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How to be a swag


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how to be a your moves )

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How to be a swag

  1. 1. How to be a SWAG Stunna ShadesSwag is the embodiment of style and attitude. You want to look good and have everyone take notice. You can be swag, as long as you do the things recommended in this gallery!One of the easiest ways to get your swag on is to wear "stunna shades." This means buying a nice pair of sunglasses, preferably one of these popular brands: Shutter Shades Ray-Ban Aviator Cat Eye GucciBy hiding your eyes behind your stylish shades, youll give off that celebrity vibe that everyone craves. If youre only going to change one thing about your look, this is the best way to look swag.
  2. 2. Kicks If you dont have a good pair of shoes, then youre really hurting your swag. Wearing the right kicksmakes a huge difference in the way people view you. Chuck Taylors are generally considered to be themost swag, but Sperry and other similar shoes have swag value as well. Whatever you wear, try out these tips to get the most swag out of your kicks: Keep your shoes as clean as possible. Try different lacing styles (checkered, bar, half-laced, etc.). Dont wear baggy pants that cover up your shoes. HoodiesHoodies have been very popular with teen and early adult crowds for the past decade, but it wasnt untilrecently that hoodies actually became stylish. Either the zip-up or regular version will help your swag look. If its just too hot outside for a hoodie, then rock a polo shirt instead.
  3. 3. Fitted JeansWhile you might love your comfortable old pair of torn-up, baggy jeans, save those for lounging around your pad. Rips and tears just arent swag, so show off your killer sense of style by wearing fitted jeans instead. Being swag isnt about comfort, its all about showcasing yourself in the most attractiveform. Shorts are acceptable in certain situations, but most of the time you should be wearing your swag jeans. CologneSight is not the only sense that matters with swag. Even if you look like a million bucks, it doesnt mean much if you dont smell good too. Wearing the right cologne (or perfume for the swag ladies) makes ahuge difference in the impression you make. You want to spray on enough to get noticed and to coverup any funky smells, but make sure not to overdo it. Usually, around three or four sprays should do the trick. The right smell is different for every person, so get out there and find yours!
  4. 4. Bling Your look and smell are pretty much complete, and youre looking pretty swag, but something is stillmissing. You need to show off a little bling if you want to look really fly. Dont go overboard with giant gold chains or do something crazy like get a grill. Being swag is a little more classy than that, which makes a watch the best piece of bling you can wear. When you strut around wearing a stylish watch, people will start to take notice of your swag. Dance Moves Now that youre looking swag, finish the job by hitting the dance floor. If youre already stylin and thenyou start to do the Dougie, everyone will realize that youre nothing but swag. Dancing is all about being smooth and confident, so get out there and show everyone your moves.
  5. 5. AttitudeSwag is not all about stylish clothes and slick dance moves -- you need the confidence and attitude to pull it off! You need to learn to love yourself so that you can show the world that youre a rock star.People will see through the act if you dress swag but dont act confident to go along with it. If you need some help on appearing confident, here are a few easy tips: Dont slouch Smile more Talk slower Make a lot of eye contact