generation times in the industry backed by an unparalleled Service Level Agreement •Expertise and provision of complete suite of COUNTER reports and usage statistics for all business units – Institutions, Consortia, Publishers, Management, Societies, Custom Groupings etc Reports provided by Scholarly iQJournals & Databases JR1 JR1a JR2 JR5 DB1 DB2 DB3 CR1 CR2 JB1 JR3 JR4Scholarly iQ            Books & Reference Works BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BR6 Reports available in XML?Scholarly iQ        Free COUNTER Release 4 upgrades for SiQ contracted clients!
  9. 9. Trusted & Integrated Data Data Management, Processing & Integration What data would best inform and benefit your business? 4 Quality assurance review prior to production release - reports deployed only after approval 3 Processing – data cleansed & integrated (incl. COUNTER) 2 In the event of data feed issues – partial execution & processing supported (incl. COUNTER) 1 Proactive data feed analyser - test for relational integrity prior to reporting.Articles Journals Pricing CRM Web Analytics SEM Campaigns Email
  10. 10. Example Infrastructure Requirements• 64 Bit Architecture for the greatest performance and to support the upcoming COUNTER R4 / SUSHI reporting requirements• Managed hosting with a guaranteed 100% uptime• Division of services between database and web servers to further reduce the impact of processing on customers• Daily differentials and weekly full backups, redundancy, RAID 10 + FRU Spare• DAS external storage device(s) with 1024 MB battery-backed cache to improve data access times
  11. 11. Trusted & Integrated Data What COUNTER Reports do you require? Are you ready for COUNTER Release 4? COUNTER Engine - Compliant Usage Reports & Data Data Management, Processing & IntegrationArticles Journals Pricing CRM Web Analytics SEM Campaigns Email
  12. 12. Data Driven Insights Which reporting methods would most benefit COUNTER Release 4 SUSHI your business - internally and externally? Secure custom branded online reports Article Level Dynamic content based on the user role Web 2.0 Services Update account information and site content Metrics SSL certificate for secure transmissionsInternal Reporting ODBC Access COUNTER formats HTML XLS PDF CSV XML (SUSHI) Publisher, management & custom aggregated reports COUNTER Engine - Compliant Usage Reports & Data Data Management, Processing & Integration Articles Journals Pricing CRM Web Analytics SEM Campaigns Email
  13. 13. Secure, Custom Branded Online Reports
  14. 14. SUSHI Reporting Automated request and response model for harvesting usage data across variety of usage reports and sourcesScholarly iQ’s SUSHI Web Service•One-stop-shop, intuitive web portal • Access COUNTER and non-COUNTER reports • Harvest reports from multiple publishers in one place•Authorization Key ensures secure access – checks and verifies which reports are permitted•Collaboration with 3rd party software service companies • Ensure interoperability • Ensure libraries can harvest full benefits
  15. 15. Business Optimisation & Monetisation COUNTER Business Data SUSHI Web Analytics CRM Release 4 Intelligence Warehousing Secure Web Article Level Content Web 2.0 Services Custom Extracts Services Abuse Monitoring Metrics Management SOAP & WDSL Metadata 3rd Party Web Log Parsing ChangeInternal Reporting ODBC Access Applications Management Utilities Management COUNTER Engine - Compliant Usage Reports & Data Data Management, Processing & Integration Articles Journals Pricing CRM Web Analytics SEM Campaigns Email
  16. 16. Business Optimisation & Monetisation Example - Web Analytics• Full and robust integration of Scholarly iQ COUNTER compliant usage reports and data with wide range of web analytics services WEB ANALYTICS Proprietary integration with Unica NetInsight from IBM• Comprehensive analysis and optimisation of your eBusiness with highest accuracy to industry standards and currency• Easy to use, proven technology ensuring accuracy, flexibility and scalability
  17. 17. Business Optimisation & Monetisation Example - Web Analytics Web Analytics to Optimise your Digital Publishing BusinessReporting focused on your Custom dashboards for key Drag & drop reporting, business objectives business users / clients segmentation, filtering & correlationAd-hoc deep dive analysis User click stream and Interactive geographic and web of user behaviour funnel analysis page overlay heat maps A/B testing & Detailed comparison Fast, easy to use Custom analysis reporting Report Wizard
  18. 18. Business Optimisation & Monetisation Example - Web AnalyticsWith Scholarly iQ, Web Analytics Speak your Business Language
  19. 19. Business Optimisation & Monetisation Example - Web Analytics Experience Led Best Practices:
  20. 20. Business Optimisation & Monetisation Example - Web Analytics Answering myriad business critical questions such as: What new products and How are my customers using subscription packages digital applications such Table How do I would work for my business of Contents, Email Alerts, RSS Feeds etc? understand content and users? affinity for my business and how do I resolve thisHow do I with value?optimise the Who is being turnedreturn from my How can I improve away from access?marketing conversion rates ofinvestments? Market Trials? What are my most important institutional clients interested in? Which subscriber groups are What are the impacts of abandoning my my site design / What affect do Federated content and how? development changes? Search Engines have on my business? How can I increase my How are my subscribers usage patterns average user value? changing and what impact is this having on my business?
  21. 21. Specialist Professional Consultancy Services Data, analytics & business strategyDevelopment of insight, goals and applications for functional business units Drive real business optimisation & ROI
  22. 22. Specialist Professional Consultancy ServicesData Management &GovernanceCohesion of multiple dataassets for 360 degreeviewUtilisation of enricheddata in businessapplicationsRealisation of data value& business benefits Content Business 3rd Party Web Analytics CRM Management Intelligence Applications
  23. 23. Full Service SolutionseBusiness Solutions Scholarly iQ UniversityCOUNTER Usage Reporting & Data Training Programmes for Academic Publishers and LibrariansSUSHI Web Services Custom On-Site or Best Practice CoursesIntegrated Web Analytics Insight &OptimisationData Management for Unified DataDriven DecisionsLegendary Support Consultancy24x7 Support Team & Dedicated Account Professional Services to Increase ROIManagement COUNTER CompliancesFast, Responsive Solution Finders Data Management & MonetisationIndustry Level Support Analytics, SEO etcUnparalleled Service Level Agreement eBusiness Optimisation Fully managed on-boarding with 100% success & retention over last 2 years
  24. 24. Next Steps?1. Business Case Establish Key Business Requirements (KBRs) and ownership Identify what data assets are relevant to KBRs Agree what best practices / standards apply Identify business applications that will deliver to KBRs2. Solution Demonstration and Proposal Demonstrate example solution and deliverables for KBRs Scope, architect and price specific solution Fine tune solution Determining the final pricing and timetable for implementation 3. Provision of Complete Set of Contracts Term License Consulting Services Agreement Service Level Agreement 4. Compliant Reporting, Optimisation & Monetisation to KBRs eBusiness Solutions Support Training Consultancy
  25. 25. Questions and Comments Gary Van Overborg Founder and CEO Phone: +1 210.507.5770