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Scholarly iQ COUNTER Presentation


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General Overview of Scholarly iQ's COUNTER Services

Published in: Technology
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Scholarly iQ COUNTER Presentation

  1. 1. Scholarly iQ ™ eBusiness Services COUNTER Compliance & Web Analytics Gary Van Overborg CEO
  2. 2. • Leader in COUNTER compliance reporting for over six years offering innovative eBusiness services for publishers, librarians, and associated groups • Solid team of professionals in online publishing, web analytics, data integration, and web site development • Fanatical 24x7 support that is known to be the best in the industry • Full support for COUNTER’s Release 3 standard and the SUSHI initiative • Trusted 3rd party, contributing on NISO’s SUSHI Developers Group, and a member of COUNTER’s International Advisory Board Company Overview
  3. 3. Affiliates and Partners
  4. 4. Select Clients
  5. 5. Offer solutions that dramatically improve the quality of online usage reporting for publishers and librarians • State of the art technology in all facets of our data processing and hosting • Intelligent and modular based engine supporting both COUNTER Release 2 and Release 3 compliancy • Industry leading web analytics solution for publishers • Flexible solution tailored to your needs and budgets • eBusiness consulting services relating to COUNTER, SUSHI, web analytics, and data integration eBusiness Services
  6. 6. Web Log Data Subscriber Data Journal Data CRM Transaction Data Encrypted Internet Data Acquisition Processing and Data Integration Servers Report Servers Client COUNTER Reports Management and Publisher Reports Web Analytics Reports Technology Overview Built for Success
  7. 7. • COUNTER R2 reports and usage statistics provided for all business units such as Institutions, Consortia, Publishers, Management, Societies, and custom groupings • Proactive data feed analysis module analyzes publisher’s offline data and reports potential issues prior to COUNTER processing • Quality assurance – Scholarly iQ reviews reports prior to production release and only deploys once reports are approved • Flexible report delivery - Web Portal, FTP, SUSHI • Publishers can request custom reports, data extracts and have direct access to our database for ad-hoc queries Highlights
  8. 8. Additional Services 1. eBusiness Consulting and Development 2. Data warehousing and meta-data management 3. Secure web services (SOAP and WSDL specifications) to support interoperable machine to machine interaction 4. Abuse monitoring services 5. Daily log file monitoring services 6. Web log parsing utilities
  9. 9. We look forward to speaking with you. Gary Van Overborg CEO Phone: 210.507.5770 Contact Us
  10. 10. We look forward to speaking with you. Gary Van Overborg CEO Phone: 210.507.5770 Contact Us