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President jose p laurel


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Published in: News & Politics
  • HEY are you kidding? he was the 3rd president, but according to the picture you've shared 'he's the 4th president', correct it please. thanks anyway
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President jose p laurel

  1. 1. President Jose P laurel
  2. 2. President Jose P laurel
  3. 3. • Born on 9 March 1891 in Tanauan, Batangas• Sotero Laurel and Jacoba Garcia
  4. 4. • His father, who was the Secretary of the Interior in Emilio Aguinaldos cabinet and a signatory to the Malolos Constitution• Prisoner during the Filipino- American War and died in captivity in 1902 when Laurel was only 11 years old.
  5. 5. • work as an altar boy and chorister• part-time laborer at the Bureau of Forestry when he turned 18• became a clerk for the Code Committee, where he met Thomas Atkins Street, a future member of the Philippine Supreme Court and who served as his mentor.
  6. 6. • Laurel had nine children with wife Paciencia, several of which would also enter politics• In 1922, when he was an attorney.
  7. 7. • Mariano Antonio Laurel• Natividad Laurel• Sotero Laurel II• Jose Laurel III• José Laurel, Jr• Rosenda Pacencia Laruel• Salvador Laurel• Potenciana Laurel Yupangco
  8. 8. • He ranked second in his class of 60 and also came out second in the 1915 Bar Examinations•• Laurel received his law degrees from the University of the Philippines in 1915 and from Yale University in 1920.• He was elected to the Philippine Senate in 1925• appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court in 1936
  9. 9. • third president of the Republic of the Philippines• by the National Assembly on September 25, 1943• inducted on October 14, 1943.• This was during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines (1942- 45) in World War II
  10. 10. • . He was elected to the Philippine Senate in 1925 and appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court in 1936
  11. 11. • Took special courses in international law at Oxford University in England and the University of Paris in France, before returning to the Philippines in 1921
  12. 12. • Third president of the Republic of the Philippines• Associate Justice of the Supreme Court• An educator, having founded the Lyceum of the Philippines
  13. 13. • Laurel offered his services to the Japanese Imperial Army when it occupied the country. It was because of his criticism of U.S. rule of the Philippines that the Japanese appointed him to a series of high posts during the three years of military rule.
  14. 14. • Laurel was also favored by the Japanese being the only Filipino to hold an honorary degree from Tokyo Imperial University.
  15. 15. •Retirement and death
  16. 16. • After retiring from politics, Laurel focused on managing the Lyceum of the Philippines, which he founded on 7 July 1952.• During that time, he also served as the president of the Philippine Banking Corporation.• He died on 6 November 1959 of a massive heart attack and stroke
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